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My Bed Time Beauty Routine to Wake Up Beautiful!

My Bed Time Beauty Routine - Steps and Tips

Hey Everyone!
What do you do before you go to bed at night? Watch television or go for a walk.. or munch something? Alright! what do you do to your skin and hair to wake up beautiful the next morning? Have your ever wondered about your bed-time beauty care? Fine, cool. I am not getting sleep now so came here to share my bed time beauty routine with you all. I have been waiting to make this post since long but missed it every time. Check below the steps of my beauty routine; these are what I do before I go to my soft bed every night :) This routine really helps me wake up fresh, energetic and ofcourse confident. I have been following this routine for more than 2 yrs now and my skin and hair have been improved a lot after that. No long steps; these are just the normal ones which we can follow at our home easily. Let us move on to the steps now?

Night Beauty Care, Bed Time Beauty Tips

Brush Teeth & Clean Mouth

Brushing my teeth is the first thing I do every morning after I wake up from sleep and also before going to bed every night. I just can't live without brushing my teeth at least twice a day. It is essential to keep our mouth clean in order to maintain good health and to avoid bad odour. So before going to bed at night, I brush my teeth with a mint toothpaste and goggle with a refreshing mouth wash following by the tongue cleaner usage. Get a baby tooth brush and keep it in your tooth brush stand. Once you are done with brushing your teeth, gently scrub your lips with the baby brush and wash away with cold water. This will make your lips baby soft!


Warm Water Bath

However tired you might be, just have a warm water bath with your favorite fruity smelling shower gel. This will lift up your mood and make you energetic in minutes leaving all the dullness and tiredness behind. I usually have my night bath around 10 pm in lukewarm water. If you are afraid of getting cold, make it a quick warm shower. Having a relaxing warm bath at night relieves stress and refreshes you for a better sleep. Do you have those 'slippery feel giving' shower gels and bars unused, those will take ages to get washed away from skin completely? They may raise your temper in busy mornings; hence spare them for night baths! I love having my night bath with strawberry, pomegranate or citrus shower gels depending on my mood.

  • While having your bath, soak your feet in hot water (in bearable heat) for 5-10 minutes and scrub gently with a foot scrubber or a loofah pad. This will ensure the removal of dead skin cells and softens feet.I don't do it everyday due to laziness :P but at least twice a week is really good.
  • Use a good makeup removing cleanser to remove all the makeup, dust and pollution from your facial skin. Removing make up is a must before you go to bed every night.

    Moisturize Face and Body Skin

    Okay we had a warm bath now to refresh the body, senses and to remove the impurities, sweat and dirt from the skin. What next? The warm water with cleanser would have taken most of the moisture from our skin. To combat moisture loss, I put on my body lotion and face moisturizer soon after I come out of my bathroom. Wipe your skin with a soft towel and apply the moisturizers evenly over your face and body skin. Never ever use creams those others simply recommend because it works on them; everyone's skin is different and you need the apt one for your skin. Heavy moisturizers are good for night usage as you need to keep your skin moisturized for next 8-12 hours (Do you sleep for twelve hours? :P I do many times!).

    • Before putting on your facial moisturizer, spray some rose water or a skin toner over your face to tighten pores and remove the leftover dirt from your skin.
    • If you find any particular moisturizer that suits your skin the best, but still you can't use that due to the 'No SPF' factor, spare it for night usage. I find few of my good working moisturizers turn dewy on my normal-oily skin after 2 hours of application and hence I don't dare to put them for day use; but you see, they fit perfectly as my night cream.
    • Do not forget to apply your foot cream while moisturizing your face and body.

      Apply Lip Balm or Lip Butter

      Our lips turn dry when we fail to moisturizer them. We are needing our lip balm many times in a day but many of us fail to think about the nights our lips face. We need to moisturize our lips heavily at nights, especially in winters if we want to wake up with soft lips instead of the dried and chapped ones. Soon after I moisturize my face, body and feet, the next thing that my hand searches for is a 'lip balm'. I apply a thick coat of my lip balm or lip butter every night to ensure my lips won't turn chapped. As it is night, try to skip the tinted ones and go for flavored ones to refresh your senses! How about a sweet vanilla or sheabutter one?

      Comb & Detangle Hair

      This is one of the main steps of my bed time beauty (hair) care routine. I gently detangle my hair with a wide toothed comb and apply some oil on my scalp if in case I am planning to wash my hair the next day morning. It is highly risky to sleep with ponytails as they may result in thinning of hair or even alopecia in long run. So never ever sleep with tight braids or pony tails. Just detangle your hair and wear loose braids before you go to bed. If you havea  really short hair, then you can sleep with loose hair but in case if you have a lengthy hair, it is better to wear loose braids as the natural oils of your hair can cause pimples if comes to contact with the skin.

      Pillow Cover & Blanket - Are they Clean?

      Yes, I do check this every night. Most of the people, even if they follow a good skin care routine, experience pimples due to sleeping in pillows without making sure the cover is clean. They won't be having a clue why they are getting pimples whatever anti-acne cream they use. Hence, it is better to wash pillow covers twice every week; this avoids skin problems, acne breakouts and other skin allergies. I always make sure that both my pillow cover and bedsheet are clean before falling asleep! Do you have this habit? If not, cultivate it for your skin sake from today itself.

      Relax Eyes with Cold Cotton Pads

      Be it cucumber juice or rose water,  I always have any one of these chilled and ready in my refrigerator. Once I am done with all the other steps of my night time beauty routine, I dip two clean cotton pads into rose water or cucumber juice, squeeze them and put them over my eyelids. Wow! What a relaxing feel it is! This method treats my tired eyes which works on computer for long hours everyday. Why don't you try it too?


      Close Eyes and Sleep Well

      Now I am done with everything! :D It's time to get deep into the good night sleep. Whatever problems, worries, tensions I have, I just throw them away, take a big breathe and sleep calmly. Once you are done with the above mentioned skincare/haircare steps, automatically you will be getting a happy refreshed sleep.
      And in the morning..?? Someone is going to wake up with gorgeous skin and hair :) If followed every night, you can visibly see changes on your skin and hair appearance.

      Did you like my bed time beauty routine? What is yours? Share below!

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