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Five Best Skincare Products Under Rs.50

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Today we are going to check five of my favorite skincare products below Rs.50. From my childhood, I have a huge love on skincare cosmetics (More than makeup) and I loved shopping skincare cosmetics every weekend while going for shopping along with my mom. Those days (When I was 10 or 11 something), the only products I known were the Ponds Cold Cream, Lacto Calamine, Fair and lovely and such. Later, when I stepped into my 8th grade, I eyed out for some face washes, scrubs and etc in range between Rs.50 and Rs.200 due to my less pocket money reasons :P

1. Johnson's Baby Lotion, 2. Johnson's Baby Milk Cream, 3. Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash, 4. EverYuth Naturals Walnut Scrub, 5. Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub
Five Best Skincare Products Under Rs.50

      These products which I am sharing with you today are the ones I am using for years and till today, I still love them and repurchase them often. Do not under estimate these products just seeing their price because they all actually work great and they could be a great boon for teens to buy cosmetics in a budget. These products might also help you when you are in unexpected travel, in which situation you cannot spare money on expensive skincare goodies. Let us now move on to the post and check these products one by one now.


1. Johnson's Baby Lotion, 2. Johnson's Baby Milk Cream, 3. Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash, 4. EverYuth Naturals Walnut Scrub, 5. Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

1. Johnson's Baby Lotion

Price: Rs.42 for 50ml

No! Don't look at me strange. I am not a baby but I simple love using baby skincare products. This baby lotion is one product which I cannot live without. This baby lotion comes in 2 variants I guess. The one is Johnson's Baby Cream and another one is the Johnson's baby MILK cream. The milk variant is pure white in colour whereas the baby cream which comes in a pink plastic bottle is light pink in colour. I love the pink one better because of its very mild, soothing baby fragrance. I find its consistency thin and the fragrance, absolutely divine. I feel like baby every time when I use it over my skin. It moisturizes my normal-oily skin very well without leaving any greasy caste behind. I use it on my body, face and hands whenever I feel like I need something baby-sh. I makes my skin soft, smooth and baby like instantly!

2. Johnson's Baby Milk Cream

Price: Rs.38 for 30g

This cream is similar to that of the Johnson's baby lotion but has a thicker consistency and also it is white in colour. The above mentioned Johnson's baby lotion is best for usage in normal, oily or combination skin types whereas this one serves dry skin types the best due to its creaminess. Creams or heavier than lotions, right?
     I do not use this on my facial skin due to its richness (I am afraid of breakouts due to greasiness!) but I often use this as my hand cream and foot cream to prevent dryness. It provides enough moisturization to my dry feet and moreover it makes me smell like baby too! If you are a dry skinned beauty, you can use this as your facial moisturizer too. It comes in a neat and simple white coloured tube which is completely travel friendly and hygienic to use.

3. Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash

Price: Rs.45 for 60g

After a heavy makeup day or a summer evening when your skin is the most sensitive due to over sun exposure, when your skin screams for something very gentle, this is one face wash that can fulfill your skin's wishes. I have been using this face wash since ages and it never disappointed me till today. This Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash is made of pure glycerin and is 100% soap free. What more you need?
   I guess that this product would suit each and every skin type whether oily, dry or combo. It only does gentle cleansing, leaving skin soft and pure. It also lathers well and washes out well without leaving any slippery feel on facial skin. I use this face wash more often for its gentleness and I am sure you will love it too if you experience it. For just Rs.45, you get 60g which would last really long. Overall, this face wash is gentle as per its name and suitable for usage in all skin types, especially sensitive. So, if you have a very sensitive skin type, note it down in your shopping list soon.

4. EverYuth Naturals Walnut Scrub

Price: Rs.30 for 30g

Unlike the other products I mentioned in this post, this isn't the one that I bought myself but received it free with some other product. For more than 3 months, it was sleeping inside my skincare product case and it has been only 6 months I started using this. This is a very pocket-friendly priced facial scrub which claims to remove dead skin cells and blackheads with its walnut and apricot scrubbing particles. It has a thick, creamy texture with tiny scrubbing granules present in it. As per the claims, it removes the dead cells and blackheads up to a good extent from my facial skin without leaving it dry. For a normal-oily skinned person like me, I didn't feel any dryness after using this scrub but in case of extra dry skin, you need to follow up with a good moisturizer after using this to prevent dryness. The one thing that I dislike about this product is its fragrance (A kinda artificial) but it doesn't linger on and I just don't mind it for the price! This scrub is comes in a really dirt cheap price, but has a very good worth and if you're a beginner facial scrub user, try this for sure.

5. Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

Price: Rs.49 for 40g

Most of you have used this scrub for at least once in your life isn't it? It comes with an attractive claim of curing blackheads in just 3 days and I grabbed it the next minute I happened to watch that television ad. Once, when I visited my aunt's home, me and my cousin very enjoying our holidays with daily outings in sun and dust. And thus made my skin dull, dark and full of accumulated dirt. Due to the dirt accumulation, I experienced blackheads for the very first time in my life and was really shocked. Suddenly, I got an idea of using this blackhead clearing scrub and voila! It removed most of the blackheads and left my skin clean and clear. Unlike the EverYuth Natural Walnut Scrub, it is a scrub-come-face wash and it also contains more tinier scrubbing beads compared to the coarse the EverYuth one. Hence, I don't mind using this scrub everyday whereas I can use the EverYuth Walnut Scrub only once-twice a week.
   Both are good economical scrubs, the EverYuth Walnut one and this Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing one, but I would say that I like the Clean and Clean one more because it clears out blackheads more effectively compared to the Everyuth Walnut Scrub, though having finer scrubbing granules. I can use it everyday too for blackhead prevention and a gentle exfoliation!

These products work best on my normal-oily skin type and I am not sure it will work on all skin types; It might suit you or might not, however these are dirt cheaply priced for the amazing properties. These are easily available too.
    Not just these 5, I have many more skincare and haircare products to share in this price range and I will share them in upcoming days! :) Keep Visiting!

Hope you enjoyed this article about five best skincare products below Rs.50
Have you used any of these products above? Which is your favorite skincare product below Rs.50?
Do share your comments, feedback and suggestions below!

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