Friday, October 19, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss in Natural Tan

You know how every one keeps chanting the term MLBB? Well for those who still find it to be akin to Heiroglyph, MLBB stands for My Lips But Better. Honestly? I have always been jealous of those who have found their MLBB shades and needless to say I have been on the lookout for it myself... But all in vain. I did come close to find my ML (My Lips) shade in MAC Taupe, but the BB (But Better) part is something that has been eluding since like ever! So imagine my surprise when I finally got myself Colorbar's True Gloss Lip Gloss in Natural Tan and found it to be my MLBB :D Oh yeah baby, I am now a proud owner of an MLBB lip gloss :)

It was out of sheer accident that I bought this. I had got myself the bright pink shade in Vintage Rose and since it turned out be one rocking product, I ventured into Beauty Center to get me some more shades in this range... Yup I bought a couple of more shades in Pinks and Oranges too. But when I saw this shade, a tiny little voice from inside of me pestered me to get this too ;) And boy! am I happy I listened to those little devil's voices? :P

Now Colorbar True Glosses as such are real revolutionary products that some in around 10 really vibrant shades. They have 2-3 shades in Pink, about 4 shades in Orange, 1 in Red and well 1 in neutral! They stay on for like ever. The gloss rubs off but it leaves behind a really bright stain on your lips that just don't go away even with meals, coffees and yup even apples in between. I wear it to office in the morning, have numerous cups of coffee, eat two apples, couple of cups of tea, sandwiches, biscuits and salads and yet when I am home in the evening, it is still there! Nice and bright!

This particular shade looks like I am wearing transparent gloss over a lip primer. It hides my pigmentation and gives a uniform and a very flatteringly natural tone to my lips with a bit of juicy glossy effect!

They are not sticky, have no fragrance, do not cause any irritation and come in no fuss glass tubes with a doe foot applicator and I am smitten.

Image of the Product



Oooohhhss And Aaaahhsss!!!
1. Really long lasting. I have tested it for 12 hours!
2. No fragrance/flavor! I love that fact about it!
3. No stickiness and no heaviness
4. Does not cause any kind of irritation or allergies.
5. It comes with a doe-foot applicator that is like the most convenient to use for precise applications.
6. They contain no sparkle or glitter.
7. Out of this world pigmentation!

I really cannot think of any except that the silver lettering that says "Colorbar" on the glass tubes, gets scratched off easily!

It costs INR 495/-

I'll be stupid not to! I am buying the complete range btw ;)

Would I Recommend?
You bet your a** I would! It is for everyone! It's just beautiful and like a gift from God ;) I have never used a gloss better than these! They are a must have in everybody's vanities!

Overall Rating:

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