Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Celebrity Makeup: Kareena Kapoor

Let me first start by saying that I am not much of a Kareena Kapoor fan but the makeup looks that she has been belting out one after the other is sure getting me into a tizzy and I am totally in love with her for this. I was on a makeup hiatus since a while but checking out Kareena Kapoor's looks these past few days and I am all revved up and ready to restart my EOTD posts ;) Parita has already requested for one ;)

But today's post is specially dedicated to this uber cool, ultra chic and super hot smokey eye makeup that she sported with a pristine white dress at a promotional event for her movie "Heroine".

The dress as such am not really a fan of though I don't hate it either... I think its the sleeves that are making me a bit uncomfortable especially with the busy necklace and the heavy eye makeup! If I had to make the outfit a lit less busy, I would make the dress either sleeveless or with fitted 3/4 sleeves... The makeup and the necklace stay! :D

But the post isn't really about the outfit as much as it is about the makeup and ladies I have one word for it! GORGEOUS!!! It's totally out of this world and the moment I came across the pictures on the new I was totally blown away! WOW! And the best part is she actually goes and wears it with a virginal white dress! Mind Blowing! People generally like pairing their white dresses with lipsticks in sweet pinks, safe beiges and jaded Reds but doing a give-it-all-you-have black smokey eyes is sure the way to go! :)

Knowing the smokey eye lover that I am, you can be rest assured that I will be trying this look out very soon :) So stay tuned and do let me know of your take on this gorgeous look of Kareena Kapoor's :)

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