Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ten Home Remedies for Winter Dry Skin

Guest Post by Radha of My Noble Secrets

Hello Friends, This is my first post on MABH and I am excited to share it with you all.
                     Winter going to come and the main worry of all of us is DRY SKIN. Winter gives us no sweating but the dry cool wind becomes the enemy of our skin's moisture often. So, we have to take care of our skin more carefully in order to prevent skin dryness and tightness. First of all, we have to concentrate on our diet well. This kind of moisture balancing skin care diet should be started earlier to the winter to maintain young glowing winter skin. Make your diet rich in Omega-3-fatty acids and low fat milk with oats or cereals. This will make wonder changes on your skin. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea that makes skin more dry by reducing important vitamins and minerals from the body. Take Green Tea which has lot of Anti-oxidants that repairs and keeps the skin younger forever. Staying hydrated with drinking 2 to 3  liters water everyday will wash away toxins from your body. Vitamin A, C and E helps to lock moisture in your skin. Hence, try to include fruits and vegetables rich in these vitamins. Avoid oily and greasy foods that give you bad skin. Consumption of nuts such as almonds and peanuts provides you vitamins and good fat; thus helping to prevent skin's natural moisture in winters.

Now let us move on to the external maintenance part of skin in winter. Note down these ten effective dry skin home remedies and make use of them in a natural way to make your dry skin beautiful in winter.

    • Mash a well ripen banana and mix it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Apply this mixture on your facial skin for 30 minutes  Wash it off with cold water. This method will give you soft and supple skin with a natural tightening effect.
    • Massaging your skin with plain malai and a pinch of turmeric powder will also moisturize your skin the natural way.

    • Use cold compressed castor oil to massage your skin to keep wrinkles caused due to dryness at bay.

    • Give you face and body skin a honey massage ten minutes before bath.

    • Egg yolk gives you skin wonderful moisture hence you can try this if you can tolerate the smell.
    • Curd is also a good moisturizing agent. Just rub it on your skin for half an hour before bath.
    • Aloe vera is a very good and natural moisturizer for your skin, It is good to have a plant in your home. Take out the flesh part of the plant wash it and just apply it on your skin. Use it on night because, it has photo sensitivity nature.
    • Vitamin E oil massage also does wonder on dry skin.

    • Coconut milk is a good moisturizer. Applying coconut milk on your dry skin gives you shine.
    • Use glycerin and rose water mixture as your skin toner. Mix equal quantity of these two ingredients and store it in a tightly closed bottle. Refrigerate and use as your winter skin toner.

    Hope you liked my natural home remedies for dry skin. Do share your comments below!

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