Sunday, October 14, 2012

3 Things Required to Fight Diabetes

Once a person has diabetes ascertained, from that moment on they have to try to cure diabetes. The way is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For patients with diabetes, 3 things required to fight diabetes.
Patients with diabetes mellitus did need extra maintain healthy lifestyles to prevent disease complications.

1. Eating fruits and vegetables

The old rule: Consumption of fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

New rule: Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. In recent studies note, the mengasup least 12 types of vegetables and fruits each week has a lower risk of diabetes than those who ate vegetables or fruit that's it.

2. Keep your weight

The old rule: Reduce weight, even a little, to control blood sugar levels.

New Rule: Do not worry if longer drop weight. Research in 2012 said that regular exercise alone can improve the health of people who sedentary lifestyle. Sports, though not making the weight down, helps better blood sugar metabolism and lower cholesterol.

3. break

The old rule: Sleep with enough to reduce the risk of diabetes.

New rule: Make your sleep quality because the effect just as important as the duration of sleep. Research shows that poor sleep quality makes the body's ability to metabolize blood sugar disturbed. In addition, lack of sleep also makes hormones that regulate appetite disturbed so we eat more often.

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