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Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream Review

Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream Review

Light skin is a huge craze among Indian women. Whatever their skin tone is, most of the women in India long for white and paler skin and of course it is called beautiful in their point of view. For me, pale, dusky, wheatish or dark; a skin that is smooth and has no flaws is the real beautiful skin. When I came across this Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream which is meant for fairness, I was actually tempted to use it; not to lighten or whiten my skin, but to remove the flaws, dark spots and pimple marks from the face. My facial skin looks soft and bright when the dark spots are removed and this would seem similar in many of your cases as well. Fine, let us talk and discuss about the working of this Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream now.

Product Description:
A one kind of preparation which will transform you magically. You have to use it to believe it. Within a span of 2 weeks revamps the skin tone and makes you fairer as never before.

Price and Quantity: Rs.350 for 75ml

Usage Directions:
Apply this cream evenly on a clean face and leave it for 20 minutes. Then remove with moist cotton and see a visible transformation in your skin color.

Key Ingredients:
Java Plum(Jamun), Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Sugarcane extract

Shelf life: 36 months

My Experience with Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream

Packaging: Aurita Naturals Transformation cream is packed in an off-white sturdy plastic tub with black labels on it. The cap of the tub is screw-typed and an inner lid is present inside to prevent any mess while using this cream. Though being travel friendly, tubs aren't that hygienic to use hence I wish this would have come in a tube.

Colour, Consistency and Fragrance: This is a creamy, thick, white coloured cream with a pungent smell. I personally did not like its smell and that is a main drawback of this product according to me. However I guess this smell is because of the natural ingredients present in this product. :) Very sensitive noses may not like it.


How it works: While picking it online, I thought that is like a day fairness cream but this one is not a cream actually. It's something like a face pack. Yes! We need to apply it and wash it after 20 minutes. They should have named it as Aurita Naturals Transformation Face Pack :P Ok that's ok. I have no issues with it, anything is okay for me if it is going to fade my dark spots. After cleansing my face, I smoothed this cream (read face pack!) over my facial skin and uff, the pungent smell bothered me a lot. It is sour and strong actually. But still, I adjusted it and kept this cream cum face pack on my face for 20 minutes as mentioned and washed away after that. Voila! I can say that it has really brightened my face visibly. My face is left soft, matte and bright. You would surely need a moisturizer after using this cream pack as it leaves your facial skin a bit tight but the glow is incredible. It removed my new tan very well and made my facial skin radiant. You will need only a small quantity for the whole face and so a single tub will last very longer. The price cannot be considered expensive while seeing the results on my skin and hence I would say this is an excellent skin lightening product (I don't mind the fragrance) for brides and tanned girls! Go pick one for sure if you want brighten skin with less dark spots.

Pros of Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream:

  • Does really removes the tan and brightens up skin instantly!
  • A small quantity is enough for the whole face and neck
  • Spreads easily onto the skin without any hardness
  • You can also use this on your tanned arms and feet
  • Washes away quickly without leaving any greasiness behind
  • Leaves skin matte and hence this is a great product for oily skinned girls
  • Regular use (I used it twice or twice in a week) lightened my dark spots considerably
  • Price is okay when compared to the results.

Cons of Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream:

  • The pungent smell :( but I don't mind it for the result it delivers
  • You will definitely need a moisturizer after using this cream cum pack.

Makeup and Beauty Home Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Yes yes! I highly recommend it. Go pick one for yourself if you want to remove your tan instantly. This would also act as a pre-party face pack well to give a quick glow to your skin.

Would I Repurchase?: No doubt! I am picking it all the time.

Have you tried the Aurita Naturals Transformation Cream? How does it work on you?

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