Monday, November 19, 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Colorsensational Jewels Lipstick in ♥ Pink Tourmaline ♥

Maybelline as a brand I feel is very tuned to India (though there is no excuse for launching the color tattoos and baby lips one year late) but the lippy shades and the eye palettes that it does launch in India are very flattering to our skin tones. In the same tune, they launched their Jewels Range just before the festivities started... Dussehra, Diwali and then the extravagant Indian Wedding season...

The lippy that I shall be talking about and hence reviewing today is Pink Tourmaline from the Colorsensational Jewels range. It is pink, it is frosted and it is festive! Now before you go away thinking to yourself "Ewww I don't wear frosted lippies that too in Pink", might I add that I myself never wear frosted lippies but this wonder here has made me see frosted lippies in a brand new light altogether :) It has an understated frost and it doesn't look OTT and definitely doesn't make you look like an actress from the 90s ;) If you know what I mean :P

It is a beautiful shade and super flattering. How does Maybelline come up with such shades is quite a riddle for me!

Like it's older colorsensational counterparts, this is also super moisturising, non-drying and very well pigmented... The packaging is super pretty and the quantity you get for the price is just so awesome and budget friendly :) It's staying power (on me) is almost 6 hours with 3 cups of coffee, 1 bowl of cornflakes and 4 bourbon biscuits... Yup I counted whatever I ate just for you guys ;)

Images of the Product

Without Flash

With Flash

With Flash
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Oooohhsss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. The shade is flattering to the core!
2. The packaging is beautiful
3. It has an understated frost, which isn't jarring or 90s.
4. It is super moisturising.
5. Doesn't dry my lips.
6. Good pigmentation.
7. Doesn't cause any irritation/itching/flaking
8. Pocket friendly price.

1. Nothing really except the fact that people wary of frosted lipstick shades might not find it very appealing!

It costs INR 350/-

I would definitely! Actually, I mught just try other shades from this range too ;)

Would I Recommend?
If you have a light or medium skin tone then you should surely go for it especially if you are looking for a festive Pink lip shade. Darker toned girls might find the shade a bit jarring on them.

Overall Rating

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