Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to get perfect skin tone?

If you want to achieve a natural make-up, then, in the first place ...
Should take care that you have superimposed tonal framework does not look like a mask, and it emphasizes the natural skin tone, carefully concealed defects.
So, do not forget to start your skin rid of dead particles. To do this, take regular exfoliation of the face. After this procedure, skin will look healthy, becomes smoother, making cosmetics smoother lies.

Moisturize your skin with creams, homemade masks and rinse face with cool water or wipe with ice, which increases blood flow, and protective function of the skin.
Do not forget that the basis should be applied only on a perfectly cleansed skin.

Choosing tonal basis, you should pay attention to what your skin type: mixed, oily, dry. Then select the tone: put some cream on the back of your hands and make sure that between the skin cream and coated with clear skin not see the difference, so - is ideal.
• On the basis of the face tone should be well feathered, the boundaries between the face and neck were visible. For this, use special cosmetic sponge or brush. If you are doing a complete makeover, then apply foundation on the eyelids and on the lips of the need - it helps lipstick and shadow last longer and softer applied.• If the skin has obvious defects: redness, dark circles under the eyes - use a proofreader. Apply it to the desired number of the problem area and spread evenly, gently hammering mass fingertips.• If you believe that a person palely, apply blush on the cheeks, forehead, nose, along the hair line. Instead of blush can use bronzer powder. Apply these tools to suit your facial contours to emphasize only advantages.

• Secure all the work done crumbly powder. To do this, the tone should be two shades lighter than your face - then it will not create a mask effect and helps makeup stay on longer face.
It's that simple!

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