Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oily skin care tips for beautiful face

Oily skin care tips for beautiful face
If you have oily skin, you may feel a bit annoyed because your skin often looks dirty and is easy to breakouts. This is very reasonable, because the skin bacteria will more easily stick to oily skin which initiated the appearance of acne.

Here is some tips for oily skin care

First step is to look at your face, because not all parts of the face that issue quite a lot of oil. Make extra care on the part of oily skin only.

Choose cosmetics that match your skin, all cosmetic ingredients typically have a different composition. Choose for your face, and use in accordance with the manner used. It is very important because if you carelessly in selecting cosmetics, and you are wrong in choosing cosmetics. It is not healing you get, but it will happen to your skin irritation due to side effects caused by these cosmetic.

Use of cosmetics for oily skin should also be done when the face is clean and dry. Wet skin will make perfect cosmetic does not stick. While skin is not clean, will provoke the growth of acne and damage skin pores.

Not only is dry skin types who need a moisturizer, Oily skin moisturizer also need to control oil on the face. Oily skin is not an obstacle to always look beautiful, with regular maintenance and maximum Healthy face without acne will you get.

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