Friday, January 7, 2011

how to make beauty face mask

how to make beauty face masks
Are you frustrated with looking for a good beauty mask? Basically, your skin cells meet all the needs of the cells of food. But most of the cells in your body by the blood flow. Four of the five outer layer of skin (called the epidermis) is "avascular". They have no blood vessels. So, how do they get their food?

Epidermis are maintained through a process called diffusion. If you rely on the natural process and no effort to assist this process, it can make your skin damage, and wrinkles. Facial beauty mask usually contains many nutrients to the epidermis.

Be sure to avoid the artificial preservatives and fragrances. a product based on experience is the best option. The chemicals we use to maintain healthy skin, if it does not fit can cause serious side effects. such as irritation or accelerate the skin aging process.

The ingredients needed for different cleaning and moisturizing. For cleaning, clay extracts, gel bentone and kaolin, are very effective. Dirt and dust will be attracted by the clay and lifted from the pores of your skin. lliat soil also absorbs excess oil, without making your skin becomes dry.

In the old clay face mask, you practically need a chisel to remove it. The newly combined with macadamia oil and Shea butter. This material is useful to prevent the clay from drying out and useful to anti aging.

Best facial beauty mask clay containing extracts, macadamia oil and Shea butter, as well as a unique material called Active Manuka Honey has natural antibacterial activity that prevents stains and acne cure.

Manuka also has antioxidant activity, which prevent and repair damage caused by free radicals. Dermatologists believe that free radical damage is a major cause of wrinkles, sagging and premature aging.

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