Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Make a Chocolate Facial Mask, for Skin care

How to Make a Chocolate Facial Mask
In the previous article I wrote about the Use chocolate facial mask to beautiful face that is useful to serves to softness, moisturize, tighten and refine skin. Skin care with this chocolate can you try at home, you must only buy dark chocolate Because its a first ingerdent to make mask from chocolate.

Several types of beauty treatments using chocolate are:

1. Honey brown Masks
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, honey, sugar, and butter.
how to make chocolate honey mask is: melted chocolate, when mixed with other materials. Mix well, let stand 10-15 minutes to cool, then can apply to the face evenly. Let stand for 1-15 minutes face to get maximum results

2. Chocolate Mask
Like as with the processing of honey brown mask, which differ only ingredients to make this chocolate mask, the materials to make the dark chocolate, salt, and full cream milk. How to use Chocolate Mask, sama like you use Honey brown Masks

3. Chocolate bath soap
Like as the mask for the face, chocolate bath soap, is also good to lift dead skin cells and make skin look more kencang.bahan-ingredients to make chocolate soap is: Dark brown, liquid soap without without aroma, full cream milk liquid.

How to make Chocolate bath soap : first of all heat full cream milk, and put slices of chocolate milk depth heated, stirring until mixed and melted chocolate evenly. bathub prepare your bath. Pour the chocolate batter, mixed with liquid soap, and wait until your shower bathub frothy.

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