Sunday, August 12, 2012

Perennial Plants and Flowers Daylily

Daylilies come in any colors such as yellow, pink, burgundy and orange.  You can find daylilies growing wild on the side the road in many areas of the country.  They are great to have in your garden and each one can produce up to 75 blossoms from a single plant.

Your daylilies will grow in almost any kind of soil but they will give you stronger blooms if you use organic matter in your soil.  Plant them in full shade to get the best results from your plants but the daylily will still produce blooms in as little a four hour of sunlight each day.  The height of this plant varies from around two feet to as high as four feet.  Check the package to make sure you select the right heights for your gardening plans.

Daylilies bloom in the summer and as soon as your daylily has finished producing blooms, you can divide them to get your new plants.   Plant the new plants in full sun to make them stronger. 

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