Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Men to Faced Nagging Lady

In general, men and women who are more talkative? Surely the answer is women. It was women around the world are immune to the nickname chatty . Women really prefer to communicate verbally. Sometimes this men's problems. Even when faced with a problem, she would talking, while men more often silent and thinking. Because of how men to faced nagging lady.

For men, nagging women create headaches. Just ask your men friends or relatives, in the face of a woman nagging or being reprimanded, they heard was "Blah blah blah blah blah blah casually themselves .." then their headaches and forget what has been said of the woman.

"Women who nag and grumble often can not be refuted or explained by the level of even the most calm. Normally she would blame blame men for many reasons. I is not much to say, just say yes or no. After a long time she is usually tired and stop talking. Usually my girlfriend cranky when it's like this, but the next day I was definitely more quiet chat with and understand the intent of his ravings, " B, 25 years old

"I was often dizzy and tired of a nagging woman, especially when she nags me, gosh .. In such circumstances, I would like ravings soon stopped. So I would nod and agree with everything he asked for. Fact I often do not understand and do not understand the conversation that he was a grumble. importantly nodded a lot, and I could live again, "- Y, 26 years

"Flee .. substantially blurred wherever rather than chewed. Dizziness when you hear her whining or talking without a semicolon. Usually I look for excuses to run away or escape. Told again no sudden affair, or suddenly checking the phone and tell her friends need help, when I'm lying anyway .. Yes, instead diomelin, make a headache, "- P, 24 years old

That's the strategy of the men to save themselves when chatty woman or chewed. Although often subtle, they honestly say, sometimes also with a nagging miss the women.

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