Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tips to get Skin whitening

Tips to get Skin whitening
How to get whites clean, other than using cosmetics, you can also have white skin healthy by changing habits. One of the habits you have to do is to regularly drink water and fruit that contains Vitamin E to accelerate the rejuvenation of dead skin cells. You can also eat honey every morning before the activity. This will really help you to get a natural white.

In addition to maintaining healthy skin from within by consuming substances that contain lots of vitamin E. Skin care from the outside is also important, one of them is through exercise. Not a secret, that by exercising every day, besides making a healthy body, also can relieve stress. By exercising the body sweat and toxins contained in our body.

In addition to exercise, using the body lotion when doing outdoor activities are things you must do to avoid skin from direct sunlight which makes damaged skin cells. But it must be remembered, choose a body lotion that is suitable for your skin type.

Healthy lifestyle is your first step to get the natural white skin, coupled with using a prescription natural like a natural white with orange juice.

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