Friday, December 7, 2012

3 steps to maximize the beautiful eyelashes

3 steps to maximize the beautiful eyelashesLargely determine the long fluffy eyelashes expressive look.
Add to it the charm and mystery.
Fortunately, for those who do not like their "fan" enough tricks to fix this point.
So, let's take them in order.

Step 1. Care Properly take care of your eyelashes. To do this, choose a colorless gel for care, which consists of ceramides, protein, vitamin E, provitamin B5. These components strengthen, nourish hair, promote better growth and recovery.
Apply the product before bed to thoroughly cleansed eyelashes and the base of the upper eyelid soft pat until absorbed.
Gel can replace olive or castor oil.
If you use the gel before staining ink, it will help increase the volume of hair. But be sure to wait until the gel is dry, otherwise the ink can go smoothly.
Step 2. Tightening Tightening of the cilia helps to make the eyes bigger and brighter. Therefore arm ourselves tool and proceed to the next step on the way to the perfect lashes.
Heat the eyelash curlers hot air using a conventional dryer, tighten them first at the bottom, then the middle of the hair and on their end.
Comb lashes special brush and proceed to the next step.
Step 3. Ink Before you apply mascara, powder the eyelashes or apply a shadow brush. This is required for thickening hair "design."
Then lift the chin and clearly make small movements from left to right, lifting up the brush to paint over each cilium could.
Do not forget the hair in the extreme corners, they also need to pay attention.
Now you can in the shortest possible time to give their lashes maximum volume and length.

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