Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Find Your Ideal Partner

Life partner is a part of every human being's life, a life without a lover heart feels empty. How to find your ideal partner you need to realize, if you are a personal or a woman.
Is the ideal spouse is a gorgeous, handsome, smart or sexy, it's all in your mind, try to be aware of how to find a life partner. Sometimes idealists can not be perfect, but life kesesuain membaut heart so happy

Think, how would you describe the ideal girl of your dreams? “Oh, she has got to be beautiful with a nice figure, having a sweet and sexy voice, cheerful, gentle, considerate, kind-hearted, understanding, independent, musically inclined, share a common interest of mine, hmm… knows how to prepare nice food and…

OK, that's enough. Do you think such a perfect person actually exists? Maybe. But you must realize that you may have to temper your expectations in order to find a partner. Still, if you focus on what is most important to you, you'll likely find someone that will make you

1. Get to know yourself. How can you expect someone else to know you when you don't know who you are and what you're looking for?

2. Think about what you really want. Are you looking for someone to date or to marry at this point in your life? These partners can have much different qualities. In particular, looks and adventure seem to go with dating, while maturity, stability, and honesty go with marriage.

3. Ask yourself, “Have I really ever tried to pursue happiness?" Instead of always picking on your partner’s faults and making life unhappy for both, have you tried looking at the other, beautiful side of them, their beautiful qualities? Appreciating what you have already got? Tried improving on yourself instead, to becoming a better lover; a more ideal lover? Willing to open up yourself, giving both yourself and others a chance? Remember, what you expect of yours or your future partner is equally what he or she expects of you.

4. Examine the people you love to hang out with and the relationships that give you the most enjoyment and satisfaction

5. Think of a relationship as a long-term investment rather than a game. It is something which both of you will have to genuinely think through and plan for. This should help you to take your partner more seriously.

6. Make sure you are settling down with someone who has the qualities you seek in a lifelong mate. Just because you enjoy dating someone does not mean you will be happy marrying them.

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