Friday, January 7, 2011

Homemade facial mask recipes

Homemade facial mask recipes
In addition to care and maintain healthy skin, facials often also to unwind after a busy with various jobs, whether at home or office. In addition to nourish the skin, as well as to relieve stress from the activities we used to do every day. Maybe if you frequently perform facials to salon, which meets these demands and costs a lot to spend on maintenance. Did you know that you can make yourself at home facials?

In addition to using natural materials, you also can use this type of facials to suit your skin needs. Here are some easy steps to do facials at home:

1. Clean Face
The first step you should do is clean your face to remove all the dirt on the face. best for oily skin, wash with a foaming cleanser / foam cleanser (soap-free) and for dry skin, use a cream cleanser / milk cleanser.

2. Exfoliation
Using your fingers, rub cream scrub forming circular motion on the face. Concentrate on areas around the nose and forehead if your skin including oily skin. Wash your face, to remove the granules that make coolies dry scrub.

3. Evaporation
Fill a basin with warm water, dip a washcloth for the face, gently squeeze and press-press your face 2-3 times. This is useful for improving blood circulation around your face.

4. Wear Masks
If your face is oily, use a clay-based mask. Dry skin are advised to wear masks hydrating gel or cream form. Wear a mask for 10-20 minutes as directed on package. When finished wash clean.

5. Give Moisturizers
The final step is to provide a moisturizer, but avoid moisturizers that contain retinol or acid, because it can exfoliates the skin excessively (over-exfoliate)

Do facial at home, in addition to fun also saves you the cost to the salon.

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