Monday, January 10, 2011

Homemade face mask natural recipes

Homemade face mask natural recipes
Everyone has different skin types, and of course it makes every person requires a different type of skin care as well. If you are not careful in choosing your type of skin care, especially if you use beauty ingredients sold in the market. If you are wrong in choosing the type of treatment, if treatment was not suitable for the type of biscuits you, your skin can be irritated due to side effects of treatment errors and the chemicals contained in cosmetics you use.

Here are a few masks from natural that you can customize to your skin type, and how to use it.

Normal skin Masks
For normal skin a good fruit that can be used are cucumbers, carrots, papaya, potato, tomato.

Dry skin mask
For dry skin usually use bananas, avocados and other fruits that contain starch.

Oily skin masks
For oily skin lemon and pineapple. In addition to fruit produced may mask rather than honey, egg white or egg yolk.

How to use Homemade face masks
Mask is applied to the face and neck with upward movements, and the same average thickness. Do not let the exposed portion of the eyes and skin are injured. Before the lift and clean the mask, moisten your face with warm water so the skin does not feel dry. When he was wearing a mask, you're in a position to try to sleep and relax.

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