Saturday, September 22, 2012

Immunity in pocket robe

The life of modern man stuffed full definitely useful things.
Homemaking on Feng Shui, strengthening immunity, restoring energy balance, combating professional burnout, the development of children from zero up to a year - in short, this is not the stone age, when everything and cares, that mammoth fill up, and eat the skin wrap.

One bad: cases was up to his neck, and the time left in the day as much as was given to the processing of the mammoth. Either have to give up on something, or - combined.
Combined, of course, much better - because neither of feng shui, or the immunity of any of the energy balance of modern man to give just can not.

For example, immunity - not necessarily take it to a good cause, individual quantities of precious minutes. It can literally pull out a bathrobe - simply combine with morning mandatory procedures.

1.Morning breakfast. Anyway because you accept it? And if you do not agree - I wash my right. So let's take this a mandatory part of health-restoring lotion supplement: standard warm shower complement pouring (no shower, just a sharp pouring from a bucket or large pot) with cold water: bucket. If you just wash my face in the morning - bare upper body, bend down over the bath and not ask too compassionate relative or neighbor to pour a bucket of cold water on your shoulder. Cold water every morning replaces five sanatoriums.

2.Breakfast. Do not be afraid - no incredible recipes and advice. Just a glass of cool boiled water with a drop of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey, while preparing your main course. Even if, as a basis you will absorb a couple of sandwiches nonuseful sausage, honey, water and lemon immune protection will do the job.3.Diner. You drink it anyway. So drink for a reason, and in health: brew green or mate - such a special tea which has antioxidant, antidepressant, stimulating and health-improving effect and in addition contains almost all the known science vitamins and minerals.
Note: a single extra minute and immunity - there he is in the pocket. Your forever.

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