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Contact Lenses - Types, Risks and Do's & Don'ts

Contact Lenses - Types, Risks and Do's & Don'ts 

by Gowmi

Hi All,
Anyone like to wear contact lenses?  Yes! Then you are getting some important facts about it here. Contact Lenses are a major boon for people who suffer from vision problems. Especially color contact lenses are a major hit too, without any age limits. We all know the advantages of contacts lenses but do you know what they are and their major disadvantages. Here we go..

Contact Lenses - Types, Risks and Do's & Don'ts

What are contact lenses?

They are miraculous pieces of plastic which help us to see without glasses. Also they used to treat some eye diseases and help to change the eye colors. They use to treat some eye conditions too. Keratoconus is a condition where the surface of the eye becomes irregular, no longer glasses can be used so they treat with contact lenses.

Types of contact lenses:

Soft contact lenses:
Made of flexible plastics and they give comfort to eyes. Also they allow oxygen to pass through cornea. Contains silicon-hydrogen to provide more oxygen to eyes.

Rigid Glass Permeable contact Lenses: 
More durable lenses give a clearer vision. They are more comfortable than soft lens and less likely to tear when compared to soft contact lens.

Extended Wear contact lenses:
These lenses are in major move now days. Because they can be worn while sleeping hours also and these lenses can be used continuously for 30 days or less. Properties are similar to soft contact lenses. But our eyes need rest before and after lens. So this types can be avoided.

Disposable contact lenses:
This kind of lenses should be disposed in a period of time. If a lens pair is advised to use for one year only, then after a year it should be disposed.

Color contact lenses: 
Beware! There are color contact lenses and decorative lenses are also available but they got major risks too. Like the regular contact lenses, these should be bought by prescription only. Buying lens in halloween store, beauty store, street vendor etc can bring problems. The risks are, decreased eye vision, abrasions, infections, red eyes, blindness and redness.

Though contact lenses are a super hit, it has its own major risks. Starting from eye irritation to corneal ulcers, lenses can develop risks in eyes. When you feel any eye irritation for longer period, remove the lens and do not throw them. Keep in lens case safely.

Contact an eye doctor and show the lens to doctor, so that they may find the reason for irritation. Some symptoms are,
  • Discomfort, excess tearing and irritation
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Unusual redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Swelling with pain.

Know the Risks:

When above problems are not taken serious then major risks could be brought up, they are,

Corneal ulcers:
Pink eye (conjunctivitis), this is the biggest problem while using contact lenses. The local name is Madras Eye. When this problem get serious, cornea get affected and takes up to a year to heel up.

Corneal abrasions:
Severe eye irritation

Do's and don’ts of wearing contact lenses:

  • Examine your eyes once in 6 months by an eye specialist and follow the eye exam without fail.
  • Wash the lens case once in 3 days and do change lens solution.
  • Wash hands before and after wearing contact lens.
  • Do not rub or rinse eyes with contact lens.
  • Buy contact lenses according to your prescription given by the doctor.
  • Remove or stop using contact lenses when eyes feel red, irritated and swelling.
  • Don’t exchange contact lenses with others, it may bring severe eye infections.
  • Do not buy lenses without proper prescription.

Please be careful and safe with contact lenses. They provide us good vision until we handle them safe and secure. Keep them simple, avoid risks and enjoy the vision.

Do you wear contact lenses on regular basis?

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