Sunday, November 11, 2012

Often Sit Can Weaken the Heart

Too much sitting is bad for health, because it will automatically rarely indulge motion. One danger is: often sit can weaken the heart. Avoid sitting for too long. If you want to be healthy, active, and many are moving because they are a lot of sitting at high risk of fat deposits around the heart organ.

The danger caused by unhealthy fat will be hard to remove, even though a lot of people who used to sit it started diligently exercising.

In a study presented at the meeting of the American Heart Association, the research team conducted a CT scan on more than 500 elderly people who spend lots of time to sit down. Apparently they have a lot of fat deposits around the heart.

According to Britta Larsen, who led the research, even though we already exercise every day, but then we sit for 6-8 hours every day, the impact is still bad.

In these studies Larsen looking for some type of fat in the body of the respondents, namely subcutaneous fat under the skin, visceral fat are usually located around the organs inside, intramuscular fat that is in the muscle, fat and intrathoratic existing pericardial fat around the heart.

Research shows the longer we sit down every day, the vast areas of fat deposits around the heart. "Pericardial fat is associated with cardiovascular disease. Fats will interfere with heart function and clogging of blood vessels," he said.

Because exercise is less effective at removing pericardial fat, Larsen suggested that we focus on two things, namely getting enough exercise and reduce time sitting each day.

For those who because of his work should be more sedentary, it is advisable to take advantage of every opportunity to rise from a chair. For example, a short stroll every two hours, relying on a ladder to climb to the top floor, or choose a colleague approached directly rather than calling.

"Most of the seating is very harmful to heart health. Hopefully in the future more and more office employees who do not require a lot of sitting," he said.

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