Friday, October 12, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: Bad To Bronze from Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Tattoo Range

Yes yes yes... Another review on yet another Maybelline Eye Tattoo... But this time it is Bad To Bronze... And well I wore it to office... Yes it is a very wearable to office color on its own but can be made dressy with either pairing it with a dramatic colored eye shadow or using it as a base underneath a more shimmery shadow... On its own it subtle and well very flattering is what I finding out as the day progresses. Honest to God, I am really getting a lot of appreciative second glances and well even thinrd and fourth and I must say it is totally feeding my Ego ;) Yeah I know Ego is a bad thing and all that jazz but just sometimes feeding it some fodder can do wonders to your self confidence especially if you have a HUGE PRESENTATION lined up later in the day ;)

So anyways, this shade isn't really bronze-y but is rather like a pale champagne color on my lids and no my lids are not pigmented. They simply blend with my lid color giving it a subtle glow... I love it :) And if I said that Fierce and Tangy was a must have before then darlings this shade is must have with your eyes closed ;)

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Just a few pointers about these color tattoos:
1. They are gloriously easy to apply when using your fingers... Brushes provided with them do not do justice!
2. They really stay on for the whole day!
3. They do not dry up as fast as MAC paint pots and hence are easier to work with especially if you are planning on a lot of blending :)

Images of the Product



It costs INR 350/-

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