Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homemade facial recipes with olive oil

Olive is a magical fruit, oil prepared from olive fruit can be used as a substitute for the required body fat. Olive oil is also believed to be a preventive drug for heart disease. Besides being used as a medicinal ingredient, olive oil is also used to maintain the beauty. Here are some benefits of olive oil for beauty

Face Cleanser

Clean your face before sleep from remnants of cosmetics is one way to make the facial skin is always healthy, besides cleansing is essential to keep skin moist. If face left dirty, acne will easily grow on our faces. By using olive oil as a facial cleanser. In addition to low fees, results are very satisfy. You will get soft and radiant skin. Use before sleep regularly.

Scaly skin

For your have dry skin types, oil zaitu very nice to use. The high protein contained olive oil will help to improve vitamin E, which makes skin brighter. It is useful to improve regeneration of cells that die.

There are many other properties of olive oil to maintain health and beauty. Treatment of olive oil proven natural ingredients free of side effects. Than if you use cosmetics of chemicals.

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