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Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner Review

Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner Review

by Shruti

Hi Guys! How are you all? I know it’s been a long time :) Winter hasn’t set yet in Chennai but the weather is pleasant. Let me get straight to the review. A couple of weeks ago I started getting pimples all over my chin and my left cheek. I got so worried and that increased the breakout. I then realized that 3 years ago, when I had an allergic reaction to fluoride (yup, fluoride makes me break out around my lips) my dermatologist in Dubai had prescribed a medicated cream.
     Now this cream dries out the pimples and slowly makes your skin peel. So I ended up having dry patches on my skin which looked awful. Imagine sitting in the office, in AC, and in an hour or so, you see skin flaking. Yuck! I applied lotions and what not, but my skin started burning. I realized that I could use a face spray or a toner to calm my skin and keep it hydrated.

To cut my long story short, I picked up this baby online and it’s helped me in my quest for fresher skin :) I am talking about Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner.

What does the  Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner Claims:
An alcohol-free hydrating toner that cleanses refreshes and soothes your skin.

Price & Quantity:
Rs 150 for 200 ml

Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Lavender Essential Oil

Usage Instructions:
After washing your face and neck, spray the skin toner onto a cotton swab and gently stroke in an upward direction. Avoid contact with eyes.

Shelf Life:
18 months

My Experience with Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner:

Packaging: It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a white plastic flip top. The top has a small nozzle. Personally, I would have preferred a spray bottle. But this nozzle is small so I guess it would do!

Colour, Consistency & Fragrance: The toner is transparent and runny like water. It smells of lavender and is mild and relaxing.

How it works: It’s like a balm for my irritated and raw skin :D I have this tiny spray bottle into which I have transferred some of the toner. As I mentioned earlier, my skin starts peeling really fast and it burns. I simply close my eyes and spray this onto my face. Let it dry on its own. My skin automatically calms down and I feel much better. Also it hydrates the dry patches of my skin. I use it many times  during the day. It didn’t break me out too. Touchwood!!

PROS of Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner:

  • Great for sensitive irritated skin
  • Contains lavender which soothes acne and calms down irritation
  • Smells amazingly relaxing
  • Controls oil secretion too
  • Gets absorbed really fast
  • No burning sensation
  • Economical
  • Good quantity for the price
  • Easily available in the Fabindia stores and online too
  • Didn’t break me out.

CONS of Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner:

  • Bitter taste :( Please purse your lips while spraying it.

Makeup and Beauty Home Rating: 4.5/5

Do I Recommend Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner?:
This is an amazing toner for sensitive skinned people like me. However, please do a patch test and then use it for your face. Better safe than sorry.

Would I Repurchase Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner?:
Yes. Actually thinking of making my own toner too. :)

Have you ever tried the Fabindia Lavender Skin Toner? How does it work?

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