Monday, October 8, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo In Fierce & Tangy

There is no denying the fact that Orange was the color of 2012 and might even spill over to half of 2013... If you didn't know this, then either you have been in a coma (God forbid) or are really really trying your best to clear your IIT entrances ;) Cause Orange has been everywhere... From apparels to accessories to makeup! And when I say makeup, I mean lipsticks, eye shadows, eye liners, lip glosses, blushes and well even concealers ;) And continuing the trend Maybelline, when finally launched its Eye Studio Color Tattoos in India, it continued with the shade of Orange called Fierce and Tangy as is available in other countries. They did decide to drop "Tough As Taupe" :( I had really been looking forward to that shade and well they just didn't introduce it here :( One of my Italina blogger friend Suhrya of Drama&Makeup says that Maybelline launched only 4 shades in Italy! That really makes me feel better now ;) LOL...

So anyways, going ahead with the review, I bought this shade cause I was just too bored of seeing goldens and coppers and bronzes and silvers and wanted a bright yet everyday wearable shade and since we didn't get Taupe in India, I had to settle for Orange :) Now Fierce & Tangy is a light Orange shade with minute (please DO NOT read it as "mi-nut" but DO read it as "my-new-t" :P) golden specs that blend with the Orange so well that it isn't really first noticeable but comes to life when you are taking pics with flash ;) And I love this effect! It instantly brightens my eye area :D

This can be used as an eye shadow as well as an eye shadow base. It when used alone looks pretty neutral yet bright on me and I love the effect :) I have been going through Indian beauty blogs and this shade hasn't really been reviewed or raved about much but trust me it is a very wearable shade and that too a pretty one :)

The best part about the product is it's loooooooong staying power. It just stays on and refuses to budge. I have experimented with it on un-primed, oily lids of mine in Mumbai's humid weather and I swear it stayed on me for more that 10 hours and that's like forever in my books! :D

Another important good thing about this is that it is water proof but not water resistant. This means it will not result in smudging and creasing and all that when you get wet i.e. it is water proof. But it is not water resistant is that it comes off easily when you wash it with soap and water, so it doesn't get weird when you wash your face and can really be easily removed. I hate it when I have to struggle to remove my eye makeup :(

I really feel that Maybelline has finally come out with a prize product that can easily be compared with MAC's Paint Pots but way cheaper! If Maybelline introduces newer shades in this range then it can surely give MAC a run for its money where Paint Pots are concerned.

Image of the Product:


Swatch without Flash

Makeup Breakdown
1. Maybelline Color Tattoo Fierce & Tangy - All over lid
2. MAC Antiqued - Outer V
3. MAC Texture - Blended into Crease
4. MAC Ricepaper - Browbone
5. Colorbar Precision Liquid Liner - Upper Lashline
6. Maybelline Gel Liner - Lower waterline
7. MAC Fast Black Lash Zoom Mascara

Ooohhhss And Aaaahhhsss!!
1. It really really stays on for like ever!
2. Water proof but not water resistant.
3. This really is a gorgeous and a flattering shade!
4. It comes with a flat brush
5. Really affordable
6. I love things that come in little glass jars and dibbis
7. It can be used as a base as well :)
8. It doesn't make the eyelid itch or causes any reactions.
9. Very easily available.
10. Comparable to MAC Paint Pots but wayyyyyy cheaper! 

1. Just that it dries up fast and so you have to really quick with blending. I personally feel applying it with your fingers is much easier than with any brush.

It costs INR 350/- with a brush!

I am already contemplating buying a couple of backups for this shade ;)

Would I Recommend?
Oh definitely! This is a must have for Indian skintones and if you have been wary of Orange in your makeup then remember, Orange shadow is much easier to wear than an Orange lippy or gloos ;)
Plus they are comparable to MAC Paint Pots but way cheaper!

Overall Rating

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