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Watch Out These 5 Foods for Stroke

Beware of foods that cause disease stroke. Hypertension, headache may be ditanngulangi, tetapai stroke attack suddenly becomes a difficult problem. Preventing denganolahraga and healthy food. Well, watch out for these 5 foods cause a stroke.

A disease affecting the blood vessels of the brain's nerve system is highly lethal, and the main cause paralysis. Stroke can strike without warning symptoms or alias of a sudden.

Unhealthy lifestyle such as eating fatty foods is one of the evil that led to the destruction of blood vessels, which in turn will trigger a stroke. Therefore, the selection of foods in the daily menu becomes important.

There are some foods that you should be aware as early as possible and limit their consumption. Want to know what food is? Here is the explanation, as quoted,

1. Crackers, chips and fried

Muffins, donuts, chips, crackers, or baked foods are high in trans fats, oils terhidrogen used in its manufacture. Consumption of these foods should be limited karen trans fats have harmful properties of being able to block or clog blood vessels, increasing the concentration of lipids (fats) and bad cholesterol in the blood and lowering good cholesterol.
A study at the University of North Carolina United States found that women who mengasup 7 grams of trans fat each day (two orders of donuts or half a serving of French fries) had a stroke risk 30 percent higher than women who ate just 1 gram of trans fat per day.

2. Processed meat and cigarettes

Processed meat and cigarettes are nasty contributors to stroke risk factors triggers. Processed meats generally have a high content of sodium and preservatives. The experts concluded, sodium nitrate and nitrite can directly damage blood vessels, causing arteries to harden and narrow.

Many studies have linked the consumption of processed meats to coronary artery disease (CAD). A meta-analysis of research in the journal Circulation estimated that an increase of 42 percent in the risk of coronary heart disease for those who eat one serving of processed meat per day.

3. Consumption of soda

The decision to replace sugary drinks with diet soda seems like a smart solution to lose weight and promote heart health. But in fact, soda consumption can trigger a stroke coming.

Those who consume soft drinks per day had a risk of suffering a stroke by 48 percent. A study at Columbia University involving 2,500 people age 40 or older and found that daily soda drinkers had a 60 percent higher risk of stroke, heart attack, and coronary artery disease than those who did not consume soda.

4. Red meat

The experts concluded that women who consume large portions of red meat every day have a higher chance of stroke by 42 percent. The findings are based on observations made during the approximately 10 years of 35,000 participants all of whom are women.

Researchers have long known that the saturated fat in red meat increases the risk of stroke and heart disease by clogging the arteries through a gradual buildup of plaque proteins. Researchers urged to replace red meat with fish consumption. Also, choose other protein sources such as beans, legumes, tofu, and nonfat dairy.

5. Canned food and fast food

Assess nutritional experts, some canned foods that contain levels of sodium and salt (sodium) too high is not recommended for frequent consumption. Because the salt or sodium may directly affect the risk of stroke. Heart and Stroke Association of the United States recommends, sodium intake should not exceed 1,500 mg per day.

A latest research says, people who consume more than 4,000 mg of sodium a day, double the risk of stroke than those who mengasup 2,000 mg or less. Therefore, experts are suggesting me to always read food labels carefully. In addition, do not also glued to alert food that tastes salty. You also need to examine food labels that contain sodium in other forms such as baking soda, baking powder, MSG (monosodium glutamate), disodium phosphate, sodium alginate.

The food in the non-food wicked to be avoided, but be careful and prudent in consuming, to maintain health, away from a stroke.

Stroke Communicable Diseases Cause Most Deaths

 Is the disease cause of death? the answer is "stroke". Previously, many people die from heart disease.
Now, Stroke communicable diseases cause most deaths. Allegedly, the symptoms and signs of heart disease are more easily recognized than the stroke.

Stroke is a disease characterized by the death of brain tissue. This disease can occur due to reduced blood flow and oxygen to the brain due to a blockage, constriction, or rupture of blood vessels. Pukovisa say, now is not only attacking stroke 55-64 years age group. People who are relatively young are vulnerable stroke. The disease attacks the age of 18 years with 1.7 percent of those 1,000 people.

Data Riskesdas 2007 said, the death rate from PTM increased from 41.7 percent in 1995 to 49.9 percent in 2001 and 59.5 percent in 2007. Cause of death from all causes of death was stroke (15.4 percent), followed by hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In urban areas, deaths from stroke in the age group 45-54 years by 15.9 percent, while in rural areas at 11.5 percent. It shows stroke attack age.

"So it's not just a disease stroke parents only. Proof, younger people can be hit. Why is that? This is because blood flow to the brain is disrupted due to lifestyle such as smoking, unhealthy eating, unhealthy diet, and lack of break, "he said.

Pukovisa added, stroke is more difficult to identify because it is advisable to diligently perform those checks brain and heart. In addition, he continued, in order to maintain smooth blood flow to the brain, one is obliged to maintain your diet, lifestyle, and diligent exercise.

Cure Under Eye Dark Circles in 30 Days

Hello beauties! Next to the skin lighting remedies, this is the one which is most asked for in our reader queries section. Many of you asked me for under eye dark circle removing home remedies and some other asked for under eye dark circle removal cream suggestions. My mailbox is flooded with this same type of query. I have luckily got dark circle free eyes (Can't judge about future! I am just 17 now) and hence I wasn't able suggest you home remedies for dark circles before. But just specially for you all, I made a visit to my beautician's house last week and discussed with her about the home remedies and other skincare ideas to control, prevent and cure dark circles fast other than the usage for dark circle removing creams. As one of our post named 'Fair Skin in 30 days' was made a huge hit by worldwide readers, I am here up with the next 30 days series. These remedies might work perfectly for you if you follow them in a right manner. Though genetic and health issues can also give you under eye dark circles and for that you MUST consult your physician rather than believing in cure from simple topical home remedies.

Three Must Follow Remedies to Cure Under Eye Dark Circles

  • Get 8 hours of good night sleep. Read the previous line carefully, you need 8 hours of good NIGHT sleep. Hence untimely sleeping  is not going to help you even if you sleep for 8 or more hours. Regularize your sleeping habits as the first step. 

  • Wash your eyes thrice a day with fresh water. This trick helps like a miracle in curing your bulged, dark, ugly looking under eye circles fast. Just simply splash some water over your eyes gently and that's it. Once in the morning while bath, once in the evening after returning home from work and once before going to bed every night is a best routine.

  • Soon after returning home from college or workplace, get some cold water in a bowl. Dip two cotton pads in the cold water, squeeze a bit and place it over your closed eyelids. Relax for 10-15 minutes and then continue your other work. This should be followed everyday in order to calm down stressed eyes.

Five DIY Home Remedies to Cure Under Eye Dark Circles

  • This is a very common remedy but it really works if followed everyday without expecting overnight results. Squeeze juice from grated cucumber and apply it over your dark cirlces. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and and wash away. This can be followed daily for best results.

  • Potato juice acts a natural bleaching agent to lighten the dark skin around your eyes. Hence apply potato juice over your dark circles twice a week but not everyday. This would gradually remove the darkness and yes, you can see visible results in under eye dark circles reduction within one month if followed with patience. 

  • Drop pure rose water on your eyes before going to bed at night. This would calm down eyes and reduce the heat to prevent and fade dark circles caused due to excess heat.

  • Banana peels can be cut into thin squares and stored in refrigerator to use as your anytime relaxing fruit eye pads. Just place the cold peel strips above your eyelids and voila! You're ready to enjoy the super calming sensation which not only feels good but also helps a lot with the healing of your under eye circles problem.

  • Last but not the least, this is the very important step that you should follow regularly to reduce dark circles in 30 days. Grind almonds to smooth powder and add milk to this powder to make a smooth eye mask. Apply this over your eyelids and below your eyes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse. This should be followed at least once every week to ensure the fast removal of darkness around your eyes. My beautician highly recommend this DIY dark cirlce removing eye pack.
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    MABH Reader Query: Haircut Ideas for Long Hair

    Gayathri asks..

    Hey Lancy,
    Its such a pleasure to finally find a beauty blog run by Chennai-vaasi  :) I am 26 yrs and a married office goer with a kid. Typical to all south-ies, I have long hair (between hips and tailbone). I hardly leave my hair open as it gets very tangle-y and in Chennai's climate I feel extremely sweaty and hot. And, I am tired of plaiting my hair every single day.

    I have never cut my hair before.  Can you suggest some hair cut ideas for a Traditional south Indian gal? I was thinking of going for side swept bangs and a deep U cut. What do you suggest? Can you direct me to a parlour for the same?

    Makeup and Beauty Home's Reply:

    Hair Cut Ideas for Long South Indian Hair:
    Hey Gayathri :) Welcome to Makeup and Beauty Home.
    It's great to know that you are a Chennai girl too. For long, South Indian hair, deep U haircut would suit perfectly as you prefer but you haven't mentioned your hair type here so I cannot suggest you anything blindly. Layered cuts would also be very fine if you have long hair; as long hairs of lots of choices when it comes to styling. You won't be losing much length if you get a layered hair cut done but make sure that you do not have curly hair if you wanna layer cut it. Layers make the curls more visible and prominent. In case if you have a straight or wavy hair type, go for deep U as you preferred and this would make you more comfortable with free hair styles unlike the feel you get with plain, even cut hair. Make sure to get it done in a good parlour. Side Swept bangs would flatter if done on women who have wide forehead; hence make sure that you do not have a narrow forehead if you are planning to get bangs. I myself have a wide forehand and yes, I have my bangs now :)
         And about the Hair Salons in Chennai, you can try Naturals Salons and Spa. I have read heard and read good reviews about them. If not, you can discuss with your friends/cousins to find a well experienced hair specialist in your place.
            Overall I have a little suggestion from my side 'Consider not to shorten your hair much :) We, South Indian girls are blessed with beautiful, long black hair but why should we always find it hard maintain? I have experienced many good and bad haircuts in my life made by my beauticians and finally, before 2 months I made a resolution not to cut my hair anytime thereafter. In case If I hadn't cut my hair for 3 two years, I would have been with knee thigh hair now. So think twice before getting your hair cut done. As a start, go for a slight U or V cut and invest more on hair softening hair spas. If you have softer, manageable hair without any tangles, you wouldn't be having this much interest in cutting your long beautiful hair. If you have a very dry, un manageable hair, get deep conditioning shampoos, conditioners suggested  by your hair specialist and use them. Go for a hair nourishing mask or hot oil treatment every weekend. You can also depend on hair sprays to hold you hair in a place'. Think twice, get suggestions from friends/family and that's all you will be done with your beautiful new hair cut.

    So girls, which hair cut do you prefer for long Indian hair?
    If you have any suggestions close to Gayathri's query, please don't forget to leave them below in comments!

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    Eyeko 'Black Magic' Mascara

    The newest product to be released from Eyeko is their Black Magic Mascara. This mascara is said to be designed for 'after hours seduction' combing drama, volume and curl in to one product. Their new formula containing conditioning Keratin and Shea Butter coats your lashes with an intense carbon black finish whilst conditioning them for long-term lash care. I found that this made the mascara super easy to build up or re-apply. If you wanted to add a little more drama after work, it's easy to add more without making your lashes look like clumpy spiders legs!

     The newly shaped curved brush is said to curl lashes right up for a 90 degree lift! This seems to make your eyelashes look twice as long as they virtually stand upright. Usually I'm not such a huge fan of mascara's with curved brushes, however, this one is firm enough to coat my lashes from root to tip. Black Magic is also smudge-proof, water resistant and paraben free. The mascara also comes with 'The Eyeko Shield', a new beauty tool designed to maximise length and minimize smudges. Simply place this behind the lashes and sweep the brush upwards from root to tip.

     As you can see from the photo above, Black Magic delivers amazing results! It practically doubled the length of my lashes without making them appear clumpy. The photo was taken after applying two coats of mascara to un-curled lashes and as you can see, the eye on the right with the product on looks much more open and awake. I think this is such a versatile mascara and I can see it becoming a firm favourite of mine! I love how you can apply a small amount for day time to deliver a polished but long look, or pump it up for evenings by layering more product on top and creating lots of volume.

    Eyeko's Black Magic Mascara is available from SPACE.NK and for £18. If you are a reader of my blog and are purchasing through the Eyeko site, you will receive a free gift with your purchase! Just click the link above. Let me know if you have tried any Eyeko products before?

    Saturday, September 29, 2012

    Ten Home Remedies for Winter Dry Skin

    Guest Post by Radha of My Noble Secrets

    Hello Friends, This is my first post on MABH and I am excited to share it with you all.
                         Winter going to come and the main worry of all of us is DRY SKIN. Winter gives us no sweating but the dry cool wind becomes the enemy of our skin's moisture often. So, we have to take care of our skin more carefully in order to prevent skin dryness and tightness. First of all, we have to concentrate on our diet well. This kind of moisture balancing skin care diet should be started earlier to the winter to maintain young glowing winter skin. Make your diet rich in Omega-3-fatty acids and low fat milk with oats or cereals. This will make wonder changes on your skin. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea that makes skin more dry by reducing important vitamins and minerals from the body. Take Green Tea which has lot of Anti-oxidants that repairs and keeps the skin younger forever. Staying hydrated with drinking 2 to 3  liters water everyday will wash away toxins from your body. Vitamin A, C and E helps to lock moisture in your skin. Hence, try to include fruits and vegetables rich in these vitamins. Avoid oily and greasy foods that give you bad skin. Consumption of nuts such as almonds and peanuts provides you vitamins and good fat; thus helping to prevent skin's natural moisture in winters.

    Now let us move on to the external maintenance part of skin in winter. Note down these ten effective dry skin home remedies and make use of them in a natural way to make your dry skin beautiful in winter.

      • Mash a well ripen banana and mix it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Apply this mixture on your facial skin for 30 minutes  Wash it off with cold water. This method will give you soft and supple skin with a natural tightening effect.
      • Massaging your skin with plain malai and a pinch of turmeric powder will also moisturize your skin the natural way.

      • Use cold compressed castor oil to massage your skin to keep wrinkles caused due to dryness at bay.

      • Give you face and body skin a honey massage ten minutes before bath.

      • Egg yolk gives you skin wonderful moisture hence you can try this if you can tolerate the smell.
      • Curd is also a good moisturizing agent. Just rub it on your skin for half an hour before bath.
      • Aloe vera is a very good and natural moisturizer for your skin, It is good to have a plant in your home. Take out the flesh part of the plant wash it and just apply it on your skin. Use it on night because, it has photo sensitivity nature.
      • Vitamin E oil massage also does wonder on dry skin.

      • Coconut milk is a good moisturizer. Applying coconut milk on your dry skin gives you shine.
      • Use glycerin and rose water mixture as your skin toner. Mix equal quantity of these two ingredients and store it in a tightly closed bottle. Refrigerate and use as your winter skin toner.

      Hope you liked my natural home remedies for dry skin. Do share your comments below!

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      REVIEW: Vivel 3-in-1 Face Wash+Scrub

      OMG I feel like I am doing a product review after ages and yup it has been a while hasn't it :) Thanks to all of you, who missed and actually wrote to me saying so :) It is mails like these that make my hobby of being a beauty blogger all the more special :) Thank you!

      Today, I shall be reviewing Vivel's 3-in-1 Face Wash+Scrub for soft, clear and glowing skin. It is supposed to be "All Skin Types" and "For Everyday Use". It contains jojoba beads, which are nothing but Jojoba esters created by complete hydrogenation of Jojoba oils. The oils are used as emollients and the esters or the beads are used for exfoliation.

      Vivel Face wash+scrub is actually what is it called. It has these exfoliating jojoba beads floating in a face wash. The exfoliating beads are just right, they are not at all harsh and neither do they dissolve in water very fast. I loved the product as a scrub. It does have a strong fragrance but it isn't unbearable or synthetic smelling.

      The product did have a downside though and that was the fact that I do not think it is suitable for dry skin. Though they claim that it is for all skin types but after a couple of uses I started finding dry patches on my skin (I do have extremely dry skin), very similar to the ones caused by Clean and Clear face washes. So I asked my friend with oily skin to try it and well she apparently loved it. So I guess its a fabulous product for those with oily skin but dry skin beauties are better off without it...

      Image of the Product


      Oooohhsss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
      1. The jojoba beads are of the perfect hardness and texture for exfoliation. They weren't harsh on the skin.
      2. It really and I mean really helped me scrub away dead cells. My skin actually felt all sparkly and clean!
      3. I like the fact that it has both a scrub as well as a face wash. It was awesome to have a lather working up while exfoliating.
      4. Very very easily and widely available in all general and departmental stores.

      1. Though they claim the product to be for all skin types, it does not suit dry skin.
      2. It does have a somewhat strong fragrance.

      it costs INR 105/- for 100 ml.

      Would I Recommend?
      I would for sure recommend it for oily skinned ladies who are looking for a good scrub with an oil control face wash. But dry skinned beauties should stay away from this product.

      Overall Rating:
      5/10 - Dry Skin
      8/10 - Oily Skin

      The product was sent by PR for consideration. It has in no way affected my review.

      Story of Inspiration Run a Marathon

      An inspirational motivation in life beautiful. Once when life was hard daningin despair, many reasons why life feels heavy. Call it a story of inspiration run a marathon. For the full burden of the spirit of life.

      Feels the same as when the tumultuous life challenges. Imagining the problem, and how long has battled the problem alone makes you tired. Wanted to quickly finish the heck all the problems and you become the winner. But, what if the problem can be completely through it just yet. How to reach the final, when his run just yet?

      I'm going to start running,

      when I heard the sound of a gun being fired.

      I'm going to start running,

      approximately 5 miles away.

      Feeling fine,

      I'll keep running,

      up to a distance of 10 miles can be exceeded.

      And up at a distance of 10 miles later,

      I would say,

      "Ah, just three miles."

      Up in distance of 13.1 miles,

      I knew I had to reach a distance of 15 miles.

      And when the 15-mile distance is exceeded,

      I would say,

      "You almost reached 20 miles, do not ever stop."

      At a distance of 20 miles,

      I would say,

      "Hurry up, do not stop ... ran home"

      As translated from the poem Strategy for a Marathon, Marnie Mueller

      So so, when all the struggle was hard. All you need to do is keep running, and encourage yourself that your goal is near. A little more, and a little longer, the trophy that will be in your hands.

      September JolieBox Review

      This September's JolieBox is focused around the theme of London Fashion Week. They have teamed up with to deliver us some fashionable goodies for the girl on the go. My first impressions when opening this box were rather mixed, often when I see lots of tiny bits and pieces I am left wondering 'where is the star product?'. So, with that in mind, let's see what's inside:

      1. Balmi Mint Lip Balm: This lip balm reminds me so much of the EOS lip balms sold in America. This is mint flavoured and has a cooling effect on the lips. It contains SPF 15 protect your lips from harmful UVA rays and it is super moisturising! I love that it comes on a handy little key ring too.
      2. I Love... Coconut Face Mask: Excited to try this one out as I love anything coconut scented! This is a peel off mask that contains fruit extracts of mango and cucumber, renowned for their antioxidant properties to give you perfect looking skin. I'm sure this one will smell good enough to eat!
      3. REDKEN Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion: This lotion is designed to banish frizz, protect the hair from heat and deliver naturally straight results. It smells devine so I can't wait to try it out. I have been a big fan of REDKEN products for many years now so I'm sure I wont be disappointed.
      4. Twistband Hair Ties: These hair ties are supposed to leave your hair bump free, making it easy to let down your locks after a day of being in a pony-tail without a kink in sight. Or so they say. I can't say I love the look of these and am slightly disappointed in this product. They just look like a stray piece of elastic that is left frayed at the end. In my box was a shimmery, khaki green coloured one and a mustard yellow. Hmm, not really my style and I can't say I'll be wearing these out in public, sorry Twistband!
      5. Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant: It certainly is a good job JolieBox included two of these samples as they are teeny-tiny! This is a marine based exfoliant to smooth, cleanse, brighten and renew tired skin. It's packed with 'fossilised diatom algae' and is 98% natural.

       One other thing I love about the new JolieBoxes is the addition of the JolieMag. I love having a flick though this at bed time with my cup of green tea! It's easy to read and often has fabulous recommendations. I love the JolieBlogger of the month segment too - this month featured another familiar face, the gorgeous Sammi from Also in this Septembers JolieBox was a £25 voucher card for Skin3 Salon in London (fabulous if you live near enough to use it!).

      What are your opinions on this months JolieBox? Available to purchase until 30th September.

      How to Store Breast Milk

      How to store breast milk. Advantages can store breast milk is the availability of milk at a time when the mother is busy not able to breastfeed the baby. Breast milk is best for babies to eat, do not substitute milk formula before it's time.

      Step-by-step how to store breast milk:

      Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling pumped breast milk.

      If your breast pump does not collect milk in a clean storage container, begin by pouring your milk into a container designed for storing milk in the refrigerator or freezer.

      Try not to touch the insides of the storage container.

      You may want to store milk in single-serving sizes of 2 to 4 ounces.  Seal the container with a solid lid and label each container with the date the milk was pumped.

      Breast milk that will be frozen should have at least one inch between the milk and the container lid.  Frozen milk expands as it freezes.

      Store milk in the main refrigerator or freezer compartment, away from the door, to avoid changes in temperature that may compromise the milk.

      Use milk that has been in the refrigerator or freezer the longest first. 

      How long can I store breast milk?

      Storage Time at Room Temperature:

      60 degrees F  24 hours
      66 degrees F to 72 degrees F  10 hours
      79 degrees F4 to 6 hours
      86 degrees F to 100 degrees F4 hours

      Storage Time In the Refrigerator:

      32 degrees F to 39 degrees F - Up to 8 days

      Storage Time in Different Freezer Compartments:

      Freezer contained within a refrigeratorUp to 2 weeks
      Bottom, top mount, side-by-side or stand alone freezer3 to 4 months
      Deep Freeze with a constant 0 degrees F temperature6 to 12 months 


      How do I thaw and use stored breast milk?
      • Always make sure to check the date on the milk's container before using. 
      • Do not use undated milk, or milk that has been stored too long. 
      • Thaw frozen milk in the refrigerator or under cool, running water.
      • Heat the milk under warm, running water and gently swirl the container to mix the milk.
      • If warm water is not available, heat a pan of water on the stove.
      • Once the water is warm, not boiling, remove the pan from the stove and place the milk container in the pan.
      • Never warm the milk container directly on the stove.
      • Never microwave breast milk because microwaves can cause dangerous hot spots that could burn you or a baby.
      • Always test the temperature of the milk on the inside of your wrist before feeding it to a baby.
      • The milk should feel warm, not hot.
      • After thawing, milk should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours.
      • Never refreeze thawed milk.
      • Throw away previously frozen milk that is not used within 24 hours. 

      How do I transport breast milk?

      • If you are transporting milk, such as from work to home, pack it in a cooler filled with ice.
      • Do not leave the milk in a cooler for more than 24 hours. 

      source: *

      Milk Allergy Symptoms

      Milk allergy symptoms to infants or children need to be identified, because it can be dangerous if the wrong perception, if a toddler has a milk allergy.
      Symptoms of milk allergy , which differ from person to person, occur a few minutes to a few hours after drinking milk or eating milk products.

      Immediately after consuming milk, signs and symptoms of a milk allergy might include:
      • Hives
      • Wheezing
      • Vomiting

      Signs and symptoms that may take more time to develop include:
      • Diarrhea
      • Abdominal cramps
      • Coughing or wheezing
      • Runny nose
      • Watery eyes
      • Itchy skin rash, often around the mouth
      • Colic, in babies

      Milk allergy to Anaphylaxis
      Rarely, milk allergy can cause anaphylaxis, a life-threatening reaction that can narrow the airways and block breathing. If you or your child has a reaction to milk, tell your doctor about it no matter how mild the reaction was. Tests can help confirm a milk allergy, so you can take steps to avoid future and potentially worse reactions. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency and requires treatment with an epinephrine (adrenaline) shot and a trip to the emergency room. Signs and symptoms start soon after consuming milk and can include:
      • Constriction of airways, including a swollen throat that makes it difficult to breathe
      • Facial flushing
      • Itching
      • Shock, with a marked drop in blood pressure

      When to see doctor
      See a doctor or allergist if you or your child experiences milk allergy symptoms shortly after consuming milk. If possible, see your doctor when the allergic reaction is occurring. This will help the doctor make a diagnosis. Seek emergency treatment if you or your child develops any signs or symptoms of anaphylaxis.

      Meal Menus to Keep Blood Sugar Levels (Diabetes)

       People with high blood sugar shall set meal menus to keep blood sugar levels.
      For people with diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels is a must. The key to keeping your diet or the diet. One diet that can reduce the symptoms of type-2 diabetes is the Pritikin diet. Is it true, this diet can lower blood sugar levels in just three weeks?

      Diabetes diet is low-fat, or no fat at all. But do not equate this with a vegetarian diet, because fish intake was legalized.

      In the first three days on the diet, the stomach seemed uncomfortable. But then, the stomach will return to normal. Proven within a week, blood sugar levels may fall to 7 percent, and reduced the weight hinngga 4.5 kg. For maximum results, with sufficient and regular exercise, at least three times a week.

      Diabetes diet guide:

      * Chew vegetables and fruits as much as possible. But we must restrict enjoy juice, one cup every day. Therefore, to increase the sugar content of sugar in the blood.

      * Intake of fish is better than red meat. The recommended portion of your palm. Another intake may be an option is the other protein sources such as beans.

      * Routine exercise. Exercise an hour a day, helping to reduce insulin levels. If done regularly, at least three times a week, can keep.

      Friday, September 28, 2012

      Signs of The Body Needs Vitamin Supplements

      At some point our bodies need vitamins and nutritional supplements in times of inadequate food consumption needs of the body. When to take vitamin supplements? We know that vitamin supplement are not necessarily good in fact not required by the body. Therefore you need to know the signs of the body needs vitamin supplements.

      Cases of vitamin deficiency cause problems if it happens in the long run. If the deficiency is long enough, there will be a deficiency disease. Examples of simple cases of vitamin C deficiency disease is bleeding gums.

      Many of us who actually are near the borderline vitamin B12 deficiency. Examples of diseases due to vitamin deficiency is anemia that can be detected through a simple blood test. Prior anemia occurs, vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause depression, confusion, and other symptoms of mental illness.
      Here are the signs you are on the borderline vitamin deficiency:

      - Rarely eating fresh fruits and vegetables, while both natural food is the best source of vitamins and minerals.

      - In the long time experience severe stress or fatigue due to frequent gentle work. In times of stress, our body has a vitamin deficiency. This is compounded by unhealthy eating patterns. Vitamin deficiency became more severe.

      - Pain bronchitis or just surgery. At times like this we tend to lose your appetite. In these circumstances we need additional vitamins and minerals for a healthy return.

      - Suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause more severe illness. Asthmatics tend to be deficient in magnesium, while diabetics tend to lack vitamin C.
      Chronic diseases change the way the body absorbs and uses vitamins and minerals. So need additional supplements.

      - Pregnancy and lactation. In the state of pregnancy and breastfeeding, mothers need extra vitamins and minerals to split the baby.

      - Suffering from depression. When depressed, we tend not to eat well. This can exacerbate depression as vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause depression.

      - Smoking. Because these unhealthy habits rob all our vitamins, especially vitamin C.

      Vitamin A Can Resist the Cancer Cells

      Cancer cells are difficult to identify because the symptoms of cancer can not be seen or felt. Which obviously everyone not to have cancer were ferocious, just as brain cancer or breast cancer. Vitamin A can resist the cancer cells, it was found that vitamin A is able to fight the cancer cells seed.

      Retinoic acid deficiency which is a derivative of vitamin A, will cause prostate cancer cells to become stronger. "If the levels of vitamin A in the body is low, cancer stem cells more powerful and easier to divide. When vitamin A is fulfilled then the cancer cells easily killed by chemotherapy," said Norman Maitland of the University of York.

      Maitland and his team now continues to examine the benefits of vitamin A in the treatment of cancer. He said the use of low-dose vitamin A has a stronger impact.

      "The doctors have been using vitamin A to kill cancer cells, but what we need is to use vitamins to transform cancer cells so that they are easier to kill," he said.

      Although the study does not related to the intake of vitamin A from the daily diet, but observed that high levels of vitamin A in the body could help cancer treatment therapies.

      How to use Hot Rollers - Day to Night Tutorial

      Have you ever wanted to know how to use hot rollers? Well in my most recent YouTube video I share with you all how I use my Babyliss set. I got these as a Christmas present last year and realised that I've never reviewed them for you! I love rollers, whether they are hot like these ones or made simply of velcro! I actually have a tutorial on how to use velcro rollers here if you're interested. 

      How to use Hot Rollers

      Having fine hair, I strive for the big & bouncy look on a daily basis! I find that for me, rollers are the best option to create tonnes of volume and a loose wave/curl. They just give you the most amazing root lift and they're super easy to use. I simply apply mine in the morning and let them set whilst I apply my makeup. By the time I'm ready to leave, the rollers are ready to be removed!

       In this tutorial I wanted to create two looks that were both easy and quick. They require little products and look effortlessly chic! I show you how to style your hair once the heated rollers are out, and how a 5 minute transformation can leave you looking like you've just stepped off the red carpet! 

      Here's what I used to create the looks:
      Teasing Comb (the one I used was my great grandma's!)

      For the day look I wanted something simple to create but that still looked cute! I opted for a simple side twist - a look I've been sporting virtually everyday! It keeps my fringe out of my way and looks super girly. I love the way that the twist seems to disappear in to the waves! A few minutes and you're out of the door and on your way to school or work.

      For the evening look wanted something elegant and feminine. I love using my hair doughnut and find that it leaves me looking like I've got twice as much hair than I actually do! By simply sweeping your wavy hair in to a side bun, you can look so glamorous and ready for a lovely night out!

      I really hope you enjoyed the post on how to use hot rollers! Have you tried them before? Let me know your thoughts below.

      *PR Samples

      Which Is The Right Foundation For You? (Part-1)

      This is like I think the most asked question and the most difficult question to answer... Let's have a show of hands about how many of you are with me here :P

      When I started out with make-up, I was shit scared of wearing foundation cause I did not want to look like a ghost and kept looking for answers to this questions on various blogs and forums. Today, when I am a seasoned beauty blogger, I still dread my readers asking this question to me. Why? The reason simply being that we have very very different skin textures, skin tones, body heat, pH balance and well expectations from a little wonder that we call a foundation. Yes all of these factors contribute to finding the perfect foundation for yourself and it is no easy task to "recommend" a single product to anyone.

      Image Source

      So I thought I'll go ahead and list out the factors that one needs to keep in mind when going for a foundation. Also, do note that this post is a 2 part post and the 2nr part of the post will be coming along pretty shortly as well, where I will be listing out some of my really favorite foundations...

      Foundation according to one's skin type
      I cannot even begin to tell you all how important it is choose a foundation that is according to your skin type. Yes it is the most important factor and the most significant attribute in making or breaking your look. 

      It's terrible to see a matte finish on a dry-skinned beauty because with time, dry skin tends to become drier and by the end of the night you will left feeling really uncomfortable due to your stretchy skin that will also end up itching a lot. Trust me, I have really dry skin and I have been through this particular trauma.

      On the other hand, oily skinned ladies will face the issue of their skin becoming more and more oily as the evening wears on and having a matte skin when you started the evening would really help! 

      Foundation according to one's skin tone
      With our lives being under microscopic scrutiny through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like, every moment of our lives especially celebrations are recorded in pictures and images for everyone to see and "judge". It is of therefore of utmost importance to have everything right and that starts with the right foundation!

      I cringe when I see a beautiful face made "unpretty" because of the use of a wrong foundation. The biggest mistakes we tend to make when using a foundation is getting the undertone all wrong... Just because you and I both are on the fairer side doesn't mean that you and I will suit the same foundation. It is extremely important that you know your undertone. I have a yellow undertone and I make it a point to pick up a yellow-based foundation only even if the SA is telling me the other way round.

      If you want your foundation to blend seamlessly into your complexion, you must match it to your undertone.

      Different Foundations for different seasons
      Yes I have different foundations for different seasons and it is one of the major factors that contributes to you looking flawless 365 days a year. I tend to use a lighter coverage foundation during the summers and a "heavier" foundation during the winters. I avoid foundations during the monsoons cause I have a phobia of clogged pores during the humid weather.

      Different Foundations for different weathers
      My parents stay in Mumbai, which is humid to the core and I stay in Pune, which is like one of the driest places I lived in. The dryness in Pune and the humidity of Mumbai just 200 kms afar never ceases to amaze me. But keeping geography aside, the point to note here is that have different foundations for different cities is the key to not being caught like a deer in the headlights...

      I love using my Maxfactor Second Skin liquid foundation in Pune and Colorbar's stick foundation/TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation in Mumbai. 

      Which one should I go for? Liquid, Cream/Powder Compact or Stick?
      This again is something that you'll be able to answer yourself with a few experiences in your pocket! I generally prefer a liquid foundation when I know the evening is going to be long, maybe stressful and well when I will be alternating between AC and non-AC.

      When I was getting married, I had used my Maxfactor Second Skin Liquid Foundation on myself. It stayed put all night like how a good foundation is supposed to but the amazing thing was that it did not oxidize! With stress, our body starts releasing a lot of hormones and pheromones and not to forget heat that tends to oxidize the foundation and make it go darker. I have seen out of my own experience that liquid foundations tend to fight oxidizing more effectively than the cream compact ones.

      Once the foundation is done, I am ready to go right?
      Wrong! Once you have found your perfect foundation and it blends into you, it is really important to "sculpt" your face. A foundation especially heavy coverage ones tend to make your face look flat as they hide every indent, every curve on your face. Thus you need to highlight and lowlight your face to give it dimension. If you are not confident using a bronzer or a contour shade, just a dab of blush at the right location can do wonders!

      Some cardinal rules that I follow:
      1. I always use a primer under my foundation.

      2. I always moisturise my face before applying the primer

      3. If I feel the foundation not gliding smoothly on my face then I run far away from it. For dry skin beauties, your foundation should easily glide on your skin. For oily skinned beauties make sure that your foundation does not glide too easily on your skin :P

      4. I mostly use a light coverage foundation and so always keep my face bleached... Fine hair visible under the foundation is as gross as it can get.

      5. I always buy a yellow-based foundation as it suits with my undertone. 85% of us Indians have a yellow undertone. 

      Do not listen to anyone... Do your research and do not be afraid to try out a couple of foundations before you settle onto the one that suits you best :)

      Thursday, September 27, 2012

      Apothica 20$ Gift Card Giveaway

      Hello damsels! Good Morning. Today, we are up with a new surprise. Yes! It's a giveaway again. Say yay!
      This time, Apothica is sponsoring a Gift Card worth $20 for our lucky winner.

      This $20 Gift Card is redeemable at SkinCareRx, Apothica or SkinBotanica. Isn't that cool? They have the Best Moisturizers and thousands of amazing products from top cosmetic brands such as Bobbi Brown, Too Faced, Clinique, Smashbox etc. Do check them out without fail.

      Okay now comes the rules and guidelines to enter the giveaway. Read them carefully.

      Rules to Enter:

      • You must be a GFC follower (Google Friend Connect) of our blog to participate in this giveaway.
      • Visit and pick your favorite product. Share the link of the product in the comment section below (Share the LINK, not the name) with few lines about why you love that product!

      That's it. Now follow the below format and leave your entry on the comment section below.

      GFC Name:
      Favorite Product Link:

      This giveaway starts today, September 28th 2012 and ends on October 10th 2012. The winner will be declared and notified soon after the giveaway ends. And the giveaway is 'Open Internationally'.

      Do submit your entries now, sit back and wait for the winner announcement.
      All the very best to all our sweet readers. Spread the Cheer!

      Talking About Top Knot Updo Hairstyle

      Ttrend updo hairstyle  increasingly popular this year, especially the style knot at the top (top knot). This style is an alternative for those who have long hair. If you are a woman, are interested in how to make a top knot hair style, you certainly can make easily.
      Talking about top knot updo hairstyle, you will be impressed generated is elegant, sleek, cool and provide sexy neck.

      Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jennifer Lopez, are some celebrities who are often seen wearing this hairstyle. Whether they are the gym, walks with the family, or attending a movie premiere, style top knots made ​​their appearance always mesmerizing. Besides rid chills when the weather is hot, the hair raised high above his head will also give the impression of a facelift, due to come face drawn up.

      It is rather difficult to wear this style if your hair style bob. At the very least, your hair should be at shoulder height to lift and menyimpulnya overhead. In addition, there are no other requirements needed, because the order is suitable for all face shapes.

      Because the order is actually very simple, you can experiment with accessories. You can use colorful barrettes or headbands like the style of Lea Michele. You can make this style a bit messy by letting your bangs hanging over her forehead like Nicole Richie. To make it more presentable, comb with slick like a ballerina bun.

      To make this hairstyle, you need a hair tie, some hair clips, hair brush, and hairspray. "Start from the nape of the neck, and then brush your hair gently up into a ponytail. Then roll the hair into a knot to form a coil that you want, then secure with hairpins. Afterwards trim with hairspray," suggests Adrianne Johnston, hairstylist at Maxine salon in Chicago.

      Although the top knot has been there at least two years ago, this hairstyle still seem to be trending next year. "This arrangement is easy to master, but the effect is remarkable. Arrangement also makes your hair did not get washed look still chic," he said.

      Relation Habitual Snoring with Heart Health

      Do we know that there is a relation habitual snoring with heart health. It could be less healthy heart is characterized by snoring intensity, but not a severe heart attack.
      A recent study conducted in Birmingham England showed that snoring treatment was found to improve cardiac function.

      Snoring has long been known as a sign of sleep apnea or stop breathing in his sleep. Sleep apnea occurs due to narrowing of the airway during sleep, so the air flow stops. Although breathing movements strive draw air, the air still can not get in or out of the lungs. As a result, the patient will wake up in a state crowded involuntarily to take a breather.

      Note, though awake brain waves, until the patient is not awake. As a result, he did not wake up feeling refreshed and continue sleepy without knowing the cause. Recurrent episodes of stopping breathing during the night is a chain reaction that leads to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and death.

      Lead researcher, Dr. Gregory Lip confirmed that sleep apnea can not be regarded as a minor nuisance. Experts have long know these dangers. Unfortunately, the general public still considers snoring as normal noise. As a result, the risk of dangerous diseases continue to lurk every night. Sadly for all of these diseases can be prevented by addressing snoring.
      Another study first published in the journal Circulation in 2003 even mentioned that with the treatment of sleep apnea, a snorer would go down the risk to suffer from various heart diseases by 37 percent, while the risk of stroke fell by 56 percent.

      Of the standard tests in a sleep laboratory, sleep apnea patients classified in the category of mild, moderate and severe based on the amount of stopping breathing per hour of sleep. In a study published in the American Heart Association's journal, performed echocardiography in 40 snorers with sleep apnea, 40 hypertensive patients without sleep apnea and 40 healthy people.

      As a result, people with sleep apnea and hypertension patients without sleep apnea disorder structure and function of the left ventricle of the heart. Groups who suffer sleep apnea, then given treatment in the form of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This tool is a unit that plugs into the device and blow nose mask positive pressure to block the airway to keep it open during sleep.
      People with sleep apnea although initially considered the use of CPAP as something sinister and troublesome, but eventually fell in love because of the better quality of sleep. This is evident from the quality of life in the afternoon. After using CPAP for 6 months, the snorers with sleep apnea re-examined. As a result, the heart wall thickening was reduced, and cardiac function was found to improve.
      The author also warns, although not experience symptoms of heart problems, you should remain vigilant if we are a snore. Because of proven, snoring treatments can reduce the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

      What to do if you snore?

      The first thing to do is to hear testimony partner. For he knows our condition during sleep. We ourselves never know if we are snoring. Snorer will undergo a sleep laboratory. Examination of this intricate yet comfortable not require special preparation. Staying came fitted with, and slept till morning.

      From the examination bed, new found diagnosis and best course of treatment can be decided. The use of CPAP was introduced. Setup tools, introduction to administration tools should only be performed by medical personnel who are specially trained. After use you will feel safe and sound as if reborn. All new challenges can be overcome as easily. And you are also protected from harmful diseases that may be lurking if the snoring was solved.

      About How to Get Rid of Snoring

      Sleep snoring could be concerns for some people. Although snoring is not harmful to health, but the noise disturbing others. Moreover, snoring in a public place, could be a laughingstock. You think about how to get rid of snoring, or reduce the sound of snoring in his sleep.

      What causes snoring? Snoring is caused by weakening of the upper airway during sleep, to narrows. This narrowing increases the pressure in the respiratory area. As a result, the soft area will vibrate cause snoring.

      This narrowing causes obstruction in the airway, making breathing movements while still there, no air can pass. This stop breathing during sleep, also called sleep apnea. As a result of tightness, a safety mechanism the body will wake up to the patient awake brain for a moment to breathe in the air (without waking). But this has cut the sleep process. Imagine if it happens repeatedly throughout the night. As a result, the patient will not wake up refreshed and continue to feel sleepy during the day even though the duration of sleep is enough. This condition is known as hypersomnia.

      Healing asleep snoring, sleep apnea at the Sleep Disorder Clinic, starts with consultations to determine the possibilities of other sleep disorders. Examination in sleep medicine, a little different from medical science in general. Examined here is the body functions during sleep.

      Treatment of snoring and sleep apnea begins from the simplest form of side sleeping position, elevating cushion, reducing weight and avoiding alcohol or drug maker drowsiness. Mild sleep apnea (stopping breathing less than 15 times per hour) do not require special care, but can try dental appliances made ​​especially by dentists trained experts.

      Conditions stopping breathing less than 30 times per hour, including the category, it is advisable to use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) or technology now developed a simple form of EPAP (expiratory Positive Airway Pressure). EPAP disposable form of plaster that can be attached to cover the nostrils.
      From some initial research, EPAP can provide decent results, a decrease in the index stop breathing about 50 percent.

      Overcome snoring is not as easy as imagined so far. Treatment on sleep disorder clinic always aim to overcome breathing disorders during sleep, for the health and quality of life. While the loss of snoring is just a bonus of the treatment results. Greetings healthy sleep!

      How to Make Exfoliating Body Scrub with Chickpeas? [Photo Tutorial]

      Hello sweet ladies!
      Now we are going to check an amazing exfoliating body scrub made of chickpeas and few other kitchen available ingredients to give your skincare routine a twist. This natural exfoliating body scrub has numerous benefits such as tan removal, skin softening and deep pore cleansing. I swear by this body scrub and this one definitely wins most of the store bought body scrubs. Come let us check the recipe with a photo tutorial.

      Things you will need:
      • Dried Chickpeas, 2 tablespoons
      • Dried Mung beans, 1 tablespoon (Optional)
      • Sandalwood, 1 tablespoon
      • Rice Powder, 1 tablespoon
      • Milk, Required

      Preparation Method:

      1. Grind the chickpeas and mung beans together coarsely. Mung bean is nothing but the green gram (Pachai Payiru in tamil). Collect the powder in a small bowl. Add sandalwood powder and rice powder to this powered mixture and mixture everything together well with a spoon.

      2. Add required milk to the scrub powder that we prepared in the first step.

      3. Blend well and ensure that the scrub is in the right consistency. The scrub should be neither too thick nor too runny. That's it. Your own body scrub made of chickpeas is all ready to use now!

      Usage Directions:
      After having a shower with your shower gel or after a bath, on your wet skin, apply this chickpea exfoliating body scrub. Apply the body scrub over entire body skin and start scriubbing gently with your fingers and palms. Do not use this exfoliating body scrub on your facial skin as this would be a little rough compared to the facial scrubs. However, if you wish grind the ingredients more finely and store it seperately to use as your facial scrub.
             While scrubbing your body skin, concentrate more on the rougher parts such as knees and elbows. After 5-10 minutes of scrubbing, wash off the scrub from your body skin completely without leaving any residue. Use every weekend to maintain soft, glowing and tan free skin. This can also be used twice a week on your body.

      Ingredient Benefits:
      • Chickpeas : Removes dark patches and pigmentation from the skin.
      • Mung beans: Softens the skin and makes it wrinkle-free. Green gram powder (Mung beans powder) is a great alternative for soaps as well.
      • Sandalwood: Improves complexion, calms down skin and reduces excessive body heat
      • Rice Powder: Helps removing tan by performing the exfoliation part in an effective manner.
      • Milk: Softens skin and prevents it from drying due to exfoliation. If you have extra dry skin, pour in few drops of olive oil to this body scrub recipe.

      Do you have any such natural DIY body scrub recipe which you swear by?

      Prakriti Herbals Walnut WheatGerm AloeVera Exfoliating Scrub Review

      Prakriti Herbals Walnut WheatGerm AloeVera Exfoliating Scrub

      Every tired weekend and on the days when I experiment with different makeup products, facial scrub is one product which is a must for me. Now, I am going to review a natural scrub from the brand Prakriti Herbals. I have already reviewed their skin gel which is one of my favorite moisturizer. Let us move on to the review of the scrub now.

      Product Description:
      A gentle scrub which exfoliates dead cells, blackheads while nourishing the skin, giving you a fresh glowing complexion.

      Price & Quantity:
      Rs.120 for 60ml

      Usage Directions:
      Moisten face and neck, massage with scrub in a gentle circular motion, avoiding the eyes. Rinse off and pat dry gently.

      Natural Pampering Ingredients:
      Walnut shell granules, Wheatgerm oil, Aloevera juice, Glycerine, Lotion base, Food Grade Preservatives, Perfume, Purified water.

      My Experience with this Product:

      Packaging: This product comes in a simple, see through plastic tube with a flip type cap. You can also screw open it. The packaging is sturdy, easy to use and travel friendly; no complaints.

      Colour Consistency & Fragrance: This is a cream based light beige coloured scrub with dark brown walnut granules in it. I am totally impressed with the colour and consistency of this scrub. The fragrance is neither floral nor fruity but a mild scented one which would not irritate sensitive noses. I prefer my skincare products to be sweet scented and expected the same from this one, but then it is okay for the price.

      How it works: 
      This walnut scrub spreads smoothly over my facial skin as it is cream based. The granules are not harsh but little on the harder side than some other milder scrubs. After all, it is a scrub and it should do its exfoliating job well, Right? The scrub exfoliates my skin well when I worked on with circular motions in a gentle manner. After 2 minutes of scrubbing, I splashed some cold water over my face and voila! Though being cream based, this scrub gets washed off very quickly with a single splash without leaving any slippery feel behind.
             As claimed, this scrub nourishes, remove dead skin cells and blackheads (Up to a good extent but I have a little doubt about how it would work on stubborn big black heads) in a good manner. Surprisingly this scrub doesn't leave my skin dry at all. Being normal-oily skinned, I skipped my moisturizer after using this scrub but if you are on normal-dry and dry skin type side, moisturizer is a must. Overall, this is a good scrub which works effectively in removing impurities, leftover makeup residues and mild blackheads from the skin.

      • Comes in a handy, mess-free and travel friendly packaging.
      • This scrub does the exfoliating job really well
      • Clears out impurities, dirt and mild blackheads 
      • Washes out quickly without leaving any slippery feel behind
      • Doesn't leave skin dry; this scrub works best on dry skin types
      • The fragrance is decent; sensitive noses will not be affected.
      • Contains natural substances like walnut, wheatgerm and aloevera
      • You need only a small quantity for whole face and neck; hence the product lasts long
      • Price is reasonable for the worth

      • I expected some floral/fruity fragrance from this scrub (Greedy me :P I know)
      • Not suitable for usage in extra oily skin types. Though it doesn't make face greasy soon after usage, your T Zone will be filled with oiliness 2-3 hours after this scrub usage in case if you have extra oily skin.

      Rating: 4/5

      Recommendation: This scrub suits all skin types expect the super oily skin. Definitely get one if you are dry skinned! Anyone can use this scrub for better exfoliation and soft skin expect the super oily girls. This scrub leaves skin soft, glowing and moisturized without leaving it dry.

      Would I Repurchase?: Yes. I am actually planning to repurchase it on winter so that it can prevent dryness from my skin after scrubbing unlike the other scrubs.

      Have you used ever Prakriti Herbals Walnut WheatGerm AloeVera Exfoliating Scrub? Do you like it?

      Wednesday, September 26, 2012

      How to Get Rid of Oily Skin on Face Naturally?

      Just don't blame the summer alone; even this monsoon weather is giving us lots of trouble. I expected my skin to act normal after Mr.Summer took leave but it turned even more worse unexpectedly. I am enjoying monsoon with rains and spicy hot cuisines. I am loving the cool breeze but my skin? my T zone? It is getting more oilier than it was in summer. This irregular climate is giving my skin zits, breakouts and such due to excessive skin greasiness. So what to do naturally when your facial skin turns excessively oily and greasy? How to say goodbye to those pimple breakouts, zits and blackheads? We cannot always put on store bought products on our face isn't it? So sip a coffee and note down these natural oily skin curing ideas to prevent and control that oily sheen on your facial skin, especially on your T zone.

      Proper Face Washing Routine

      Wash your face compulsorily for twice a day if you have oily facial skin. Use a good oil clearing face wash which is gentle, preferably herbal and clears out the excess oil from your skin. Remember, the face wash you are choosing shouldn't be over drying on your skin as it might end up in giving you premature wrinkles and stretchy skin. I highly recommend Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Lemon Face Wash for moderate-oily skin and Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash for extra oily skin. Not just these two times, wash your face 2-3 more times but this time only with WATER and not your face wash. So totally, you are going to wash your face twice with a good oil clearing face wash and 2-3 times with plain cold water. This is the first step which cures 90% of your oily facial skin problem.

      Scrub Twice A Week

      Oily skin usually attracts more dust, dirt and other impurities from the environment. These impurities settle down and forms as a layer on the surface of your facial skin. To remove this dirt layer, one surely needs exfoliation. Oily skin types can exfoliate their facial skin twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and other impurities. Go for a good branded oil clearing scrub or make your own at home. Simply grind 2 teaspoons of oats coarsely. Combine it with some fresh Aloe gel. Your 2 minute oily skin scrub is all ready to use!

      Oil Balancing Pack After Scrub

      Soon after scrubbing your face, when your pores are open, you can layer your face with a calming face pack. On the other hand, this should be an oil balancing face pack too which would control excess sebum production. Use a good branded mud based face pack after scrubbing to tighten your skin and control excess oiliness. Alternatively you can use the mixture of besan and buttermilk as your natural oil balancing face pack.

      Toner & Moisturizer

      After washing your face, don't skip toner anytime if you have oily skin. Tone your skin with a green tea or rose water toner and moisturizer your skin with a water-based moisturizer. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't moisture if you have oily skin. All skin types need moisturization; so go and pick a water-based, light moisturizer.

      Note: Don't worry all the time for having extra oily skin. There is a sweet news for you oily skinned damsels. Oily skin ages slower when compared to the dry ones! So chill. Follow these above ideas, prevent excess oiliness and enjoy showing your beautiful oil-free face to the word.

      So, which is your favorite natural tip to get rid of oily face? Share below!

      Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5