Friday, August 31, 2012

BB Cream? Now Comes the CC Cream!

Good evening girlies. I am here to share a very hot and fast spreading news in the cosmetic world with you all. The BB cream hype hasn't still come to an end here in India. Several brands like Maybelline, Vedic Line and such have came up with their BB creams, that is the Blemish Balm Cream in the market recently. If you are a makeup loving or at least a skincare loving girl, you wouldn't have missed knowing what a BB cream is! Myself being oily skinned with a dark-dusky complexion have many times worried much finding hard to use the newly launched BB creams as they (Most of them) give a dewy finish to the skin and moreover BB creams usually don't come with different shades isn't it? The Maybelline one came in 2-3 shades while the Vedic Line BB Cream came just in a single shade! How would a single shade suit all the skin tones. Uh?

    Within a short time again, there is a news spreading like fire that CC creams are coming in the makeup world! So what are these CC creams? I surfed in net for more than an hour now and found the term for this newbie. This CC cream has been  improved and developed in Korea.

BB Cream = Blemish Balm Cream 

CC Cream = Color Control Cream! 

Color Control? So what is different in these CC creams from the previously launched BB one? CC creams come with an advanced formulation including all the other benefits of the BB cream. These Colour Control Creams are expected to be oil free (Yay for me! and for many of the oily skinned girls out there), more lighter than the thick blemish balm creams and they are also expected to come up with a higher SPF for more UV protection. It is updated in some other beauty blogs that CC creams would be coming in many different shades for different skin tones to match all the skin types whereas the BB creams mostly come with a lighter tones which couldn't be used by the darker skin types.

  Most of the BB creams are formulated with the properties of foundation, SPF, moisturizer and anti aging cream whereas these Color Control Creams are expected to come along with a PRIMER, and oil control formula (As said before) including the other properties of the BB cream mentioned above. Is it the Color Control Cream or the Color Correction Cream? There is some confusion with the name too. In addition, there are some talks on the net that CC cream would be containing Vitamin C as its main colour correcting ingredient. Interesting isn't it?

 Anyhow, I wasn't much impressed of BB creams when they were launched and not impressed much about this CC one too but let us wait and check. If it comes in different shades, with an oil free matte formula that will be too great for my skin type, and of course for every girl with oily-combo skin type. Agree with me?

So girls, have you heard about the new Color Control Cream? What is your opinion about this?
Share your feedback, comments and suggestions below! Eagerly waiting to hear from you

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