Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Limbs guard

Limbs guardThe main condition of success in the care of hands and feet, as rightly observed wise actress - regular care. Thus it is quite simple.
"Continuous lubrication hand cream - the best way to ensure that they had a well-groomed appearance, even if you have nothing else to do. In my house, beside each sink are tubes and bottles of hand cream that I use after any contact with the water at a time, while they are still wet. "

Sophie advises to buy a few jars of cream and keep them in a bag in the car, on the phone (of course, not just hold, and even use it as soon as possible to rub the cream into your hands).If you, like Sophia Loren, too lazy to sit in the manicure room, you might like it, take care of their own nails. To quote the actress:
"I have to file nails before taking a bath. When the water will soften the skin around the holes, I sidled away with a soft cloth and rub the cream there. "
Since taking baths in our time is not very important (many of my friends more often in order to save money and time in the shower and wash tubs, even as such by repair liquidate), you can easily make bath for hands in whatever order you a deep dish.
Additional tips and tricks Mrs. Lauren those who do housework.
"If you can not stand the smell, soaking his fingers after working with onions, lower your arms in slightly diluted apple cider vinegar" (you can take any other vinegar or rub hands with a piece of lemon).
"Dial a phone number with a pencil or pen" (not very important, but, however, please note, if you still have a rotary phone).
"Scratch a bar of soap before working in the garden, and the nails are protected from dirt" (awesome - my mom did just that!).
Do not forget Sophia Loren and legs. The actress admits:
"When I read or sit in front of the TV, then kata feet rolling pin. It relieves stress. "
I wondered: how to use this advice, if the TV I watch very rare, and I read mostly on public transport. And she began to roll a rolling pin, sitting at the computer. Sometimes I replace the rolling pin bottle with hot water, sometimes with a cold (depending on how hot or cold to me.) Feeling - great!
Go back to the book.
"If you use a pumice stone, and lubricate the foot cream, you just have to do a pedicure" - she writes.
I understand that a pedicure actress understands nail varnish.

The modern beauty industry has convinced us that the pedicure is a system of care for the feet. I think every woman should own to decipher this definition depending on the condition of their feet. And then, depending on this to decide who will take care of her feet: she or master in the cabin.
Finally another important point actress.
"Remember that day his feet swell, and do not be surprised if in the evening foot rise by half a size or more. Therefore, I advise to buy shoes in the afternoon. Feet may swell and the plane. If during the flight you kicked off her shoes to rest, risk off the plane barefoot. Foot swells in tight stockings, cause ingrown nails. Therefore, putting on socks in the morning, and make sure they are stretched a little longer than the big toe. "

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