Friday, October 12, 2012

Silver Anket & Earrings from Craftsvilla

Hello girlies!
Today, I am sharing with you all, the pictures of my recent haul from Craftsvilla. I have already had many good shopping experiences with Craftsvilla and hence, I didn't hesitate to pick these items from their site this time. Their packaging is good and I received my mobile in a right time; there was no delay at all. I am totally loving both the items and here comes the pictures. Enjoy!

This silver anklet is priced at Rs.168 and I got the earrings for Rs.57. That's a steal isn't it? Jo check out their amazing jewelry collection HERE

I dislike gold coloured jewels :P and that's the reason I picked these silver items from craftsvilla. This is my FOTD below, wearing the earrings :) Do you like my eye makeup in this picture? (Tutorial coming soon!)

Anklet on my feet :)

Which one do you like the most, the anklet or the earrings?

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