Thursday, October 11, 2012

REVIEW: Revlon ColorStay Creme Gel Liner in Plum Prune

I had read quite raving reviews about this product for non-Indian beauty blogs and when I saw them at the Revlon counter in Pune Central, I knew I had to have at least of these... I did think of grabbing two of these, the brown one and the purple one, but the Sensible Suma that does pop up once in a while warned me against it and advised me to first try out one of them. So I automatically picked up the purple one and brought it home with me.

My first reaction when I opened it was like "It's soooo tiny" and no the reaction was not in a cute way. It was more out of indignation than anything else... I mean they made me pay about 650/- bucks on such a tiny dibbi??? Then I took out the tiny brush that came with it and the cute way it would park itself inside the cap of the container lightened my mood and I was hopeful again :) Pigmentation wise it was superb and I love the little sparkly purple line that it created in just one stroke :)

I wore it and lo and behold, within an hour it vanished! It Vanished Into Thin Air!!! Can you even imagine my dismay :( Well on the brighter side it didn't smudge or crease or run down my face but it did vanish like Mr. India and nope that didn't earn any brownie points from me :( I made my mom try it and well her lids aren't as oily as mine and it fared much better on her... So am guessing it's my oily lids to blame (?)...

Image of the Product

Eye Swatch


Ooohhss And Aaahsss!!!
1. Pretty shade
2. Good pigmentation
3. Does not cause any allergies or reactions
4. Does not irritate the eyes
5. Seems to be waterline safe
6. Does not smudge or crease
7. Waterproof
8. The brush that comes with it is of a good quality
9. Gives good pigmentation in just one stroke

1. Does not stay on oily lids
2. Priced on the higher side especially for the little amount of product you get in the tiny glass jar.

It costs around INR 650/ or 695/- for 2.4 gms. I don't remember the exact price, so go ahead correct me :)

Nah! With the amount of oil my eye lids generate, it would be smarter for me to invest in some other gel liners ;)

Would I Recommend
Well, if you do not have oily lids and love a sparky purple liner, then this is for you :) It doesn't smudge or crease and no it doesn't give you purple raccoon eyes ;)
But if you have oily lids then this product is simple useless for you as it wont stay on you for an hour...

Overall Rating:
Oily Lids: 4/10
Normal/Dry Lids: 8/10

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