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Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar Review

Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar Review

By Supriya

Hello ladies,
Ok, those of you have dry, rough hair raise your hands? And now those who are suffering from hair fall and hair thinning, raise your hands? Ahh... I know many hands will be raised. All hair problems in one, and you can take the perfect example of my hair. Dry, thin, dull and breakage. Consulted dermats, hair specialists, ayurvedic doctors, gobbled down medicines like food for months and applied all the tinctures and connotations, but the hair quality won't budge to improve.
             I was so irritated and bugged up with comments from relatives about the deteriorating quality of my hair and the hair thinning that showed up my scalp from a distance. In desperate need of some quick fix, I started searching the internet, found many waste as well as useful tips. In my quest, I came to know the harmful chemicals in our shampoos and conditioners that lead to hair fall and hair thinning and came across some organic brands for my hair.
        I know you are bored to death by my story and to quickly come to the point, today I am going to review one miracle of a product for hair, which I discovered (!) in my search – Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar. Soulflower shampoo bars remind me of those old shikakai bars that my grandmother (maternal) used to use on her hair. She had a thick long mane. After doing some research, I bought two soap bars from Soulflower.

Product Description:
All those with dry, flyaway, scanty hair, throw out your hats.Dry hair looks dull, tangles easily & can become easily split at the ends. You need essential oils that stimulate the sebaceous glands in the scalp to produce more oil. Sandalwood & Geranium do that & more! They also work as an antidepressant on the emotional level, soothing anxiety & stress. Jojoba & almond oils nourish hair & it will regain its elasticity, leaving it soft, shiny & with far more body. Formulated to gently clean your hair as well has hands, face & body -- especially convenient when traveling. They're safe for chemical treated, coloured, children’s hair.

Price: Rs. 250/- for 150gm

Key Ingredients:
Geranium & sandalwood essential oils, jojoba oil, almond oil, shikaki, aloevera, Vitamin E, glycerin & aqua, permitted edible color & aroma, saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor, palm & palm kernel.

Ingredient Benefits:
1. Sandalwood deep relaxes, has astringent, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties. Soothes a dry & irritated scalp.
2. Geranium essential oil calms & relaxes, prevents hair loss, helps to restore oil balance in the hair glands Jojoba oil..
3. Jojoba oil helps keep the hair moisturized so that it doesn’t break and can retain length.
4. Almond oil provides deep nourishment & moisture for dry locks, adds shine to dull hair, makes hair stronger & controls hair loss.
5. Aloevera gel has anti-inflammatory properties that keep your hair strong & healthy, stops hair fall. Makes hair shiny & healthy.
6. Shikakai (means fruit for hair) is a natural gentle conditioning agent for hair & scalp. Effective in combating dandruff & extremely gentle, working to not overly strip hair of its natural oils.

Usage Directions: Use Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar for normal to dry hair. Rub the bar between your hands & apply the lather to your hair or rub the bar directly on your hair. Work the lather through & rinse as usual.

My Experience with Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar:

To put in very plain and simple... I love it. The shampoo bar has come as a savior for me. It cleanses well, the oils keep my hair from drying too much and about hair fall... it has drastically reduced. I am floored by this 100% vegan shampoo. The bar is red in color; though don't confuse it for emitting any rose aroma. I am completely flattered by the exotic natural ingredients of the soap. It’s very easy to apply. All you have to do is, rub the soap directly on your scalp or you can even lather it on your palms and apply. Doesn't tangle hair and leaves the hair with good volume. Also my hair fall has reduced. The soap lathers very well and I have generally not felt the usage of double application unless I have oiled my hair pre-wash.

The bar claims to be safe for chemically treated hair, colored, children's hair. This is free from all the chemicals namely SLS, SLES, parabens etc. I now very carefully read ingredient list before buying any product for my hair.

Since the bar is huge, I cut it into three pieces (recommended) for ease of use and to avoid wastage of product. I have completed using the bar and it lasted me for good three months with twice a week application.

Pros of Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar:

  • Aroma of the shampoo bar
  • Lathers and cleans very well
  • Does not require much quantity, even for oiled hair
  • Will last easily for a long time
  • The exotic list of ingredients
  • Free from SLS/SLES and parabens

Cons of Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar:

  • Could not find any but only if they could lower their prices a bit, I would buy this in bulk! (hehe)

Makeup and Beauty Home Rating: 4.75/5 (-0.25 for the price, though not an issue with me!)

My Recommendation: Go grab it girls :)

Would I Repurchase Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar?: I will be buying this as long as the company keeps making it. I love and love this shampoo bar!

Have you tried the Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar?


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