Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips to remove blackheads on face

Tips to remove blackheads on face
Blackheads is clogged skin that occurs because the accumulation of dead skin cells on the oil glands. If this continues, it will can cause acne are difficult to remove. Blackheads usually appears around the forehead, nose and cheek.

2 types of Blackheads :

1. black head is a lump that looked like black dots on the skin surface and not covered by the epithelium of the skin, making it easy issued

2. Closed comedones (white heads) that lumps the mass before going under the skin surface. Looks like a yellowish-white dots. Its surface is covered by skin epithelium makes it difficult to pass.

Blackheads usually easier to grow on oily skin type. By identifying your skin type, you can more easily find out what kinds of cleaning products that match your skin. Also, use the same type of moisturizer suitable to regulate skin moisture. My advice, use an oil free moisturizer to keep skin moist naturally. In addition, you should do periodically to keep the facial skin health, both of blackheads or acne

In addition to skin care, you also should avoid products that can cause blackheads, such as solid powder that can clog oil glands is a product that often create the appearance of blackheads, and even acne.

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