Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Affordable Makeup Products for Beginners in India

Guest Post by Barisha

Hello Everyone,
Today my post is all about the best makeup products for beginners. These products are simple, easy available and moreover affordable for teens and college going girls. If you can't spend more bucks on high-end makeup products, this collection will definitely help you a lot. Go ahead!

Editors note: (Barisha! That's an amazing topic and I am also adding some quick reviews of the products in your guest post :) Hope this would make the post better and more informative.)

So let us start with women's favorite product, kajal. Many girls out there never step out of their home home without kajal in their eyes. No matter they are wearing foundation, concealer or bla bla but kajal is something which most of the girls cannot live without!


Faces Cosmetics Kajal
Price: Rs.99 for 3g
Quick Review: This kajal glides smoothly onto the water line and gives that blackest black finish with less smudging compared to the other kajals in the market. For this price, Face kajal is definitely a hit! It also contains almond oil which promotes eyelash hair growth.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal:
Price: Rs.150 for 0.35g
Quick Review: Is there anyone who doesn't know Maybelline Colossal Kajal here? This product is a huge hit among Indian women, especially for its long time smudge free quality. This is not a blackest black definitely but stays on eyelids for a long time compared to the other kajals. You need a good eyemakeup remover to remove this though.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal:
Price: Rs.199
Quick Review: Doesn't it look like a competitor for Maybellin Colossal one? Of course yes and YES it wins the competition too. It has a better smudge free staying powder and 'smoothness' than the colossal one. It claims to stay on waterline for 10 hours. Whoa! This product is recently launched and has become a huge hit among all kajal lovers! Go grab one before Lakme increase the prize.

Eye Liners:


Avon Simply Pretty Waterproof Eyeliner
Price: Rs.90 for 7.5ml
Quick Review: I really don’t know why I have not seen any review on this product, this is the best-est-affordable eye liner I have used and I am using this for past 4years. It stays good for 5-6 hours (Stays even more time with light fading) without any fading and it is of course waterproof as per the claim.

Lakme Insta Liner Liquid Eyeliner
Price: Rs.70 for 9ml
Quick Review: This is one eyeliner which many eyeliner beginners swear by and this of course the first eyeliner of  many girls out there! This Lakme Insta Liner is easily available, very very affordable for the huge quantity and of course stays for a good time with less smearing. The only issue with this is the drying time. You need to sit under fan for 3-4 minutes to get it completely dried or else you might mess it up.


Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base
Price: Rs.125 for 30ml
Quick Review: This makeup base is dirt cheaply priced and comes in 4 different shades for different skin tones. This gives medium to light coverage with an oil free matte finish which many of you oily skinned girls would expect :) A great buy and quantity for the price.

Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle
Price: Rs.99 for 30ml
Quick Review: This souffle comes in a really cute glass got with a screw lid :) It come in three shades namely Pearl, marble and shell. One needs to choose the perfect shade for their skin. 30ml for just Rs.99 if a dirt cheap price right? But this product absolutely works as a great daily foundation for 'foundation beginners' out there. Make sure to set it with your compact for a better staying time.

Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Matte Glow Daily Foundation
Price: Rs.175 for 25ml
Quick Review: This is a wonderful light-coverage foundation for beginners which is not only water-based and oil-free, but also SPF 20 for sun protection. 25ml is decent quantity for the price too and hence this product is definitely a hit for foundation beginners.

Okay it is going long and let us end the Part 1 here :) The Part-2 of 'Affordable Makeup Products for Beginners' is coming up soon. There we are going to check an affordable collection of compacts, lipsticks, lip liners and blushes!

So girls, which is your favorite affordable makeup product in India?

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