Thursday, January 6, 2011

Firming facial another trick to prevent premature aging

Besides using to prevent premature aging, you can also try Firming FACIAL. With treatment or face facials regularly can help keep your skin always look healthy. Firming Facial is a treatment for facial skin tightening. Addition, it also can overcome the effects of aging and maintain skin elasticity. In effect, the skin looks brighter and healthier.

Step care Firming FACIAL:

1) face cleaned with a cleanser, then done scrubbing to remove dead skin cells.
2 Evaporation done to open the pores of the face before the blackheads out, then followed by a massage to facilitate the circulation of blood in the face.
3 Faces smeared special serum to firm the skin with the help of high-frequency tools for drug absorption into the skin to a maximum.
4 Thereafter, the face dimasker according to skin type. After the mask is removed, smeared face freshener to cover the pores of the skin and continued with sunscreen.

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