Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to make face mask from fruits

How to make face mask from fruits
Besides delicious to eat and contains a variety vitamins and minerals to meet body nutrients, fruits were also useful to make face be beautiful and healthy by processing fruit become mask for face skin care.

Use mask on face has many benefits. Besides softening skin, mask can also be clean skin from remnants of make-up is left, this is very good to prevent blackheads due to blockage of oil gland. Masks can also be return moisture and smoothness of skin, specifically for dry skin type is very helpful for the skin does not look scaly.

How to make fruit to mask is not difficult, you simply select a type of fruit has content that is suitable for your skin, after that you just have to refine fruit by way of pounded, do not use a mixer to refine fruit because it reduces nutiris on fruit. After that you apply on face and neck, if you want better results, you can add a mixture of yogurt as mask.

Masks from fruit has no side effects such as mask from chemicals sold in the market. But for your have sensitive skin type, you should try first smeared on the skin for a while, if your skin does not itch, it means that your fruit if it is safe for your use.

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