Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yoga face exercise for anti aging

During this time, yoga is known to create balance and harmony and good for health. Useful addition to the muscles of the body, yoga also affect both the facial muscles. According to experts beauty Marie-Veronique Nadeau, who discovered this latest program can solve every problem areas without the need for Botox injections, plastic surgery, or various other popular cosmetic procedures.

All programs are written in a book called 'The Yoga Facelift. " Well, here are some yoga exercises for face that you can practice yourself at home:

Neck Massage
Benefits: tighten neck and jaw strengthening the software, helps remove excess fluid from the neck, prevent wrinkles and reduce stress.

Movement: Lift your chin so the neck stiffened. Place both hands in front of the throat by side. Then, with the first three fingers of each hand and starts from the top of the neck (about two inches below the chin), neck skin of a strong push toward the chin.

When the finger reached the chin, with your right hand, push the skin under the jaw bone to the right ear. Then, with his left hand, push the skin under the jaw bone towards the left ear. Use both hands simultaneously so that you push the skin in the opposite direction. Once in the leaf ear massage the neck down to the basin in Your collarbone.

Do this exercise three times with minor movement and flow. To expedite the movement, could also use a massage oil.

Removal of wrinkles on upper lip
Benefits: Eradicate vertical line along the upper lip. Both as a precaution, and also remove the line that has been formed.

Movement: Place the inside tip of your index finger just above the upper lip, and tip section in the other index finger below your lower lip, to feel the effects tingling in the orbicularis oris (the muscle around the mouth area). Keep your lips remain relaxed and feel the energy. Rub your fingers rapidly back and forth, use a mild to strong pressure.

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