Friday, January 21, 2011

Beauty Tips for woman Black skin

Beauty Tips to black skin
Every person want to have white skin, but what happen if we have black skin? Maybe you'll feel a little inferior to mingle eith your friends. You've tried kinds of skin health products to make your skin becomes more white, but you do not get the results you want.

Have a black skin do not make you not trust yourself, some tips to make you look beautiful with black skin you have.

1. Use a moisturizer or soap that contains aloe vera, for your skin look healthy and fresh.

2. Use a body scrub regularly and routinely to keep your skin clean. If you diligently use a body scrub, your skin will also be able to become white.

3. Do not ever forget manggunakan hand body lotion when your outdoor activity. Direct sunlight can cause your skin will increase by more black.

4. If you use skin whitening products, you should choose to suit your skin type. Do you have oily skin or dry skin, and use in accordance with the instructions of usage.

It has a black skin no be you longer make you feel inferior and not confident.

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