Friday, October 19, 2012

6 Wrong Habit That Makes Old Fast

 Healthy lifestyle, and has a youthful face, avoid the various diseases is everyone's expectations. Most people are aware of the life with a healthy lifestyle.Tapi when there is an indication of the terms should immediately stop trigger disease.
But there was the wrong habit that makes old fast, yes of course it is not our desire. Perhaps this habit we think is correct but if it causes faster aging?

1. Sweet food addiction.
Rather than eating the main menu, most of the weigh loss program apparently prefers cake or sweet fruit as a dessert because the portions are smaller and make early satiety. In fact, sugar contains a substance called glycation that may damage the collagen in the skin. 'm Collagen serves to make the skin supple and taut. Besides dessert, white rice and fruit is too ripe it also contains a lot of sugar.

2. Vegetables as fresh vegetables.
Eating rice seven spoons fear still hungry? Relax, all baseball events that we will increase the portion of vegetables. But unfortunately, many consider vegetables only limited vegetables, not the main menu.

Recommendation: Remove suggestion that consider vegetables as vegetables menu and make it the main menu accompanying rice or meat. Says Katie Rodan, dermatologist from San Francisco Bay, patients who ate more vegetables, skin looks more radiant and age faster than those who never eat vegetables.

3. Lazy to lift a heavy-weight.
Many women who consider weight lifting exercise, even carrying groceries just for men. In fact, diligent lifting heavy objects and hand muscles can tighten facial skin.

4. More like run and play bike.
Sports votes can make the mind more calm. Thus, the risk of stress triggers premature aging can be reduced. Unfortunately, running or playing bike can only be reassuring in a few hours. You may be healthy and slim, but this way is not powerful enough to make the young.

5. Most sport.
Sports and active is a powerful fat burning, but if the activity makes us exhausted and slept less than five hours a day, instead of a healthy, fit body is not even visible. Lack of sleep can also cause panda eyes, the menstrual cycle is not stable, decreased appetite, and fatigue lead to heart muscle.

Limit your exercise maximum of two hours a day and rest as much as 6-7 hours. Then again a lot of office work, you can choose light exercise such as walking for 30 minutes or the time down the emergency stairs as much as 10 floors.

6. Avoiding food antiaging.
Not just belong antiaging beauty products, food can be a "cream" that makes powerful skin tight and not easily wrinkled.

In the book, The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder said, in addition to vitamins A, C, and E, alkaline content in foods, namely calcium, potassium, and magnesium, can make the body more healthy, strong bones, teeth and hair. All we can get through an apple, pear or lemon every day.

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