Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tips for Keep breast healt

Breast cancer is one thing that is on watch by the women, in addition to make breasts not look so beautifuil, Breast cancer can to death. Cause of breast cancer usually occurs because of heredity, for example, someone can get breast cancer if the woman has relatives (mother, sister) had breast cancer.

Prevention is better than cure, Tips for Keep breast healt

1. Tips for Keep breast health:  Reduce eating fatty foodsAccording to experts, high-fat diet can produce chemicals in the gut which relates the same time the bacteria will turn it into estrogen as a cause of cancer. Estrogen is then stored in the fatty breast tissue that makes the cell in this area are more likely to grow into cancer.

Tips for Keep breast health: Expand to eat fishResearch shows that consuming at least three servings of fish each week such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines can help prevent breast cancer. Omega oils that are commonly found in fish may help strengthen the immune system and inhibit tumor effect that causes cancer.

Tips for Keep breast health: Soybean ConsumptionSome scientists believe that by consuming soy products can protect you against the hormone causes tumors. Soybeans and other soy products contain genistein, a natural estrogen that binds to receptors in the breast so that his name not possible the growth of cancer.

Tips for Keep breast health: Check your own breastBefore bathing, check the breast in front of the mirror. If there is a lump, pain, or other forms of suspicious doctor promptly. Do not assume abnormalities in breast trivial, because it can be fatal.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Zaitun For For Healty

Benefits of olive oil for health and beauty has become the topic of much conversation and is a revolution of world health, what are actually functions of olive oil?

Mix olive oil with a few ml of your favorite shampoo to "eliminate" dandruff shampoo more than if his own favorite work. Use of hair and scalp treatment containing olive oil believed to be the right solution and healthy. Because the nutrients contained in it can repair damaged hair cuticles while providing extra moisture to the hair. So the hair becomes more healthy, soft, shiny and not easily branched.

Especially for skin care, beauty products containing olive oil are believed to help maintain moisture and skin elasticity as well as facilitate the regeneration of the skin, so skin is not easy to dry and wrinkled. For the face, olive oil can be mixed with a mask or diulaskan directly on the skin.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Solution for Permanent Hair Loss

Hair fall is one thing that is avoided by everyone, have a healthy long hair and bushy definitely a thing that you want. Here are some tips to Solution for Permanent Hair Loss for you

1. Create a smooth flow of blood in the head so that the supply of nutrients to be more toward the hair with how to massage the scalp with your fingertips when shampooing.
2. Remove the damaged ends of your hair. Damaged hair and branching can creep into the hair shaft so the hair shaft were damaged if not in-patient
3. Do not always make your hair covered, because if the oil and dirt deposits on the hair roots so that the skin could not breathe and it certainly will make your hair getting damaged. 

4. Use quality products, if you frequently use a hair dryer, you should apply a conditioner or serum after shampooing to keep your hair healthy.
Hair is a beautiful crown, you definitely do not want your hair fall out and your head bald, so treat your hair well.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Health Care Tips For Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is something very avoided all people, especially the women who think hair is a crown. With beautiful hair look healthy and will make one more look stunning. There are many ways to prevent hair damage resulting from hair to fall off easily. Hair loss solutions with naturally tips.

1. Eat
food for healthy hair that have a high protein, this is because protein is very useful for the growth of organs including the hair and vitamins for hair growth

2. Avoid using hot water when shampooing, and reduce the use of hair dryers. Better to use a towel and open air to dry the hair.

3. Protect your head from direct sunlight

4. We recommend using shampoo
herbal remedies for hair loss

5. Reduce the use of hair gel, hair dye and hair spray.

Hair is a beauty that we should watch, because
beauty hair a crown that makes us look more charming. So, treat your hair before broken.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Natural Makeup For Skin Healty

Natural Makeup For Skin Healty
Look beautiful with well maintained and clean skin and using natural makeup will provide even more attraction for a woman. Make natural makeup is transparent makeup it's mean if someone using this makeup will look not use makeup, or his use makeup same with here skin color.

In using this makeup is the selection of the most important foundation color that matches the color of skin. This will make you look not like he was using the "mask of makeup" As for blush, eye shadow or lipstick, pink, brown colors derivatives are often used.

Do not forget to clean the face with a cleanser according to skin type it's one of
natural skin care tips. If you want to "show off" your skin healthy, then just use a moisturizer without the need to use excessive foundation. using natural makeup is best natural skin care

Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Keep Skin Healthy

How to Keep Skin Healthy
Have a fresh skin and always look younger everyone want its, many ways to get healthy skin and look more white and glow aura of beauty. Using sun block to avoid skin exposed to UV its one of to proteck skin.

Besides using chemicals contained in sun block are some easy ways to keep our skin become more visible fresh.

1. Keep your skin clean. No need to be excessive, if it actually will cause excessive dry skin.
2. Drink at least 8 glasses a day to maintain skin moisture. It is very important because 80% of our body consists of water. By drinking water we do not look dry skin
3. Healthy lifestyle, with plenty of vegetables and exercise regularly to maintain blood flow to keep it current.
4. Keeping skin dry and clean, especially the area of skin folds and areas covered. Because the area is easily infected skin fungus.

One thing you must remember, increasing air pollution that is around us and also an unhealthy lifestyle influence the health of the body, and the effect is of course affected skin. More and more diseases that result from it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Employee health insurance

Employee health insurance
Have your insurance program? or you still think that insurance is not important? Especially for those of you who already work or an employee. Having insurance as an employee is an obligation for the company where you work.

Employee health insurance is a collection of health insurance program that provides comprehensive health coverage (comprehensive) for your employees and their families. employee health programs is usually an additional insurance (rider) on the basis of insurance is life insurance employees.

In addition to the interests of employees, employee health insurance was also really help a company to obtain optimal results from employees that they have, this is because every employee is enrolled in the insurance programming will be more secure because they have felt protected by the insurance program provided to employees them.

Are you going to register yourself and your family in an insurance program?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Healty Insurance

Healty insurance
Health is the most precious treasure in our lives, when our health was disrupted our activities become compromised, all our work had been neglected, even we sometimes have to sacrifice everything when our health or our loved one who began to deteriorate.

You ever think to use the services of health insurance? Or you now very negative with the insurance company? What exactly is insurance? and what exactly is an insurance benefit to us?

In general, the insurance can mean "Insurance is a means to reduce the risk inherent in the economy, by way join us number of units exposed to the risk of the same or nearly the same, in large enough quantities, so that the probability of loss is predictable and if the predicted loss there will be shared proportionately by all parties in the joint "

What exactly is the insurance benefits? Actually, no I need to explain your probably already know, using the services of insurance, just by paying premiums to a certain amount each period either annually or even per month, you will get a compensation or damages based on the agreements that have been agreed.

In other words, if you follow an insurance company ', when you have an accident and you should menggeluarkan large amounts of funds, insurance companies that you follow will also be partially responsible in accordance with the contractual agreements given.

Why be afraid to join or use the services of insurance?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tips Diet For You

It has a fat body that sometimes makes some people become self-conscious, a variety of ways done to get the ideal body weight. Always exercise, buy drugs to lose weight, until there is a strict diet for their weight can come down drastically.
Diet is one way to lose weight, do you know how a good diet? Or you now have breakfast and do not think for a dinner to be successful for the diet. Here are some tips for when the diet is a diet for your body does not feel weak due to lack of carbohydrate and protein intake.

1. Eat enough and set the intake of calories wisely 

2. Avoid foods that contain more than 10 percent fat. 
3. Try detoxification, to remove toxins in your body.
 4. Vegetables low in calories but do not cook too long because the nutrient content can be changed. 
5. Add ice into your drink. Because your body needs energy to match the drink to body temperature. Which eventually will burn your fat!

Good diet and good luck to you, one for the key tips you can succeed for dieting. Try to focus and intention to diet you do not stop in the middle of the road. You can find more tips on search engine friend: D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keep eye health

kesehatan mata
Besides the heart, the eye is also one of the most important organs in your body we. when eyes are not working we certainly can not return to see the beauty of the world. But too often we fail to maintain eye health, especially for those who often work in front of the computer.
There is an assumption by consuming vitamin A on a regular basis can reduce the risk of damage or disease affecting our eyes, but really it? Dr. Ria Sylivia - explain that vitamin A is not the answer for patients with nearsightedness (minus) or farsighted (plus) to be able to recover (quoted from
To maintain healthy eyes, when we work in front of the computer for a long time we can try some of these tips.

 1. Design your workspace has adequate lighting. 
2. You should use filters to reduce radiation monitor from the monitor. 
3. Position the monitor should be 10-15 degrees from the straight-line view you. 
4. The most important step you rest your eyes when you've worked too long. This serves to reduce the contraction of the muscles of the eye.