Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glowing and Smooth skin tips

Beauty tips for glowing and Smooth skin
Beautiful skin, but if it looks rough, will make a person become less confident. Rough and scaly skin usually occur on dry skin types, or you are often work outdoors that are often exposed straight sunlight.

Apart from using cosmetics for glowing and Smooth skin, you can too use chemicals to protected from side effects such as skin irritation.

Banana and lemon is a natural substance that is often used for dry skin care. Use bananas and lemons for treatment of dry and rough skin are often used for skin care spa.

How making bananas and lemons spa is, you just prepare the mashed bananas, 2 tablespoons of honey, which has been squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of margarine.

Making way:
Combine all ingredients and stir until equitable, after that you simply spread on the skin of hands or feet and keep it for 15-30 minutes. After that, wash it clean. The treatment is very easy,

Gynecology pottasium on banana is great for making your skin smoother, plus the content of vitamin C in lemon manjadikan this herb is great for your use. Glowing skin with natural recipes, use banana and lemon.

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