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Virus And Spyware removal by

When you browse internet, once you download a free application that you do not know level of security, when you install the program your computer to be slowed to a crawl. Or you are asked to enter data or personal information via pop-ups, and your personal data sent to company that you do not know where.

A computer virus is a computer program that can duplicate or copy itself and spread by inserting copies of himself in other programs or documents. Spyware is one form of suspicious software (malicious software / malware) that install itself to a system to steal user's data.

Maybe you already use antivirus program, but probably you do not update or you always perform updates, but you should know there are Some Things still miss those programs, or cans only partially clean. San diego virus removal installments powerful use automated and manual removal tools to Ensure your system is truly a virus and spyware free

Use virus removal san diego, include service
1. Viruses and spyware by using automated tools and manual
2. Clean the registry from virus infection
3. Removes BHO (Bowser helper objects)
4. Recommendations for anti-virus software, anti spyware and firewall
5. Advice for protecting your computer system.

If you us mac, visit remote mac support from for clean virus from your computer.

Homemade Butter Face Mask

Homemade Butter Face Mask
You may only know the butter used to make cakes, but do you know that you can use butter is perfect natural face mask? With a mixture of butter and other natural materials, you can create a mask that matches your skin type, whether oily skin or dry skin.

Mix butter and strawberries are primary composition to create a mask of skin care. Alpha-hydroxy acid in strawberry has anti-aging and reduce wrinkles. It helps to gently cleanse your skin and get rid of pimples. Butter, rich in vitamin A, can effectively engembalikan skin's natural beauty. Here are some mixture that you can use:

For Dry and Normal Skin:
• large strawberries Blend with butter.
• Add the egg yolk and mix thoroughly to make pasta even

For Oily Skin:
• large strawberries Blend with butter.
• Fold in a tablespoon of lemon juice.

To remove dark circles:
• Mix together strawberries, butter and cucumber to make a smooth paste.

How to use masks
• Apply the mask on the face and neck for 10-15 minutes, wait for it to dry after you otu rinse with cold water.

This beauty care tips you can do yourself at home.

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Clay mask for skin type

Apart from mask can skin become cleaner, clay masks use to treatment all skin types. Good for those of you who have oily skin, dry skin, or you are having problems with acne. Here are recipes using a clay mask:

1. Oily facial skin
For those of you who have oily skin, you need a mask that can absorb oil due For those of you who have oily skin due to too aktifnyakelenjar sebum which is a cause skin to become oily.

Choose a mask with a basis of soil or clay mask. Because the clay base material known as a substance that can absorb oil very well. These types of masks can reduce the level of bacteria on the skin, eliminate the sheen on the skin and minimize pores on facial skin.

2. Dry facial skin
For dry skin, you should choose a mask that is able to restore skin moisture. You can choose a mask that contains a moisturizer, will usually be listed as moisturizing, hydrating, replenishing or Nourishing. This moisturizing mask serves to give a sense of comfort to the skin and soften dry skin that feels tight and taut.

3. Skin with acne
For those of you who have acne prone skin type, you need a mask that absorbs excess oil and kill bacteria that cause acne. Choose a mask with salicylic acid (salicylic acid) and benzoyl peroxide. Such masks are marked with the word purifying or exfoliating. Because the content of salicylic acid help open clogged pores and shed dead skin cells. Benzoyl peroxide is a substance commonly used to treat acne.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homemade Clay Mask

Homemade Clay Mask

Clay is not only can be used to make handicrafts such as pottery, but it turns out the clay can also be used as a natural beauty treatment. Ghassoul is a natural clay that has been used to treat skin, hair, scalp and face of the nobility of Rome and Egypt. Ghassoul very well be used as an ingredient of anti-wrinkle, anti acne, absorb dirt, stains black and dead skin cells.

skin care tips with a clay mask Ghassoul:
Combine powdered ghassoul with warm water and rose water or flower water liman, to produce dough such as masks and fragrant, then put the dough in the face as she slowly massages. Let the action for 10 minutes. After that wash with warm water. For dry skin add a little olive oil on your mask potions.

Body skin care tips with a clay mask Ghassoul:
Take 100g powder ghassoul, in a bowl and add warm water to produce dough that is very light and soft. Apply to all parts of the body, and leave to dry, wash with warm water. The skin will become softer, smoother, and cleaner.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Natural skin care to glowing skin

Natural skin care to glowing skin

White skin using cosmetics sometimes seem unhealthy because it seemed "forced" to be white skin. But looks different when someone has white skin using natural ingredients, their white skin will look more radiant, healthier and look more beautiful.
There are many herbal to keep skin beautiful and healthy. Some of these herbal ingredients are

1. PAPAYA and lime

Dead skin that accumulates is one of cause skin look brighter, many cosmetic products on market promises to lift dead skin and to regenerate skin for glowing skin. but you know, that papaya and lime is a natural substance can make your glowing skin?

Enzyme in papaya use to eksfoliator for cleaning dirt and remove dead skin cells. Content of vitamin C in papaya and lime very good as a natural antioxidant. By using papaya and lime in one week, your skin can become cleaner and healthier.

How to make a skin whitening cream with papaya and lime, you just need to mix the papaya and lime, until smooth and spread on the skin you want. If you have sensitive skin type, you might feel a little heat or itching, it was a side effect  from the use of lime as raw beauty.

In addition to using papaya and lime juice as a herbal ingredients for skin, you can also use cucumber, lemon, yogurt, strawberry, honey and milk to make your skin become healthier. You can read other skin health ingredients on my next article.

Home Remedies for Beauty Face

Clean the face when completed activity is something we have to do, clean the face is one effective way to avoid acne caused by dirt dust and bacteria that clog the pores on facial skin. Clean the face is also useful to eliminate the former make-up that makes the skin to breathe while we sleep.

To clean the face of dirt, you do not need to bother to go to a salon and an expensive cost, there are some easy tips to clean your skin, and this you can do yourself at home

Face Beauty Tips

Take 1 tablespoon olive oil and toss with 2 tablespoons of fresh cream, leave on face for 10 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

Mix 1 tablespoon honey with 15 drops of reddish yellow juice and 1 tablespoon of the earth is more complete and add 1 tablespoon rose water. Mix well and relate to the face, wash after 10 miuntes.

Home Remedies for Beauty Face

1. Take 50 ml. dancampur tomato juice with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the face to make the skin soft and glowing.

2. Take 30 ml. cabbage juice and mix with one teaspoon of honey. This mixture is used to prevent wrinkles and premature aging.

Oily skin mask

Mix 1 tsp. yeast with plain yogurt to make a combination of thin. Apply on the skin of the oily for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then use cold water to close pores.

Dry skin mask

Mix 1 tsp. butter in 1 teaspoon water. Apply on skin for 15-20 minutes to make your skin always moist

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

skin care products for oily skin

oily skin
Simply, oily skin is a result of excessive production of sebum (oily substance that is naturally produced by skin). Excess oil production is causing blockage of the pores of the skin, accumulation of dead skin cells that can cause the appearance of acne. To reduce excess sebum production, you can use a facial cleanser containing salicylic acid ie a beta-hydroxy acids that slow production of sebum, you just clean your face every two times a day.

For those of you who have very oily skin type, you can use a toner that contains alcohol to reduce excess oil production, but not too often use roner to cleanse your skin from Minya this because the toner usage can damage the skin. Then you can use a non-greasy moisturizer. or you can use a clay mask once every week for oily skin care and make your skin always looks toned.

Without use cosmetics for oily skin care, you can try more tips to oily skin care

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oily skin care Natural

Oily skin care Natural

Maybe you feel annoyed that your skin always looks oily when you're doing activities or when you wake up. Oily skin happen because sebaceous glands are more active and producing excess oil. Having oily skin, in addition to look dull also more prone to acne, this is because when our skin is oily, bacteria and dust will be easier to stick to our skin.

The main causes of oily skin is a particular hormone in the skin that work more actively, or due to weather influences, genetics and even due to the use of cosmetics is wrong.

There are many tips to care oily skin, without use cosmetics products, you can use warm water to keep your skin health when when you wash your face or shower, it is highly recommended by dermatologists as skin care bebanyak optimal. In addition you can also use Jojoba oil is good for oily skin care.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips diet and skin care

Tips diet and skin care
Have a slim body, white skin and shining is the desire of each person, with a slim body that a woman will feel more confident. To get a slim body that some people often go on a diet, but sometimes these diet programs to make our skin look dull due to lack of nutrition our bodies. Here are some tips to healthy diet and clearer, more radiant skin:

Tip 1: Drink Water

Water is needed by every cell in our body, including for healthy skin, water is used to remove harmful toxin or toxins in the body. By consuming water, your body is also protected from dehydration that makes your skin look dull and dry. When you feel thirsty, you should consume water, do not immediately drink water or soda that contains caffeine. Besides going to ruin your diet program, also will disrupt your body's metabolism.

Tip 2: Consumption of green vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants are good for protecting the skin from pollution and UV rays. In addition, eating green vegetables, also will meet the nutritional needs when you do the diet, green vegetables also contain lots of fiber are good for digestive health.

Tip 3: Avoid consuming excess sugar

Several studies have shown how the food with high glycemic content such as potatoes, white bread, white rice, cookies, chips, and candy to increase blood insulin levels, which in turn leads to increased levels of hormones that cause acne. To get a healthy diet, you should increase the consumption of protein.

Tip 4: Inadequate your nutritional needs

When you go on a diet, you should also consume vitamins and minerals to meet your nutritional needs.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Undeniably it is important but many of us ignore this fact due to n-number of reasons, for instance some say they don’t have enough time to prepare, some do not have enough food while others on diet stuck with an illusion that by not eating, they can cut down on calories.

Breakfast is not just a morning routine but if once we give it a thought, the interval between breakfast and dinner is of several hours. Our body glucose reserves are at minimum by the morning and hence it makes it important for us to refuel are body and rejuvenate are system by having a good healthy nutritious breakfast. We should eat breakfast not just because it is a morning routine. Few scientific facts further prove that people who eat breakfast are more likely to have:

- IMROVISED CONCENTRATION LEVELS: human brain requires glucose for its proper functioning, as glucose is a source of energy. Hence maintaining sufficient blood glucose level will accelerate brain functioning.

- PHYSICALLY ACTIVE WITH LONGER ENDURANCE: a day started with a healthy breakfast provides the body with high levels of energy, which in turn helps you to sustain whole day activity.

- DECREASED CHOLESTROL LEVEL: it is a proven fact that low cholesterol level reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Few studies reveal that people who eat breakfast consume less dietary cholesterol than people who skip their morning meal.

- BETTER WEIGHT CONTROL: a person feels less hungry during the day if he /she have had a healthy breakfast in the morning. It may also make you go for lighter meals or short meals as your next meal. Breakfast eaters usually acquire low-fat and low calorie diets whereas non breakfast eaters end up having anything that comes in their way to fill in their tummy’s as they feel hungry later in the day. Therefore it may lead to unhealthy diet that definitely is cause for obesity.

To unveil the importance of breakfast few researchers have stressed upon having breakfast as a low fat diet would help in modifying the platelets activation further reducing the risk of heart attacks, sudden deaths, strokes and prevent blood clot formation.

So wake people and get rid of your old habits. Make it a point to have a healthy nutritious breakfast every morning.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Glowing skin with asanas yoga

Yoga not only helps in keeping your body healthy and energetic. In addition, with Yoga relaxation techniques are also proven to reduce stress is one cause of skin look dull. In the previous article I wrote about Yoga for naturally beautiful face, maybe you wonder why yoga can help you prevent the signs of aging such as wrinkles. Very simply, by doing yoga to balance hormones and increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the skin Anda.Hal can prevent dry skin and wrinkles.

One of the yoga movement which allows you to make your skin brighter is Shitli Kumbhaka paranayam

This yoga asana is very useful for the skin and has the potential to reduce facial wrinkles and cleanse the blood.

1. To perform this asana, you must first fold so that your tongue slightly protruding from the mouth.
2.Slowly breathe through your mouth and you should feel the coolness in the neck when inhaling. Then swallow the breath and hold it in your stomach for a few seconds before exhaling through your nose.

Beauty Tips for woman Black skin

Beauty Tips to black skin
Every person want to have white skin, but what happen if we have black skin? Maybe you'll feel a little inferior to mingle eith your friends. You've tried kinds of skin health products to make your skin becomes more white, but you do not get the results you want.

Have a black skin do not make you not trust yourself, some tips to make you look beautiful with black skin you have.

1. Use a moisturizer or soap that contains aloe vera, for your skin look healthy and fresh.

2. Use a body scrub regularly and routinely to keep your skin clean. If you diligently use a body scrub, your skin will also be able to become white.

3. Do not ever forget manggunakan hand body lotion when your outdoor activity. Direct sunlight can cause your skin will increase by more black.

4. If you use skin whitening products, you should choose to suit your skin type. Do you have oily skin or dry skin, and use in accordance with the instructions of usage.

It has a black skin no be you longer make you feel inferior and not confident.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vitiligo emedicine

There are many ways of Treatments for vitiligo, I describe some like this:

a. Treatment vitiligo with steroids
This treatment is usually effective for vitiligo an emerging and there are only a few spots. How these drugs work is not yet known with certainty, but some patients showed positive results. Results of treatment is usually seen after 3 months, if not treatment will be discontinued because of lack of effectiveness and side effects can occur is greater.

b. Psoralen with the help of phototherapy.
These drugs can be administered by topical (topical) or taken before the skin exposed to ultraviolet light A, both originating from artificial light and using sunlight. Psoralen increase skin sensitivity to ultraviolet light and stimulate melanocyte migration from the source of melanocytes, especially in the hair follicles on a healthy skin and then form a new pigment. This therapy is the most widely used, including those that tell you Melly. Indeed, this therapy usually takes 6 to 18 months. Unfortunately, the success rate of less than 50%.

c. Depigmentasi
This treatment is done to diminish the remaining skin color to match skin disorders. This treatment is done when the abnormality is more than 50% skin and body treatments to create repigmentasi failed. One example of a fairly well-known use of this therapy is Michael Jackson (singer).

Treatments for vitiligo

Alternative Treatments for vitiligo:

a. Antioxidants
The emergence of the theory of free radicals that can damage cells and accelerate / exacerbate an illness, then antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene are believed to protect cells from damage and neutralize these free radicals.

b. Vitamin
Based on research results, levels of folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin C are found in low levels in people with vitiligo. Thus, supplementation with folic acid (1-10mg per day), vitamin C (1 gram per day), vitamin B 12 (1000 mcg every 2 weeks, by injection) may cause repigmentasi in some people. In another study, oral supplementation of folic acid (10mg per day), and vitamin B 12 (2000 mcg per day) combined with sun exposure treatment, can give a satisfactory result after 3 to 6 months of treatment.
Based on the facts above, doctors often add to this treatment, in addition to standard treatment.

c. Diet
Decreased levels of fat and sugar in the blood are believed to help the immune system to recognize a foreign object or the body's own cells.

What is vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition in which your skin loses melanin, the pigment that determines skin color, hair and eyes. If the cells that produce melanin die or no longer form melanin, it will slowly appear white patches with irregular shapes in the skin.

Vitiligo characterized is appearance of white patches on the skin firmly bounded. These spots typically will multiply and / or growing larger. The time required for the development of this disease vary widely, there is a rapid, but some are up to the new bercaknya years of increases. These patches may disappear by itself, but this rarely happens.

The main signs of vitiligo is pigment loss that causes creamy white patches (depigmentasi) on the skin. Other signs that sometimes arises is:

* The occurrence of bleaching the hair, eyebrows, eyelashes or whiskers and beard.
* Loss of color on the network that limits the inside of your mouth (mucous membranes).
* Missing or color change layer in your eye (retina).

Glowing and Smooth skin tips

Beauty tips for glowing and Smooth skin
Beautiful skin, but if it looks rough, will make a person become less confident. Rough and scaly skin usually occur on dry skin types, or you are often work outdoors that are often exposed straight sunlight.

Apart from using cosmetics for glowing and Smooth skin, you can too use chemicals to protected from side effects such as skin irritation.

Banana and lemon is a natural substance that is often used for dry skin care. Use bananas and lemons for treatment of dry and rough skin are often used for skin care spa.

How making bananas and lemons spa is, you just prepare the mashed bananas, 2 tablespoons of honey, which has been squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of margarine.

Making way:
Combine all ingredients and stir until equitable, after that you simply spread on the skin of hands or feet and keep it for 15-30 minutes. After that, wash it clean. The treatment is very easy,

Gynecology pottasium on banana is great for making your skin smoother, plus the content of vitamin C in lemon manjadikan this herb is great for your use. Glowing skin with natural recipes, use banana and lemon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

4 tips to beautiful face

Beautiful face and white is the desire of each woman, with a beautiful skin will provide a more charm for someone. There are many ways to get beautiful skin, use a cosmetic, facials to anti aging, use a mask of fruit, or use other natural tips.

Here are 4 tips can you try to get a beautiful face and naturally:

1. Tap the face with a cloth that has been soaked in warm water, this is very useful to open the pores of the skin, after that you can put honey on your face and let stand for 15-30 minutes. Rinse, then pat back face with a towel soaked with cold water.

2. You can also create masks using raw egg yolks, which you rub around the face and neck to get the skin clean from the stain. In addition to using egg yolks, you can also create a mask of egg whites, but to clean up the remaining egg whites, you should use warm water.

3. The next tips is to use fruits like grapes by grapes cut in half, then rub it evenly on face and rinse with cold water. Or you can use mashed ripe bananas that have been smooth, then spread to the face leave on for 15-30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

4. To get the skin soft, you can use milk, milk on the way to prepare a container, using a cotton dab of milk throughout the face, leave until you feel your skin become firmer, then rinse with warm water.

Face care routine and regular basis would make you naturally beautiful face without using chemicals.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yoga face exercise for anti aging

During this time, yoga is known to create balance and harmony and good for health. Useful addition to the muscles of the body, yoga also affect both the facial muscles. According to experts beauty Marie-Veronique Nadeau, who discovered this latest program can solve every problem areas without the need for Botox injections, plastic surgery, or various other popular cosmetic procedures.

All programs are written in a book called 'The Yoga Facelift. " Well, here are some yoga exercises for face that you can practice yourself at home:

Neck Massage
Benefits: tighten neck and jaw strengthening the software, helps remove excess fluid from the neck, prevent wrinkles and reduce stress.

Movement: Lift your chin so the neck stiffened. Place both hands in front of the throat by side. Then, with the first three fingers of each hand and starts from the top of the neck (about two inches below the chin), neck skin of a strong push toward the chin.

When the finger reached the chin, with your right hand, push the skin under the jaw bone to the right ear. Then, with his left hand, push the skin under the jaw bone towards the left ear. Use both hands simultaneously so that you push the skin in the opposite direction. Once in the leaf ear massage the neck down to the basin in Your collarbone.

Do this exercise three times with minor movement and flow. To expedite the movement, could also use a massage oil.

Removal of wrinkles on upper lip
Benefits: Eradicate vertical line along the upper lip. Both as a precaution, and also remove the line that has been formed.

Movement: Place the inside tip of your index finger just above the upper lip, and tip section in the other index finger below your lower lip, to feel the effects tingling in the orbicularis oris (the muscle around the mouth area). Keep your lips remain relaxed and feel the energy. Rub your fingers rapidly back and forth, use a mild to strong pressure.

Aasans Yoga for glowing skin

Yoga for glowing skin
In addition to Yoga for beautiful face, yoga can to for glowing skin, yoga is a process that not only keep the body healthy but also enhance beauty. Simply by doing exercises for 20 minutes every day, your skin will look more shiny and healthy.

In India, known for a set of eight Aasans Yoga (yoga of motion), which if practiced daily can provide a balanced physical. With practice Aasams every day to, one can look more beautiful, and can mecegak signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark circles.

Smooth and soft skin with yoga

Through following Aasan facial skin becomes soft, free of wrinkles and make the face more shining. Eliminate  dark circles under the eyes and cheeks turn pink.

Aasan movement patterns to get the skin smooth and soft

Stand upright with one foot, first close your face with your palms and take a deep breath in as much as ten times. Next rub the face, eyes, forehead with your fingers and breathe ten times quickly. With this exercise face will begin to glowing. After this rub the skin as a whole, starting from chin to the front of head. With this exercise wrinkles will disappear and will get looks healthy.

Yoga techniques Aasan Actually, not only useful for beauty and skin health. Aasan Yoga can also be used as an exercise to tighten breast and tummy slimming.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sleeping tips to get beautiful face

Sleeping tips to get beautiful face
In several articles I wrote Beauty Sleep for Beautiful Skin, because when you sleep skin can replace dead skin cells. But not everyone can sleep at night because insomnia

Insomnia is a situation someone is having trouble sleeping or can not sleep well. Imsomnia often occurs due to stress, because mind not to be relaxed. According to research, women are more prone to insomnia than men.

To get a sleep and healthy you can try follow this tips to avoid insomnia.

1. Exercise regularly, with regular exercise, in addition to making the body healthy. Exercise also can reduce stress which is the main cause of insomnia

2. Avoid eating and drinking too much before bedtime, especially those that contain caffeine such as coffee and carbohydrates such as rice.

3. Sleep in a comfortable environment. Create a comfortable atmosphere in your room, so you become easier to be relaxed and fell asleep.

4. Bathe with warm water can also help you to sleep well, this is because warm water can cause sedation or stimulate sleep.

5. Sleep and wake up on a regular basis will also be able to make you sleep easier,

If the above tips can not help you to get a good night's sleep and healthy, you should consult your doctor. Sleep is the best break to maintain the health of your skin, with a sound sleep at night your skin will always look fresh in the morning

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to make face mask from fruits

How to make face mask from fruits
Besides delicious to eat and contains a variety vitamins and minerals to meet body nutrients, fruits were also useful to make face be beautiful and healthy by processing fruit become mask for face skin care.

Use mask on face has many benefits. Besides softening skin, mask can also be clean skin from remnants of make-up is left, this is very good to prevent blackheads due to blockage of oil gland. Masks can also be return moisture and smoothness of skin, specifically for dry skin type is very helpful for the skin does not look scaly.

How to make fruit to mask is not difficult, you simply select a type of fruit has content that is suitable for your skin, after that you just have to refine fruit by way of pounded, do not use a mixer to refine fruit because it reduces nutiris on fruit. After that you apply on face and neck, if you want better results, you can add a mixture of yogurt as mask.

Masks from fruit has no side effects such as mask from chemicals sold in the market. But for your have sensitive skin type, you should try first smeared on the skin for a while, if your skin does not itch, it means that your fruit if it is safe for your use.

Anti Aging Tips

Anti Aging Tips
Every person not want to look old, but growing old is something we can not avoid, aging marked by wrinkles on the face, naturally aging will happen slowly. But consequence of modern life style like consume unhealthy food, air pollution and stress its make aging more quickly or called premature aging.

Premature aging prevented by using a variety of cosmetic products sold in the market, or you can perform operations faceplate to prevent wrinkles face the signs of aging.

Here I give tips to premature aging, so you always look beautiful face:

1. Selection of your cosmetics.
Do not use cosmetics that contain hazardous materials such as mercury, and if you want to use make up try to memercikan cold water first, it is useful to make your face become more fresh.

2. Use a facial cleanser and how to use them appropriately
If you use a facial cleanser with foam. Once soaked in water and then given a foam, massage a facial skin for 1 minute. Rinse with water until clean.

Signs of aging can not we prevent it, but by making healthy lifestyle effects of premature aging we will be able to prevent.

Yoga for beautiful face naturally

Yoga for beautiful face naturally
Have a beautiful face must be every woman's desire, a variety of beauty products sold in market to meet those needs, in addition to using cosmetic ingredients a variety of facials to skin health are also widely available at salons with a fairly expensive.

Did you know that to get a pretty face does not have to pay that expensive? Beauty really would present itself if we can maintain the health of not only physical health, but also emotional health, mental and spiritual.

One tips to natural beauty from train our emotional with yoga. Yoga aims to achieve balance and harmony in human beings. In modern life someone can be quickly stress resulting from daily activities.

Fitness yoga called Hatha Yoga consists of asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (yoga breathing) and savasana (relaxation yoga). By doing Hatha yoga regularly will make life energy called prana to flow freely in our body. Thus there are differences in circulation, muscle strengthening, flexibility of the body, increase vitality and endurance, strengthen nervous system, and the mind becomes clear. The situation is very influential on the eyes, skin, face, body, posture, movement, and your appearance.

Beautiful face from the inside will look more stunning than on using a variety of cosmetic ingredients, which, if we are wrong in choosing beauty products. We'll hit the side effects of the chemicals in these products. Naturally beautiful face with yoga, can you try friend.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tips to acne free face

Tips to acne free face
Face is charm to every person, especially woman always want to have white face and free from acne. Various kinds of anti-acne products sold too much on market because consumer demand higher for a pretty face in instant.

Maybe when your teens, you will become very confused when acne on your face growing. You also begin to try busting acne products on the market, attracted by the language ad they convey. but you know there is an easy way to to get rid of pimples? Here are some tips on acne free face:

1. Washing your face 2 times a day

Washing your face 2 times a day will help remove the oil on the surface of our skin. If the oil much stick to the skin of the face, this is the main cause of acne appears our face. Because of the oily skin, bacteria and dust is more easily attached. When finished, dry your face with a clean towel, because the bacteria are also often mempel on towels that we use.

2. Customize your cosmetics with your skin type

If you want to use beauty products, adjust to your skin type. If you have oily type , you mush use prosuk special cosmetics for oily skin. But avoid using oily cosmetics, because skin naturally produces oil naturally, although it is dry skin.

3. Eat vegetables and fruits.

Beauty treatments from the outside, such as using cosmetics, it would be to provide maximum results if you also consume foods that contain vitamins and minerals untu meet nutritional needs. Read 5 Healthy Food For Beautiful Skin

4. Adequate and regular sleep.

As I wrote in Beauty Sleep for Beautiful Skin, a regular sleep will help to maintain beautiful face.

How to Make a Chocolate Facial Mask, for Skin care

How to Make a Chocolate Facial Mask
In the previous article I wrote about the Use chocolate facial mask to beautiful face that is useful to serves to softness, moisturize, tighten and refine skin. Skin care with this chocolate can you try at home, you must only buy dark chocolate Because its a first ingerdent to make mask from chocolate.

Several types of beauty treatments using chocolate are:

1. Honey brown Masks
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, honey, sugar, and butter.
how to make chocolate honey mask is: melted chocolate, when mixed with other materials. Mix well, let stand 10-15 minutes to cool, then can apply to the face evenly. Let stand for 1-15 minutes face to get maximum results

2. Chocolate Mask
Like as with the processing of honey brown mask, which differ only ingredients to make this chocolate mask, the materials to make the dark chocolate, salt, and full cream milk. How to use Chocolate Mask, sama like you use Honey brown Masks

3. Chocolate bath soap
Like as the mask for the face, chocolate bath soap, is also good to lift dead skin cells and make skin look more kencang.bahan-ingredients to make chocolate soap is: Dark brown, liquid soap without without aroma, full cream milk liquid.

How to make Chocolate bath soap : first of all heat full cream milk, and put slices of chocolate milk depth heated, stirring until mixed and melted chocolate evenly. bathub prepare your bath. Pour the chocolate batter, mixed with liquid soap, and wait until your shower bathub frothy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to use cleansing milk and toner

Facial cleansing milk is better than just a face soap. Especially if you live in cities full of dust. If you do not often clean your face, your face acne will grow due to dust and bacteria attached to the face.

How to use the cleansing milk is by rubbing the entire face and neck, and a little bit of massage to facilitate the circulation of blood. Let stand for 2 minutes for About a cleaning done perfectly. When finished clean with a clean towel and wipe clean with soap. Once completed if you want maximum results, you can use a toner for your skin become cleaner perfect.

If your face feels hot when using facial cleansing milk, it just means your skin is allergic to the use of facial cleansing milk, you should discontinue usage.

Facial Cleansers Reviews, How to use Facial Cleansers

acial Cleansers Reviews, How to use Facial Cleansers
Women and makeup can not be separated. By using make-up person can look more beautiful and fresh. But the problem often happens when we want to clean the makeup. Recommend if you choose a facial cleanser product, try a based water so it can perfect effectively remove impurities, avoid facial cleanser that contains mercury and hydroquinone, as it can cause damage to the skin.

There are three types facial cleansers. With soap facial cleanser, cleansing milk facial cleanser and toner practical. Cleanser duo example (milk cleanser and toner) having a better level of cleaning than any soap or toner. But the soap and toner is very practical. Especially if you are tired all day berkegiatan and immediately wanted to rest. Both practical so that you can simply lay down the body after cleansing.

Clean the face of the rest of the make-up is something that is important, because if when we tidu former makeup still on the skin of the face. This can cause acne on the skin. Because it can be, there are bacteria attached to our face.

Beauty Sleep for Beautiful Skin

Beauty Sleep for Beautiful Skin
Rest it is best to sleep, except to rest, sleep was also a time where part of body and the skin works to repair injuries that happen when we activity. When you sleep, an organ in your body work more optimally to rejuvenate the skin.

With enough sleep, around 6-8 hours every day. It is important to sleep soundly because when we are asleep, your body may very well fill power. Also to sleep can also remove stress of our activities today.

If you experience hard to sleeping, this may happen due to lack of exercise because you are so your body does not feel healthy and your mind becomes calm. By exercising regularly, your body will be healthier and your sleep will become more soundly.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips to remove blackheads on face

Tips to remove blackheads on face
Blackheads is clogged skin that occurs because the accumulation of dead skin cells on the oil glands. If this continues, it will can cause acne are difficult to remove. Blackheads usually appears around the forehead, nose and cheek.

2 types of Blackheads :

1. black head is a lump that looked like black dots on the skin surface and not covered by the epithelium of the skin, making it easy issued

2. Closed comedones (white heads) that lumps the mass before going under the skin surface. Looks like a yellowish-white dots. Its surface is covered by skin epithelium makes it difficult to pass.

Blackheads usually easier to grow on oily skin type. By identifying your skin type, you can more easily find out what kinds of cleaning products that match your skin. Also, use the same type of moisturizer suitable to regulate skin moisture. My advice, use an oil free moisturizer to keep skin moist naturally. In addition, you should do periodically to keep the facial skin health, both of blackheads or acne

In addition to skin care, you also should avoid products that can cause blackheads, such as solid powder that can clog oil glands is a product that often create the appearance of blackheads, and even acne.

5 Healthy Food For Beautiful Skin

5 Healthy Food For Beautiful Skin
Maybe you've tried various types of cosmetics to make your skin white and healthy, you also have tried various therapies mancam according to your skin type. But you do not get maximum results. Did you know? In addition to skin care from the outside, you also have to exercise care beauty from within by consuming a variety of foods for skin nutrition.

Here are five types of foods that can meet the nutritional needs of your skin, so your skin can look healthier.

1. Fish
Fatty fish like salmon, tilapia, and cod are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. By adding the omega-3 fatty acids in food, then your skin will not be easy moisture and irritation.

2. Green tea
Antioxidants found in tea is useful for skin health as prevention of aging. Drink at least three cups of green tea per day to prevent skin aging self and inflammation.

3. Broccoli
These vegetables are very rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Vitamin A can become a natural active ingredient to lower oil production, vitamin C is an antioxidant and vitamin C helps prevent bruising of the skin.

4. Sunflower seed oil
Sunflower seed oil has omega-6 fatty acids that can prevent skin dryness and inflammation. it is also very useful for the formation of which is a hormone prostaglandi to maintain all waiting for the body work properly,

5. Almond
Almonds are one source of vitamin E in the body, which is also an important antioxidant for skin health. Consuming vitamin E on a regular basis can increase moisture levels, it is very important for dry skin care

Homemade face mask natural recipes

Homemade face mask natural recipes
Everyone has different skin types, and of course it makes every person requires a different type of skin care as well. If you are not careful in choosing your type of skin care, especially if you use beauty ingredients sold in the market. If you are wrong in choosing the type of treatment, if treatment was not suitable for the type of biscuits you, your skin can be irritated due to side effects of treatment errors and the chemicals contained in cosmetics you use.

Here are a few masks from natural that you can customize to your skin type, and how to use it.

Normal skin Masks
For normal skin a good fruit that can be used are cucumbers, carrots, papaya, potato, tomato.

Dry skin mask
For dry skin usually use bananas, avocados and other fruits that contain starch.

Oily skin masks
For oily skin lemon and pineapple. In addition to fruit produced may mask rather than honey, egg white or egg yolk.

How to use Homemade face masks
Mask is applied to the face and neck with upward movements, and the same average thickness. Do not let the exposed portion of the eyes and skin are injured. Before the lift and clean the mask, moisten your face with warm water so the skin does not feel dry. When he was wearing a mask, you're in a position to try to sleep and relax.

Natural Skin Whitening tips

Natural Skin Whitening tips
Face skin is the most troublesome thing for every woman. Every woman would want to have white skin, it causes more and more beauty products that provide an easy way to whiten the skin by peeling off dead cells using the active ingredients. Cosmetic ingredients, now not only whiten the skin or keep the humidity, but also to keep skin smooth as a baby.

Cosmetics are materials specially made to beautify a person. Use of cosmetics has been a tradition since ancient times by using natural materials. Some natural ingredients that are often used as a natural cosmetic ingredient.

1. Lemon
Lime is often used to close the pores of the skin. By the way: take the flesh of orange juice, apply on skin. Usually around the nose and cheek that the pores look big. Or you can use Lemon for skin whitening

2. Avocado
Avocado for to beauty because it contains vitamins A, C, and E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantotenik acids and proteins that are not usually found in fruit. All these substances are useful for the beauty and skin health as well as a moisturizer.

By using natural cosmetics ingredients, our skin can be prevented from side effects of the use of chemicals contained in cosmetics that are sold in the market.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homemade facial recipes with olive oil

Olive is a magical fruit, oil prepared from olive fruit can be used as a substitute for the required body fat. Olive oil is also believed to be a preventive drug for heart disease. Besides being used as a medicinal ingredient, olive oil is also used to maintain the beauty. Here are some benefits of olive oil for beauty

Face Cleanser

Clean your face before sleep from remnants of cosmetics is one way to make the facial skin is always healthy, besides cleansing is essential to keep skin moist. If face left dirty, acne will easily grow on our faces. By using olive oil as a facial cleanser. In addition to low fees, results are very satisfy. You will get soft and radiant skin. Use before sleep regularly.

Scaly skin

For your have dry skin types, oil zaitu very nice to use. The high protein contained olive oil will help to improve vitamin E, which makes skin brighter. It is useful to improve regeneration of cells that die.

There are many other properties of olive oil to maintain health and beauty. Treatment of olive oil proven natural ingredients free of side effects. Than if you use cosmetics of chemicals.

Kiwi for beauty skin care

Kiwi for beauty skin care
Apart from delicious to eat, it turns out the kiwi fruit is also very beneficial for skin kesahatan. The content of vitamin E in kiwi fruit believed to moisturize the skin surface, so it can make the skin brighter Dann makes it more smoothly.

As we know, vitamin E for skin can protect cells and membranes to prevent collagen damage caused by ultraviolet light. Vitamin E is higher in kiwi fruit, was used by Native New Zealand as a mask. Here are recipes for making masks from kiwi fruit to various skin types.

1. Dry skin
How to: Mix 1 tablespoon kiwi juice, with 1 tablespoon olive oil, and 1 egg yolk. Spread across the entire face. Let stand for 15 minutes. Clean with a sponge, and feel the benefits. In addition to the blood circulation, this mask can also be useful lubricate, nourish and soothe the skin.

2. All skin types
How to: Blend 1 kiwi fruit, mix with 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon almond oil, and 1 cup of carrots that have been mashed. Stir all ingredients until a smooth paste. Apply on face and leave to dry. Clean by washing your face using cold water.

3. Oily Skin
How to: Insert ½ kiwi fruit, plain yogurt 15 ml, 5 ml of skim milk, 5 ml of honey, 5 ml of fine oatmeal, 1 drop petitgrain essential oil, and 1 drop of lavender oil into the blender. Blend all ingredients until a smooth liquid.

Apply mixture to face and neck with cotton. Massage gently, rinse and finish with toner and moisturizer. Benefits that you can feel from the herb mask is able to cool and cleanse the skin. Apply this mask whenever needed and used immediately after prepared.

Besides being used to share different types of skin care, it can also kiwi fruit use to mask cleaning by the way: Destroy one kiwi fruit, then smear the face. If your skin feels pinched, pinch, it means the organic acid content in the kiwi was at work. Wash the face after 15 minutes. Then clean with any tonic. Then, apply a face cream that you normally wear. Benefits that you can get from this herb is able to cleanse the skin and tightens large pores.

Buha kiwi can also be used to slough off dead skin. By the way: Use a blender to crush 5-6 strawberries, 1 kiwi fruit, ½ cucumber peeled skin. Blend all ingredients until a thin paste. If too watery, add a teaspoon of oatmeal until thickened.

Apply on face and neck. Massage gently to peel the skin smooth. Let stand for 5-10 minutes. Clean with warm water. Benefits that you can get, can cleanse and refresh the skin.

With routine maintenance, maximum results will be obtained. Natural skin care in addition to cheap, also will give you results without side effects. Show white and bright your skin with natural ingredients.

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Tips to get Skin whitening

Tips to get Skin whitening
How to get whites clean, other than using cosmetics, you can also have white skin healthy by changing habits. One of the habits you have to do is to regularly drink water and fruit that contains Vitamin E to accelerate the rejuvenation of dead skin cells. You can also eat honey every morning before the activity. This will really help you to get a natural white.

In addition to maintaining healthy skin from within by consuming substances that contain lots of vitamin E. Skin care from the outside is also important, one of them is through exercise. Not a secret, that by exercising every day, besides making a healthy body, also can relieve stress. By exercising the body sweat and toxins contained in our body.

In addition to exercise, using the body lotion when doing outdoor activities are things you must do to avoid skin from direct sunlight which makes damaged skin cells. But it must be remembered, choose a body lotion that is suitable for your skin type.

Healthy lifestyle is your first step to get the natural white skin, coupled with using a prescription natural like a natural white with orange juice.

Cheap skin whitening naturally

Cheap skin whitening naturally
Every woman certainly want white skin, every time you go to a Hypermart certainly you will not forget to buy beauty products to keep your whites. But did you know, enough with a caress bodies with a lemon skin to be whiter. In addition to having a good content of vitamin C to maintain health. Apparently content of Vitamin C that can make your skin white, smooth, and tight. This fruit contains vitamin C which is useful as antioxidant. Vitamin C, which have L bond in each molecule, nice to lighten skin color.

How do I create a recipe of lemon juice can make your skin more white? Following a recipe for a white face and smooth with lemon

The first way is to to consume lemon juice, Vitamin C can be completely absorbed by our body. While second way is is with a rubbing lemon on your face and on the skin we want. By using both ways regular, lemon juice will sting beneficial to your natural skin whitening. In addition serves to whiten the face, apparently use lime juice or lemon juice to remove acne naturally with

Treatment for oily facial skin

Treatment for oily facial skin
Are getting bored with your oily skin. You've tried various kinds of cosmetics to reduce oil on your skin, but you do not get maximum results. Maybe you can tries a bamboo based natural facials. Content of astringent in bamboo, it was believed to control the oil content in the face, but it is the efficacy of bamboo plants contain antiseptics that prevent acne.

When your face is acne, you are advised to do this treatment every single week for six months. But if your skin is just oily, you can use this treatment every two weeks. Step-by-step through facial oily skin care treatment made from bamboo:
  1. Detox massage in the head and face area for blood flow.
  2. The face is cleaned with bamboo cleansing gel containing bamboo extract, extracts of burdock and sage to balance oil levels.
  3. The face in the scrub with a scrub sage while in steam, then do pemebersihan and removal of blackheads.
  4. The face was a mask that contains a mixture of rhatany for astringent extract, sage extract to reduce dark spots and provide extra moisture, as well as chamomile ekstak a calming effect and smooths the skin.
  5. The face given a witch hazel toner to calm again.
  6. Facial skin sterilized with high frequency. If you have sensitive skin facial skin will be sterilized with ozone.
  7. Massage acupressure uses purifying serum to soothe reddened skin back.
  8. The face mask was given a bamboo that serves to soothe the skin conditions normalize.
  9. In the final stage, face sprayed with water and given bamboo bamboo cream that works to eliminate shine and control oil in the face.

By doing this treatment regularly, oily skin is no longer an issue. Beautiful face will you get.

Oily skin care tips for beautiful face

Oily skin care tips for beautiful face
If you have oily skin, you may feel a bit annoyed because your skin often looks dirty and is easy to breakouts. This is very reasonable, because the skin bacteria will more easily stick to oily skin which initiated the appearance of acne.

Here is some tips for oily skin care

First step is to look at your face, because not all parts of the face that issue quite a lot of oil. Make extra care on the part of oily skin only.

Choose cosmetics that match your skin, all cosmetic ingredients typically have a different composition. Choose for your face, and use in accordance with the manner used. It is very important because if you carelessly in selecting cosmetics, and you are wrong in choosing cosmetics. It is not healing you get, but it will happen to your skin irritation due to side effects caused by these cosmetic.

Use of cosmetics for oily skin should also be done when the face is clean and dry. Wet skin will make perfect cosmetic does not stick. While skin is not clean, will provoke the growth of acne and damage skin pores.

Not only is dry skin types who need a moisturizer, Oily skin moisturizer also need to control oil on the face. Oily skin is not an obstacle to always look beautiful, with regular maintenance and maximum Healthy face without acne will you get.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Natural anti aging supplements

Natural anti aging supplements
Long life and happiness, is dream every person, the key is to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods every day. Well to consume anti-aging nutrition to prevent premature aging, which often happens from air pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

Anti-aging supplements contain vitamins and minerals, allowing your body detoxification. Antioxidants help to slow the aging process by counteracting free radicals that attack body cellsto reduce health. Certain foods such as vegetables, grains of wheat or raw nuts and extra virgin olive oil is helpful in the regeneration of cells and make them more powerful.

Of the most frequently do is using premises of natural antioxidants like green tea because it reduces the side effects. Significant other antioxidants is coffee that helps protect us from free radicals, and also protect cells from cancer. Anti-aging treatments consisting of nutritional supplements are not only useful as an anti-aging, but also gives us nutrition needed for a perfect lifestyle and healthy.

A fact that prevention is always better than cure. More careful in consuming processed materials, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercise is key to staying healthy and long life

how to make beauty face mask

how to make beauty face masks
Are you frustrated with looking for a good beauty mask? Basically, your skin cells meet all the needs of the cells of food. But most of the cells in your body by the blood flow. Four of the five outer layer of skin (called the epidermis) is "avascular". They have no blood vessels. So, how do they get their food?

Epidermis are maintained through a process called diffusion. If you rely on the natural process and no effort to assist this process, it can make your skin damage, and wrinkles. Facial beauty mask usually contains many nutrients to the epidermis.

Be sure to avoid the artificial preservatives and fragrances. a product based on experience is the best option. The chemicals we use to maintain healthy skin, if it does not fit can cause serious side effects. such as irritation or accelerate the skin aging process.

The ingredients needed for different cleaning and moisturizing. For cleaning, clay extracts, gel bentone and kaolin, are very effective. Dirt and dust will be attracted by the clay and lifted from the pores of your skin. lliat soil also absorbs excess oil, without making your skin becomes dry.

In the old clay face mask, you practically need a chisel to remove it. The newly combined with macadamia oil and Shea butter. This material is useful to prevent the clay from drying out and useful to anti aging.

Best facial beauty mask clay containing extracts, macadamia oil and Shea butter, as well as a unique material called Active Manuka Honey has natural antibacterial activity that prevents stains and acne cure.

Manuka also has antioxidant activity, which prevent and repair damage caused by free radicals. Dermatologists believe that free radical damage is a major cause of wrinkles, sagging and premature aging.

Homemade facial mask recipes

Homemade facial mask recipes
In addition to care and maintain healthy skin, facials often also to unwind after a busy with various jobs, whether at home or office. In addition to nourish the skin, as well as to relieve stress from the activities we used to do every day. Maybe if you frequently perform facials to salon, which meets these demands and costs a lot to spend on maintenance. Did you know that you can make yourself at home facials?

In addition to using natural materials, you also can use this type of facials to suit your skin needs. Here are some easy steps to do facials at home:

1. Clean Face
The first step you should do is clean your face to remove all the dirt on the face. best for oily skin, wash with a foaming cleanser / foam cleanser (soap-free) and for dry skin, use a cream cleanser / milk cleanser.

2. Exfoliation
Using your fingers, rub cream scrub forming circular motion on the face. Concentrate on areas around the nose and forehead if your skin including oily skin. Wash your face, to remove the granules that make coolies dry scrub.

3. Evaporation
Fill a basin with warm water, dip a washcloth for the face, gently squeeze and press-press your face 2-3 times. This is useful for improving blood circulation around your face.

4. Wear Masks
If your face is oily, use a clay-based mask. Dry skin are advised to wear masks hydrating gel or cream form. Wear a mask for 10-20 minutes as directed on package. When finished wash clean.

5. Give Moisturizers
The final step is to provide a moisturizer, but avoid moisturizers that contain retinol or acid, because it can exfoliates the skin excessively (over-exfoliate)

Do facial at home, in addition to fun also saves you the cost to the salon.

Anti Aging With Use Vitamin D

Anti Aging With Use Vitamin D
Number of products and anti aging therapy is evidence many people are afraid of experiencing premature aging. But did you know there are natural ways to anti aging with Vitamin D.

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D can be produced by our own bodies, by getting enough sunshine. Why should the sun? Is not sunshine is one cause of premature aging? To produce Vitamin D, body must get 10 minutes of sunlight every day. We recommend that at the time of early morning or afternoon at sun is not too light and minimize damage from sunlight.

In addition to the natural process of vitamin D, we can also completing daily requirement of vitamin D, such as by eating sardines and tuna.

Golden Spoon Therapy for anti aging

Golden Spoon Therapy for anti aging
Besides use e-light therapy and facials farming to slow aging process. You can use Golden Spoon THERAPY. Golden spoon therapy is a treatment that combines heat and vibration of micro-current (low power electrical waves that are used to increase the production of collagen in skin) or known as Bio-electrical. Vibrations caused by micro-current to stimulate muscle function and remove wrinkles on the face.

The heat released will stimulate cells and connective tissue skin and helps blood circulation which aims to make skin shining and look healthy. Able to deliver gold material with good heat.

Golden spoon therapy will provide the very maximum if combined with Golden Facial that is therapy in which the facial skin patients cleared of make up and dust with a gold cleansing. After that, applied to the skin Tonner. The next stage is smeared and suppressed serum gold-press with a golden spoon in all parts of the face to maximize the absorption of nutrients in the serum into skin.

And giving a few sheets of 24 carat pure gold that has been treated with Nano technology embedded and absorbed into the skin instantly. Last stages of the gold mask of powder that is mixed with the concentrate of the many necessary vitamins skin.

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Use chocolate facial mask to beautiful face

Use chocolate facial mask to beautiful face
Chocolate is the food that much preferred. Although, the content of sugar contained in chocolate may enhance weight loss, damage the teeth, or it can cause diabetes. However, chocolate contains a lot of good things that benefit the body one of which is for beauty. Chocolate contains antioxidants that can protect heart health, lowers blood pressure and in terms of the human psyche, in addition to that chocolate also can cause feelings of relaxation to relieve stress.

Chocolate for beauty? How to care therapies using chocolate? The content contained in chocolate has many benefits for the skin, for example, serves to maintain softness, moisturize, tighten and refine skin. Chocolate also can slow the aging of the skin, including preventing wrinkles on the face.

Tips for using chocolate to as a mask to create a beautiful face

1. Spread on the entire surface thoroughly face let sit for 15 minutes

2. Make light massage on all section face

3. Next scrub for dead skin raised

4. Rinse with warm water.

As for the body skin, you can make chocolate soap. How to brew white milk mixed with slices of brown to chocolate melts, then can be mixed with liquid soap or poured in a bathtub. Note, we recommend that if you do this chocolate therapy, you should use Dark chocolate (high cocoa content) for the result you get more leverage

Healthy face without acne?

Healthy face without acne?
Have a beautiful face without acne is something that every woman wants. There are many ways used to get al these, start by using natural treatments or spend money for a fee to Salon. But in fact many natural and healthy way to maintain the beauty of your face, and have proved successful. With a record you do routinely.

Acne Removal Tips

The first tips are tips that anyone can do to avoid acne. What needs to be done include:

* Diligent cleansing
* Drinking water
* Use lemon and honey mask
* Using chocolate as a mask. In addition to the meal was delicious coklan also very beneficial for skin beauty. You can read the article chocolates to beauty.

Besides using the above tips, the more important is that you can radiate inner beauty in yourself, for your beauty became more apparent.You can read Tips to Remove acne quickly and naturally