Friday, December 7, 2012

How to stimulate the fat burning?

How to stimulate the fat burning?Exercise regularly, follow a diet and still can not lose weight? The problem in the metabolism!
To restore it, the following tips:Eat regularlyEat five times a day, every three hours, always on time.
Studies have shown that people who consume 1100 calories per day in two meals, lose weight more slowly than those that consume the same amount of food for 5 receptions.

Also, due to the regular diet insulin levels remain stable, as a result, you will not be disturbed feelings of hunger and weakness.
No undershot Between five meals are allowed to drink only water and tea.
This is to ensure that the body use fat accumulated previously, and burned them more intensively. The process will be slower if the products to be processed in excess.
Beware of hunger As soon as you receive a feeling of hunger, the body begins to sound the alarm and not work towards burning fat, but in the direction of their accumulation.
Also, when you're hungry, produces cortisol - a stress hormone that breaks down proteins, promotes the accumulation of body fat, and increases the level of glucose in the blood.
Increase thermogenesis After a meal your body is warmed up after a workout.
Accelerated heart rate, blood pressure rises, and the body uses energy to digest food. This phenomenon is called thermogenesis.
Therefore, to each meal helped burn fat, provide the body the right products, in order to take his job. By the way, for the digestion of protein requires more energy than the digestion of carbohydrates.
30 minutes on the exercise Nothing helps burn fat better than movement. Choice for this long and repetitive exercises, which involves a large amount of muscle.
This is possible in aerobic classes, cycling, running. It is important that training lasted for 30 minutes, as in the beginning of muscles burn glycogen (excess glucose), 30 minutes after the beginning of the body derives energy from fat deposits in the body.
Recent studies show that even short, but very intense workouts are effective.
Use natural "burners" of fat These include citrus fruits, green tea, caffeine extract, ginger, pepper, cocoa and raspberries.

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