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Home Treatments to Cure Skin Rashes in Sensitive Skin

One of our reader asked us a solution for her sensitive skin problem causing rashes. This post is specially dedicated to her and others who suffer from the same problem. Sensitive skin types are usually more prone to pimples, acne bumps and heat rashes. When these kind of skin ailments occur, itchiness includes there and causes several skin infections. This may result in ugly scars and red rashes to severe skin diseases. People with sensitive skin type need to use suitable products for their skin type and of course, they need to be very careful while undergoing home treatments as well. If you feel that your skin condition is getting worse day by by, then it is a  must to consult your dermatologist as soon as possible to find a solution for our sensitive skin. If you are in starting stage with little skin rashes and breakouts due to the sensitive of the skin, few of the home remedies below would help.

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Skin Rashes - What are they?

Skin rashes are nothing to fear; depending upon the type, a normal or severe skin inflammation is called as a skin rash. These rashes occur all over the body skin or only in particular parts such as face, neck, arms etc. The change in your skin colour, texture and type might be caused due to skin rashes; for Eg: Usually people suffer from skin rashes which appears to be red.

Causes of Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are caused due to various reasons and some of them are excessive sweating, lack of skin maintenance, sensitivity of the skin, dry skin etc. Rashes occur a lot in people during humid weathers usually. People with sensitive skin might experience skin rashes with light to severe skin irritation. In such case, if the irritation persists, consulting a dermatologist immediately is the best and unavoidable option.

Home Treatments for Skin Rashes caused due to Sensitive Skin

Keep it Clean!
Sensitive skin easily develops acne, pimples and heat bumps than normal skin types when it comes in contact to dust, dirt and sunlight. These causes lead to irritation, itching and when we scratch or rub to get a relief, there occurs the RASHES! Hence, maintaining your sensitive skin clean and dirt free helps 90% to avoid rashes and itchiness.
  A good and gentle facial cleanser for sensitive skin type should be used twice a day to remove excessive oiliness, dirt and impurities from the skin. Both your facial and body cleanser should be chosen seeing the gentleness. Mild herbal body washes and face washes will do best as well. After cleansing, moisturizing skin should be done immediately to prevent dryness and provide required moisture to the skin.

Choose a Perfect Moisturizer
Choosing a gentle, as well as a soothing moisturizer is necessary when it comes to calming down the skin rashes in sensitive skin. Use water based natural moisturizers if you have oily-sensitive skin type and a rich creamy, yet a gentle one if your skin type is dry-sensitive. Glycerin, aloe vera or sandalwood oil based moisturizes would be very soothing for your sensitive skin.

Don't Try New Cosmetics Often
Are you a person who loves to try different, usually new cosmetic products seeing television ads? If this is your habit, you are going to stop it right now then! Yes, when you have sensitive skin type, you need to be very conscious about what you are using on your skin surface. Trying new skincare products can bring you lots of troubles with red rashes hence limit your new product usage. Make sure that your skincare cosmetics are from trusted brands and non-allergic to your skin. Many dermatologists recommended using calamine lotion on red, itchy skin to calm down the bad effects. In case if you get allergic to a particular cosmetic product that you tried new, stay way from that product and start using calamine lotion on the affected area everyday. This would help you a lot in combating skin rashes in a easier way.

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Aloe Vera and Vitamin C for Rashes

Yes! Applying aloe vera pulp to the affected area acts as a very natural medicine for red skin rashes. Simply extract the pulp from your aloe vera plant, put it in freezer for 5-10 minutes and apply it over your rashes. If you do not have an aloe vera plant, get some good branded aloe vera gel (Unflavoured) from store. 
  How does Vitamin C help rashes? This is what you're wondering now, Isn't it? Vitamin C is not going to calm down or sooth your skin like aloe vera gel but it is definitely going to help you combat skin infections. Being a great natural anti-oxidant, Vitamin C prevent and cure skin infections. Simply dilute powered Vitamin C capsules in rose water and dab over your rashes before going to bed at night. 

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Quick Tidbits to Prevent Skin Rashes
  • Avoid using artificial perfumed and coloured cosmetics such as perfumed body lotions, hand creams and soaps as they may cause skin irritation which leads to rashes.
  • Do not use bar soaps on your skin as they may dry out your skin and cause inflammation. Go for gentle and soap free body washes. 
  • For facial skin, opt for a gentle glycerin based cleanser and a light moisturizer.
  • Cleanse your facial skin twice a day with your facial cleanser specially formulated for sensitive skin and twice to thrice with just plain water.
  • Do not use rough towels on your facial or body skin. Use a soft cotton towel and make sure to wash and dry it after every use.
  • Identify and avoid food items those causing you extra sensitive skin and skin rashes. Seafood items such as fish and diary items might cause allergies and rashes in some people.
  • Fill up your old and clean spray bottle with pure rose water and spray it over your rashes whenever you feel that itch. This is definitely going to clam down your skin and help inflammation. 
  • Apply olive oil, Vitamin E oil would also help in calming down and curing red rashes on skin. 

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     Hope you find these Home treatments and facts about curing skin rashes in sensitive skin type useful. 
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