Monday, November 26, 2012

Fitness between times

Fitness between timesYou do not have time for the gym?
Then align bathing or brushing with exercises that strengthen your muscles. They are simple and execute them multiple times a day, you'll be able to get fit and lose weight.
7:00 If at this time you're in the shower, then you need to help your muscles to wake up.
In a standing position take a few push-ups from the wall. This is a great exercise for strengthening your chest.

7:30 Make breakfast. Slightly apart and quickly rise to the toes, then slowly return to starting position.
To increase the load, stand on one leg.
Exercise helps strengthen the calves.
8:00 Every time you drive to work on public transport or stuck in traffic on a personal car, pull the stomach for 10 seconds.
Exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles, improves posture and helps the gastrointestinal tract.

11:00 In the office at this time do not sit at the table. Find an excuse to walk: go to the next room for the paper, which is sort of ended in the printer or drink of some water.
If you feel a drop in energy, put a book between your thighs and squeeze it for 10 minutes.
This will restore your vitality.
Lunch break. Rather than continue to sit in your favorite easy chair, go to the store for yogurt or a nearby cafe to eat a fresh salad.
Calculate the time so that you moved for lunch at least 15-20 minutes.
During the walk move from heel to toe, and control the abdominal muscles, breathe deeply. Just work up an appetite.
16:00 Do not wait for the elevator!
Come up the stairs, while squeezing your buttocks and counting to 10.

20:00 Instead of sitting on the couch, use it as a tool for the exercise: Lie on your side, lean on the arm bent at the elbow, bend your legs at the knees, lift the top leg slowly, hold it for a few seconds in the air, do the exercise 10 times and change legs.
This exercise strengthens the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. You may be able to perform not only while watching TV, but when reading.
21:00 Perfect time to train with a fitness ball (you can buy in a specialist sports store).
All you need - sit on it and move, trying to keep his balance.
Exercise is recommended for strengthening the back.
22:00 When brushing your teeth, do squats.
Spread your legs and turn them slightly outward. Carefully lower pelvis. Straighten up. Watch for the correct posture during the execution of the exercise.
You can stand on one leg - it strengthens the abdominal muscles. Try to do a few sit-ups, keeping one hand on the edge of the sink.
Now you can pay more attention to your body, engaging in fitness among other things

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