Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tips to Remove acne quickly and naturally

Tips to Remove acne quickly and naturally
Acne is something that is disturbing, there are many causes for the appearance of acne, one of which is the wrong use of cosmetics. Why it happens? Everyone has different skin types (you cans read What your skin type), perhaps when using one of cosmetics to eliminate acne. But it is not suitable for this type of skin you have, this can lead to trigger acne.

There are various ways to remove acne maybe we can get rid of pimples with a squeeze pimples, but this can result in a new issue of "acne scars". Acne scars are black - just black it is a huge problem because it is very difficult to remove. Tips to Remove acne quickly and naturally

The first way is to use aloe vera for remove acne with naturally, this plant was shown to cope with acne as well as any injuries. This is because the aloe vera contains a good antiseptic to restore or heal some wounds, such as acne, dompo and others. To use Aloe vera as a natural remedy to get rid of acne is, you simply apply on acne wound with exfoliating aloe vera and take the meat and then applied to the wound pimple in the morning and evening. You'll get a great result.

The second is to use orange juice or lemon juice to remove acne with naturally. Because lime or lemon juice contains antioxidants that are good for face, can also be used to eliminate acne. How to use lime or lemon, then cut into several parts, then take her sari into a spoon or a small bowl, then rub with cotton to the facial acne had a day 2-3 times every morning and evening after activity and or before bed.

Perform the above with the routine therapy for one to two weeks. But if you use this lemon, a side effect is that you'll feel sore on the face.

Naturally beautiful face will make you appear more attractive, read to Food for Beautiful face to get skin healthy care

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tips for dry skin care

Tips for dry skin care
Did you know your skin type? Do you  have dry skin? In addition to look dull, dry skin is also much faster visible wrinkles. If you have people who care about the health of your skin, we recommend that if you have dry skin type, you can try the following tips to maintain the health of your dry skin to always look fresh and healthy. Tips for dry skin care is:

1. Avoid products that contain sulfur, both to make up or skin care. this is very important because the products contain substances sulful can make your skin look more dry.

2. Faithful use moisturizer We will move both outside and inside the room, use a water-based pelemabab, to better keep your skin moist. in addition, try to use warm water on the skin before using a moisturizer, so your skin pores open and more leverage pelelbab seep into your skin. 

3. Consumption of water 8 glasses a day, this is very normal to do. besides we tubu 75% consists of liquid substances, lack of water consumption can also mebuat your skin look dull and dry. 

4. Perform special facial dry skin, skin care for you more leverage. Perform routine twice a month to maintain the freshness of your skin. 

5. Make sure your diet contains enough vitamin A, D and E. The three types of vitamins are very useful for the skin. Gynecology and Tretinoin Acid Retinyl Palmiate in vitamin A also can serve to encourage the process pengelupas dead skin cells, which make the surface of the skin always looked fresh.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Know your skin type for get health skin (II)

To make the most of skin care, everyone should know what type of skin. Knowing your skin type is important for determining appropriate treatment. Because the skin type of each person is different - different. Skin type is also very influential with environmental conditions, whether air or water when we shower.

Some type of skin you should know is 

1. Normal Skin

Normal skin is characterized by skin surface soft, plump and with a pore size - small pore. Normal skin type usually have good elasticity, soft and dense to the touch. This skin type is most desirable for everyone. 

2. Oily Skin

Oily skin looks shiny and thick layers, with the pores - pores are large and clearly visible. As with the excess oil out, it's easier arise pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and other.

3. Dry Skin

There are many factors that make the skin dry, such as your lack of drinking water, season factor, or if you change your usual kind of soap you use. But if your skin often feels tight or flaky, chances are you do have dry skin types.

4. Combination Skin

Combination skin usually found on different parts. One portion of oily, dry elsewhere. Which is usually called 'T-zone'

5. Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin often have problems with lingkunga factor. Senditif skin sunburn more easily, sensitive to cosmetics and others.

what skin type you have? find tips to make your skin healthy according to your skin type.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Know your skin type for get health skin

There are countless ways to get skin that looks brighter and healthier, but remember that not all means are good for your skin health. Sometimes we forget something very important when choosing skin care. Did you know your skin type? Knowing skin type, you will know what type of treatment is best for your skin to obtain maximum results.

Important part of skin that needs our attention is the layer of the dermis and epidermis. Dermis charged oil glands, nerves, capillaries, melanin, and sweat glands that regulate body temperature. Deepest parts of the skin is what's important to always provide nutrients. Because in addition to accommodate the fat and water, at the dermis layer also contained collagen that functions in maintaining skin elasticity to stay young.

In addition to the dermis, which we need to consider is the layer of the epidermis which is the outermost layer of skin. Coated by a layer of horn, arranged by epidermal keratin cells each day to face a variety of impurities that are often attached to so often regenerate to replace skin cells - the cells that die. Bath is the easiest way to keep the remains fresh epidermal cells shed - the dead skin cells for skin replaced with new cells.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tomato health for eliminate wrinkles face

In addition to facial gymnastics practice, there are many other ways separately remove wrinkles on the face. One way is quite easy and healthy is to use tomatoes. Wrinkles that usually appear on the chin, smile lines and forehead, often makes women feel uneasy, and separately to avoid this, they often use drugs to get rid of wrinkle creams and even surgery.

How tomatoes can reduce the effects of premature aging such as wrinkles face? Tomatoes contain lycopene can prevent wrinkles and dark spots due to sun exposure. According to experts, "by eating tomatoes every day can reduce the damage to the skin especially in the face. It also benefits from tomatoes to prevent heart disease and cancer. "

By consuming tomatoes and olive oil mixed into it for 10 weeks, the wrinkles on your face can be resolved. The content of lycopene is a powerful antioxidant to prevent damage to the skin caused by free radicals.

Unlike other natural materials, which when cooked will reduce nutrient content in it, but if cooked tomatoes contain lycopene will increase up to fourfold.

Begin by consuming natural ingredients to get a pretty face. Read more about food for beautiful face, for another trick, have a beautiful face with natural tips.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eliminate Skin with Wrinkle in Face of Gymnastics (part II)

As I wrote in previous articles, other than using cosmetic ingredients for skin face tightening, you can try the Face of Gymnastics. Some types of exercise you can possibly try is:

Eliminating wrinkles under lip

Movement is almost equal to tighten the cheek movement, it's just done on the chin. Keep in a ten count.

Banish wrinkles in the forehead

Pull the bottom of the forehead to the top with both hands to count to ten, after which point the movement of the hand to the side of the forehead to forehead muscles may be interested.

Preventing wrinkles at the corner of the eye

Eye exercises carried out by wiping with a little pressure with your hands in the left eye and right, from the front of temples, eyes to the side until the ten count.

Tighten lips

Wipe with a pressure on the skin above the lip, from the inside out, also ten times.

In order to keep muscles toned and supple lips, it can be some movement below:

* Movement of the lips like a kiss.
* Movement to suck up to her cheeks pucker.
* Movement like kissing but dikembungkan cheek, muscles in the neck for interested and wrinkles in the neck missing.
Pull over to the upper lip or smile. Expand smile, because according to beauty experts, smiling can make the 100 muscles in the face move.

As age increases, so naturally if we also lose collagen in our skin, causing sagging skin and wrinkles form. To tighten our face, the muscles must be trained. With the innovation of the original training program from Europe, you can look younger without plastic surgery. By exercising our facial muscles just a few minutes a day, not just the blood circulation but also stimulate natural collagen production so that you can look younger.

This exercise program can be done to men and women of all ages. Very easy to learn without any complicated choreography. You'll get amazing results with total exercise these facial muscles!

good luck Face of Gymnastics and get a Beautiful face and healthy natural

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eliminate Skin with Wrinkle in Face of Gymnastics

Face wrinkles often become a disturbing our appearance, the use of various cosmetics which may prevent the arrival or remove any wrinkles face we use. But did you know, other than using cosmetics is there an easy way to get skin that always looks toned and healthy? A simple and healthy that you should try to maintain your facial beauty.

Gymnastics face / face turns gymnastics can help you to eliminate or reduce wrinkles in facial skin. You can avoid the use of cosmetics that contain various chemicals that sometimes have side effects to eliminate facial wrinkles, easy and natural way like some simple movements on the following facial gymnastics.

Only by doing some light massage movements and you will get a face remained taut. Unlike the use of cosmetic ingredients whose effects can be seen directly, by doing facial exercises its effect may not be immediately visible, but with patience and perseverance, you will definitely will get satisfactory results. To perform facial exercises, you do not need to take more time. enough to take advantage of free time or when you sedenga cleansing.

Some examples of
Gymnastics face you can read in my next article;), always keep your Beautiful face in ways a natural and healthy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Natural Skin care tips

The skin is really healthy, is one of the goals for everyone, especially women. There are many ways to treat the skin naturally or using cosmetic ingredients. maybe some of these tips can be your choice for always, keep your skin health, with Natural Skin care tips  

1. Knowing your skin type is one of the most important in skin care. This is important because not all skin care products in accordance with all human jeniskulit. Know your skin type, whether including the skin moist or dry skin. 

2. Drink plenty of water. This will not only skin moist but will help maintain health in all body and in turn against the skin. 80% of our body fluids, so in addition to keeping humidity also to maintain a healthy body. 

3. Clean your skin regularly with warm water (at least 1 to 2 times a day). These tips are very effective against skin treatments because it helps remove dirt and other harsh elements from the skin. 

4. Do not rub the skin too hard to peel. Love your skin with not too often mengguankan chemicals. 

5. Avoid using soap on your face. Therefore, the soap should only be used from under the neck. This is because the value of Ph on the soap is not suitable for facial skin. 

6. Use sunscreen to protect themselves from harmful solar UV radiation because UV radiation is known to cause skin cancer. Especially if you frequent outdoor activity. 

7. Diligent exercise and good sleep is very important too, not just for skin care, but for overall health. Lack of sleep can cause shrinkage under the eyes and lack of exercise can lead to sagging skin. 

treat your skin with a natural way, to get maximum results for health skin care

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Is Skin Waxing?

What Is Skin Waxing?
What is skin waxing? not too many people who know these methods to beautify the skin, skin waxing formerly known as waking which is a method of semi-permanent hair removal, the which removes the hair from the root. New hair will of not grow back in the Previously waxed area for two to eight weeks. Almost any area of the body cans be waxed, Including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. There are many types of waxing Suitable for removing unwanted hair (from

Skin waxing is a way to remove hair growth on the skin. This can be done with two main types of waxing treatments: warm and cold.

First warm waxing treatment, wax is warmed to allow it to be spread over the skin Easily in the direction of hair growth. The heated wax is wanted in the treatment section. In this way, the hair on the skin will be embedded in the wax. The wax is then pulled off Quickly in The Opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling the hairs out of the follicles.

Second, cold waxing treatments. This trearment normally use wax strips are affixed on, after it attached to the part you want in treatment. Wax That is still left on the skin must be peeled or scratched off. Caution must be Used Pls heating wax so as not to burn the skin.

Skin waxing is one of tips for have a beautiful skin and beautiful face :D, you must try its friend

Friday, December 10, 2010

How to Get rid of zits fast

Here are simple tips to Get Rid of zits fast for beautiful face. I do not guarantee a hundred percent lost but from many people who try the following tips to reduce acne.

1. Wash your face at least 2 times a day.
Washing your face can help clean the face of oil, if we are rarely cleaned, the bacteria that cause acne will live abundantly in our faces. Wash your face 2 times a day using a special soap for your skin. Everyone has different skin types, so choose which match you.

2. Avoid oily cosmetics.
naturally we will face menmproduksi oil, even though dry skin. So as much as possible to avoid excessive use of cosmetics because oil and dust will be a media appearance of acne-causing bacteria your face.

3. Eat Vegetables and Fruits
Preferred diet for teenagers who have high fiber content. In addition, it is necessary also to add fruits that contain antioxidants such as apples, carrots, and tomatoes.

4. Inadequate Protein You
Having adequate levels of protein, especially by eating tempeh or tofu which has a high protein content and contain the hormone estrogen that serves the skin, remove acne, and preventing prostate cancer.

5. Enough sleep and regular
as well as our bodies, the skin requires wakistirahat. When we sleep, our skin detiksifikasi process of removing toxins and regenerate, so when we get our skin will feel more refreshed.

Health care tips for Get rid of zits fast, and make your beautiful face

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Food for healthy skin

In the previous article i write food for a beautiful face, and in this article will explain how health tips about foods that are useful to maintain health and beauty of your skin.

Healthy skin and skin beauty is very important, especially for women. However, apkaah you already know what good food you eat to keep your skin beauty? Here are seven types of nutritious Food for healthy skin:

1. Tuna sandwich, wheat bread, with carrots, strawberries, and a lot of tuna fish contains essential fatty acids Omega-3, this is great for healthy skin.

2. Soup with vegetables, and nuts, vegetables and nuts contain antioxidants. Collagen helps keep skin elastic and smooth. So eat these foods can neutralize toxins in your body and it is important to make the skin health
. and carrots, rich in vitamin A that can not easily make the skin dry and scaly.

3. Salad mi, salad is healthy and low calorie foods.

4. Tofu stir fry with wheat noodles. Know and all other soy foods, rich in B vitamins that help keep skin smooth and moist.

5. Rice - grains and seeds - seeds black sesame seeds, brown rice, sunflower seeds, rice intact.

While food and beverages should be avoided in skin perawaatn is Drinking alcohol and gaseous, caffeine, canned food and mashed, cheese and other dairy products, eggs, fatty foods, peanut butter, red meat, food and sweet drinks, white flour, white pasta.

Train this health care tips friend 

Rising cost of health care

Rising cost of health care
Along the development of the developing technology, it Also Gives effect in health. Earlier Times We May not know with leukemia, the which requires sufferers to do surgery to be cured, the cost was around $ 67,000 is not small.

Increasing number of diseases That attack the body, making rising cost of health care. health is the most precious treasure, but Sometimes We Do not Realize health is so Important to our body disease.

But the rising cost of health care is not comparable with the services provided to Patients and Often there are many doctors WHO Mistakes in medication That make the caused the patient's body condition was getting worse.

always maintaining health with natural ingredients and health care tips, is the best way to reduce the rising cost of health care

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beautiful face

It has a beautiful face is a dream for all people especially the women who did not want his face was wrinkled and has a black stain. There are various ways to get a beautiful face, ranging from using a moisturizer and a mask of chemicals. But know in the ancient times women were already using a mask and moisturizer to beautify her skin?

In ancient times, the women wear masks with natural ingredients such as yam to remove stains and brighten the face skin, avocado to give moisture, tomatoes to soften the skin, and many more natural ingredients are used.

To moisturizer women usually use olive oil or oil to moisturize the face of machinations. Oil of rose essence is also often used as a moisturizer, cleanser and as a deodorizer.

in addition, earlier times they have been using a scrub to remove dead skin. Like the scrub of powdered shells mixed with rose water or rice flour mixed with yellow starch and water mixed roses.

You are interested in using natural ingredients to keep your beautiful face?

Food for Beautiful face

In addition to maintaining beautiful face from the outside by using a moisturizer and a mask, you should also consume foods that are proven good for health, some types of food:

1. Fatty fish like salmon, tilapia, and cod are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Besides good for the body, omega-3 fatty acids are also badly needed by the skin to maintain moisture and avoid irritation.

2. Broccoli that has a lot of vitamin A, C, and K, these vegetables are super-rich vegetables benefit. Vitamin A is useful for reducing oil production, vitamin C is an antioxidant that is good for maintaining health and vitamin C to prevent bruising.

3. Sunflower seed oil which contains omega-6 fatty acids may help prevent skin dryness and inflammation, are also important for the formation of prostaglandins, hormones that maintain all the body's cells working properly.

4. Almonds are useful to improve the content of vitamin E in the body, and also has good antioxidant for skin health. A study confirmed if we are often taking vitamin E will keep the skin moist.

5. Green tea, you can drink it regularly every day for tea rich in antioxidants that are useful for skin health.

Maintaining healthy skin from within and from outside the natural way would be to give you beautiful face.

Click Here For powerful tips to Whitening skin and healthier 
skin care

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tips For Choosing Policy Insurance

Along with the development of the era, health insurance is no longer the things that are not essential but has become a mandatory requirement for everyone. Can you imagine when someone who worked in companies do not have insurance, what will happen if the employee is ill or dies when there are accidents on the job?

What insurance is right for you if you want have insurance? I think some of these tips can help you choose insurance based on age.

First, range age of 20 years. In this phase, you fall into the category of new labor force. In this period, you do not have major financial needs. Should you buy an insurance policy priority that can protect your income and you must make sure, you buy an insurance policy can protect you from unexpected events, or self-employed insurance

Second, age 30-40 years. In this period, should you choose an insurance policy that not only protects you but also your family. You should also choose an insurance policy that has cost savings for the education of your children and baby health insurance

Three, aged 50 years and over. In the third condition the possibility of your expenses for children or rumha been reduced. but usually at age 50 or over, someone will be susceptible to illness. Therefore, should you choose an insurance policy with a scheme of "long term care" or "best term life insurance" that would be very useful if one day you are sick, and you also have to make sure your insurance policy provides benefits when you retire.

How old are you now? Did you choose the insurance policy right for you?

  1. How to choose an insurance provider
  2. How to choose an insurance provider (part II)
  3. Employee health insurance
  4. Healty insurance

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brain supplement to keep your brain health

Brain is the center of our nervous system, which regulates all processes within our bodies, we still can survive when one of our organs missing. But we will not be able to do anything when we lose brain. By maintaining brain health, together with maintaining the continuity of our body health.

There are many ways that we can do to keep our brains healthy and in optimal functioning. There are many products on the market that we can use but it does supplement them in accordance with the things we're looking for brain food? We recommend that you use natural supplements brain.

Supplements the brain works to create strong and healthy brain. As we age getting older, we tend to become forgetful, we can not memorize things again and we can not think like we did earlier. So, we need a little help to make our brains function better.

Health food supplements for the brain Whatever you choose, make sure that it is safe. No need to take in a lot of vitamins and supplements if you can have it only in one product. Remember exaggeration is not always good for health.

In addition to using a supplement, you also can use a brain fitness program to maintain your brain health, these tips will I write in a later article. Keep your brain healthy and do not ever do anything that could damage your brain this valuable.