Thursday, October 11, 2012

Laughter Affects Improve Cardiovascular Health

People laugh because hear or see something funny. In effect, the person may be entertained even feel happy. From the health side, laughing is healthy. According to the study, laughter affects improve cardiovascular health, increase life expectancy and reduce pain.

When someone laugh, your body releases hormones that neurontransmitter and can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and adrnealin. In turn, this release helps lower blood pressure. When laughing, muscles such as the abdominals, face, legs, and back part moves. In addition, laughter also makes more developed lungs so it's easier to breathe.

The positive effects of laughter on health give a boost to the body's cardiovascular system. Blood vessels smoothly because laughter causes the blood to flow smoothly. Laughter also balance the left and right brain in response to a joke.

Laughter and Heart Healthy
If you want to reduce the risk of heart problems, try to watch a funny movie. Recommendations research from the University of Maryland suggested, laughing about 15 minutes because the film can accelerate blood vessel and improve the flow of events darah.Menonton that makes you able to laugh about 40 minutes after a meal to limit increases in blood glucose levels. The researchers believe that if you laugh, positive emotions will arise that affect the endocrine system of the body.

Laughter also make longer age. A study of 500 people over the age of 95 years or older found that a relaxed personality, optimistic, and enjoy the laugh will live longer. However, the researchers do not know exactly where lies the connection.

"When we looked at the personality 243 people over the age of 100 years, we found the quality that reflects a positive attitude to look at life," said Dr. Nir Barzillai from Yeshiva University, USA.

"Most of them live with great optimism and relaxed. They think laughter is an important part of life," he explained.

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