Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Use Johnson's Baby Lotion? [4 Different Ways]

Hello Everyone!
If you are wondering whether this post is meant for Johnson's baby lotion usage on babies, nope you're wrong. In this post, I am sharing with you all, the multiple uses of Johnson's baby lotion on skin; of on elders skin. For me, this is such a life saver product and I have been repurchasing this lotion again and again for past 2-3 years. There are two variants I guess, the one is the milk variant and the another one is plain (Which is baby pink in colour) I love both of them but has a little more craze on pink :P and its fragrance of course. Come let us check the 4 uses of Johnson's Baby Lotion on adult's skin.

Body Lotion
This is how I first used this Johnson's Baby Lotion on me! Once, when I was in train travel, I realized that I did not carry my body lotion and foot cream with me. That was winter too and I have no other choice than getting some small lotion pack from the nearest store. When I came across few affordable, small body lotions, this one caught my eye. I had also picked a Vaseline 24 hours total moisture cream but that was for my foot as it is heavy and rich :) This small bottle of Johnson's  baby lotion saved my body skin like anything. I just applied it over my arms, hands and body and this does the moisturizing job very well without leaving any sticky or greasy feel behind. My skin felt smooth, soft and baby soft with the lingering, pleasant baby smell :) There after, I even started using this lotion as my 'now and then' body lotion when my skin and senses scream for something pleasant and baby-sh.

Makeup Remover
Yes! It is a superb makeup remover and it effectively removes all the mild, waterproof makeup cosmetics from my skin. Though being mild, it does a very good job without disturbing the skin's natural moisture. I am not a 'everyday waterproof makeup' wearing person. If I am stepping out for a long outing, I would prefer water proof long wear eye and face makeup products but in case if I am getting out for some shopping, to a nearby store, products that come into my hand are light weighted and  those can be easily removed without a makeup remover. For that removing purpose, I use this Johnson's baby lotion. It removes all the traces of light makeup with the first swipe itself. It effectively removes eyeliner, eye shadows and such. Simple dab some lotion over your face using a soft cotton ball. Leave on for 30 seconds to one minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth! That's it you are all done.

Day Cream/Light Foundation 
Foundation? Are you asking whether I am kidding? Nope. I have tried, tested this and sharing with you all :) It neither caused any side effects nor worked bad on my skin. Once when I was experimenting (I do it a lot people) to make my own day cream, or can be said as a light coverage foundation, I tried making my Lakme Rose Powder as a cream with rose water. I applied it onto my face and oh my god! It stretched out my normal-oily skin so bad and gave a ghost-like white caste finish :P Then I tried mixing a pea sized amount of Johnson's baby lotion with the same rose powder and voila! This DIY day cream blended out smoothly onto my facial skin and gave a light coverage which is perfect for nearby shopping visits. If applied plainly, Johnson's baby lotion gives a mild dewy look (Which turns my T Zone like an oil well within 2-3 hours) to my facial skin but when I tried mixing it with my loose powder, it gave a smooth matte finish, which is not at all flat or powdery. The finish was even, smooth and the texture of my skin looked so good really. However extra dry skins may not like this idea much but if you have a normal-oily skin type, this would suit you perfectly in monsoons and winters.

Hand & Elbow Cream
Not only as a body lotion, it serves great as my hand cream too. I am using it often as my hand cream, especially at nights before I go to bed. It help my palms stay baby soft and super smelling all the night :) It has even improved the shine on my nails and prevent them getting cracked due to dryness. For dry elbows and knees, this is one mild instant cure. Though it cannot help much in winters, it helps a bit to heal stubborn dryness and roughness on the knee parts. Moreover, you do not need to fear to put this lotion anywhere on your skin as it is specially formulated for babies.

And one more thing to say; something which is safe on baby's skin is hundred percent safe on yours! So don't ever hesitate to use baby lotions and other baby products on your skin :) Enjoy the baby-sh fragrance!

Have you used Johnson's Baby Lotion on your skin? How do you use it?


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