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Top Five Ideas to Shop Cosmetics Online

Online shopping has become a huge craze among people around the world nowadays. Especially women today are much interested in shopping cosmetics, apparel and such online. Before two years, there were only few Indian online shopping sites available but today, it has been developed a lot and we can see many online shopping sites popping here in India. When we run out of our regular skincare/makeup product but have no time for physical shopping (Or lazy huh?) online shopping helps a lot and acts as a quick fix! Soon after placing our order, we receive it in next few days, that too with great discounts. Isn't it? Then who won't love shopping online?
         Today, we are going to check 5 best and easy ideas for shopping cosmetics online. These tips would help you to purchase beauty products wisely and also help you save your hard earned money.

1. Choose Your Online Shopping Store

As I said, there are several number of online shopping stores running nowadays and moreover, many new ones are popping up day by day. You might find it interesting to from all of them, or few of them but remember you cannot always have good shopping experience with all the sites. So avoid trying new inexperienced sites more often just because of craze. Read online shopping site reviews and make a decision where to shop first. There are many real time shopping experience shared on the net, especially if you are looking out for a cosmetic shopping site reviews, you can find them easily on beauty blogs!
  If you are already experienced with any specific site and in case once you feel their delivery and customer service is good, then stick to it. Do not change your shopping site often as it might confuse you about their service, product quality and delivery time. If you are an online shopping beginner, then better choose a site with COD option, that is Cash On Delivery.

2. Check their Customer Service Before Shopping

This may sound a bit lazy to do but this is a very essential step to confirm before you shop online. If you are interested to shop from a specific online shopping site, make sure to note down their email address and contact number. Drop them a mail first, with some simple queries such as "Is there any exchange policy available in your site?" and "Can we shop with the COD option?"
     Even though you know all these before, do drop them a mail and check how and how soon they respond to your query. :D This would definitely help you a lot to judge the customer service of a shopping site, making your shopping safe and secure. In case of any trouble after payment or shopping done, you need to contact them, Right? So do that before itself and check once. Alternately, you can also check with their social networking fan pages to read what other customers have posted and queried. This will let you know better about their service, delivery time etc.

3. Fix The Budget Before Placing Your Order

Choose your budget first before starting to add the products to your cart. For example, say Rs.2000, then you need to stick with Rs.2000 for this month (Or week huh?) whatever happens. This would definitely avoid you from shopping unwanted products just due to your love at first sight with them :D We girls do this a lot with cosmetics but later realize we don't even use these products much.
  Even after choosing the products and adding them to cart, list them out in a paper and just approximately estimate how many times you will use a specific product, how much does it cost, what is is shelf life and how much it is important in your beauty/makeup case. If you find any product not-that-useful, then remove it from your cart. This would help you avoid wasting money on products that you don't need.

4. Read Product Reviews

This is the very important step making your cosmetic purchase online! Remember you are not buying a mobile, a book or a mixer grinder online to just add it to cart and make the payment. You are buying cosmetics where you need to be very careful with the shades, texture and fragrance! Don't you agree?
  Every time we shop cosmetics from the stores and showrooms directly, we do swatch those products, smell and test them before buying but does the same applicable with online shopping? Obviously no! You also cannot just believe with the SHADE chart given on the site as the shade might be different on your skin. So make sure to find and read product reviews of a specific product before shopping it online if you are new to that product. You can also get suggestions from your friends regarding this. More than skincare products, especially while doing purchase on makeup items, you should be very careful with this review reading step or you might just end up in wasting huge money in a wrong shade for your skin type/tone. So make it a habit reading product reviews online before shopping cosmetics online!

5. Subscribe to the Mailing Lists

Last, but not the least step! This will help your pocket a lot. Just choose 5-10 favorite cosmetic shopping sites of yours and subscribe to their mailing list. By this, you will receive updates about regular offers, discounts and coupon codes those would help you a lot in saving huge money while shopping cosmetics online.
   Do NOT forget to check these kinda mails especially during festival days such as New year, Christmas, women's day etc to get amazing discounts! You can prepare and have a ready list of high end makeup products (Most of them are pricey of course!) and use these festival day offers to save huge amount on them.

Hope you find this article useful. Follow the ideas and shop wisely.
Do share your online cosmetics shopping tips, ideas and such below if you have any.
In case of doubts, feel free to drop a comment below as well. Happy shopping!

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