Saturday, January 8, 2011

Treatment for oily facial skin

Treatment for oily facial skin
Are getting bored with your oily skin. You've tried various kinds of cosmetics to reduce oil on your skin, but you do not get maximum results. Maybe you can tries a bamboo based natural facials. Content of astringent in bamboo, it was believed to control the oil content in the face, but it is the efficacy of bamboo plants contain antiseptics that prevent acne.

When your face is acne, you are advised to do this treatment every single week for six months. But if your skin is just oily, you can use this treatment every two weeks. Step-by-step through facial oily skin care treatment made from bamboo:
  1. Detox massage in the head and face area for blood flow.
  2. The face is cleaned with bamboo cleansing gel containing bamboo extract, extracts of burdock and sage to balance oil levels.
  3. The face in the scrub with a scrub sage while in steam, then do pemebersihan and removal of blackheads.
  4. The face was a mask that contains a mixture of rhatany for astringent extract, sage extract to reduce dark spots and provide extra moisture, as well as chamomile ekstak a calming effect and smooths the skin.
  5. The face given a witch hazel toner to calm again.
  6. Facial skin sterilized with high frequency. If you have sensitive skin facial skin will be sterilized with ozone.
  7. Massage acupressure uses purifying serum to soothe reddened skin back.
  8. The face mask was given a bamboo that serves to soothe the skin conditions normalize.
  9. In the final stage, face sprayed with water and given bamboo bamboo cream that works to eliminate shine and control oil in the face.

By doing this treatment regularly, oily skin is no longer an issue. Beautiful face will you get.

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